Research at KSI

A primary element of KSI's curriculum which differentiates it from many MS Degree programs is the MS Research Project. The MS Project is required for all students and involves three full courses of study (nine total credit hours).

Several factors make the MS Project a cornerstone of the KSI learning experience as well as a defining attribute of the intellectual creativity and exploration that pervades the Institute. These factors include the relative uniqueness and rigorous nature of the MS Project; the length of time it takes to complete; and the fact that students are encouraged to create real-world applications in the course of research and development of the project.

MS Project Examples

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Student Research Projects


KSI Industry Conferences

KSI sponsors two conferences each year for the purpose of bringing together computer science professionals in the areas of Software and Knowledge Engineering and Distributed Multimedia Systems.

SEKE International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering

The conference aims to bring together experts in software engineering and knowledge engineering to discuss relevant topics in software engineering and knowledge engineering. Please see the call for papers at for more details and information.

DMS International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems

Distributed Multimedia Systems is an international conference series which covers a wide spectrum of technique discussions, demonstrations, and student program/paper contests in the fields of distributed multimedia computing. Started in 1994, the conference series has been held in Hawaii, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Taipei, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan, San Francisco, Miami and Canada. Please visit the DMS 2012 website at for more details and information.