MS Degree Program
Area of Concentration in Digital Media

The Masters of Science degree with an area of concentration in Digital Media combines high-end production classes in media with research-grade investigation of new tools, techniques, and practices. Students take graduate-level coursework in media studies, media theory, and aesthetics, as well as graduate level production classes in Web Design, Digital Cinema, Digital Photography, Game Design, Sound, and 3D Graphics. Students also take courses in Computer Science and Engineering as well as Management Information Sciences. Students are expected to produce professional quality studio work in an experimental practice environment, and create a Thesis that brings together their creative and technical skills in digital media to create a fully realized research project around the creative applications of media technology.

Degree Requirements

The MS Degree in Computer and Information Sciences, with a concentration in Digital Media requires 30 graduate level credit hours of coursework (10 courses), a nine (9) graduate level credit hour (3 courses) individual research project and extended creative work.

Required Core Courses  
CIS513 Multi-Media Information Systems
CIS517 Advanced Computer Graphics
CIS551 Digital Media: History, Theory and Methods
CIS570 Principles of Interactive Design
CIS573 Digital Production Studio
Area Courses  
CIS552 Advanced Game Design
CIS572 Digital Art Workshop
CIS574 Digital Video Production
CIS575 Digital Audio Production
CIS576 DV Independent Film Production
CIS577 Digital Cinematography
CIS578 Art and Technology Seminar(I)
CIS579 Art and Technology Seminar(II)
CIS600 Applied CIS Practicum
MS Project (9 credits)
CIS599 A, B, C — Research Project & Extended Piece


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