KSI Student Research Project Profile
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Liwei Jiang, Gabriel Smith, Falcon Chu, C.Y. Hsieh


The Nature Capture System is developed for digitally capturing environmental objects, storing and retrieving associated metadata over internet. It helps users to capture, share, store and retrieve data that are related to specific environmental objects. The system provides a platform to share and increase systematic knowledge of the objects which belong to the biological kingdoms of plants and fungi. Natural objects will be captured by users through external devices, such as digital cameras, and uploaded into either the application database or system servers over internet. The advantages of the system are 1) to provide a convenient and efficient way for scientists, nature enthusiasts, climatologists, nature photographers, mushroomers, etc. to share and learn information about plants and fungi; 2) to facilitate the identification of the related objects; and 3) to categorize the object groups based on user requirements.