KSI Student Research Project Profile
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Hsuan Wei Peng, Tu-Lun Pan, Wen-Chung Yu, Yao-Teng Chi, Prof. S. K. Chang, Prof. C. Y. Hsieh, Prof. Falcon Chu


The chronobot is a device for storing and borrowing time. This multi-level internet based system allows users to borrow time from someone else and/or return time to the same person. A convenient device for managing time exchange and knowledge exchange, the chronobot project is the result of years of collaboration among the KSI community and affiliated research organizatons. In addition to its theoretical value, it has practical real-world applications, such as providing the local community with useful storage, tracking and retrieval capabilities for personal health care data, allowing online learning students to exchange time and knowledge, and supporting job placement activities for graduating students and alumni.

Visit the Chronobot system: http://www.ksi.edu/chronobot.html