KSI Student Research Project Profile
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Wen-Chung Yu, Yao-Teng Chi, Prof. S. K. Chang, Prof. C. Y. Hsieh, Prof. Falcon Chu


Hospitals and Health Care facilities are more concerned these days about having the ability to accurately read, track and pulling up a medical history on a patient.

The KSI HealthCare Monitoring System is developed to work with The VITALMAX 4100 patient monitors to read and track the measured data as well as record in real time the electrocardiogram (ECG) data on a patient for medical and health services. In addition, the measured history data can be stored on the KSI ChronobotTM application server through the internet for further clinical purposes.

KSI HealthCare Monitoring Systems provides a function GUI that allows patients, healthcare professionals, or doctors to view as well as monitoring any the measured data and record the ECG data with selectable time frames as following:

  • A display of the ECG waveform ( 3 Leads)
  • A display of the measured data at the end of the measuring process, such as NIBP systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial pressure values (MEAN or MAP)
  • A display of the measured history data on a patient