MS Degree Program
Area of Concentration in Computer Based Education

Computer-based education or e-learning is becoming more and more popular in both traditional schools and online universities. Learning has three basic ingredients: learning materials, teacher and student. In computer-based education, computers and other electronic devices are integrated into the learning process to facilitate learning. Computer-based education includes, but is not restricted to, computer-aided instruction and distance learning. Knowledge Systems Institute offers coursework and research in the field of Computer-Based Education (CBE). This program is designed as an area of concentration for the person who wants to combine courses in computer and information systems with courses in education management and computer-based instructional systems. It is a very useful area of concentration for teachers, education managers and people interested in a career in education. Upon completion of all requirements, a Master of Science degree in Computer and Information Sciences with a concentration in Computer-Based Education is awarded. Graduates from this area of concentration will be able to manage online learning programs, design e-learning systems and effectively teach courses in an e-learning environment.

Degree Requirements

The Computer-based Education concentration requires 30 credit hours of coursework, a nine-credit-hour individual research project, and successful completion of a comprehensive exam. Click on a course number below for a full description of the course from KSI's online course listings.

Required Core Courses:
CIS501 Information System Design
CIS502 Database Management Systems
CIS504 Programming Languages
CIS510 Software Project Management
Area Courses:
CIS506 Advanced Operating Systems
CIS507 Principles of Computer Networks
CIS509 Knowledge Engineering
CIS520 Advanced Computer Networks
BA521 Computer-Based Instructional Systems
BA523 Organization and Management in Instructional Systems
CIS514 User Interface Engineering
MS Project (9 credits)

CIS599 A, B, C — Research Project


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