gabriel smith's
artwork spans
several media
including paper,
video and
conceptual :

the following websites
his work:
|web concept beta|

patteren | meta :: proslogion :: los :: magnificat :: lapsuus :: a series of posts, each dispatched from one set of diaries and multiple sub sets :: about : archive : references : where it is inadequate to call it by its name so it must be described through whatsoever indirect images are opportune
proslogion | a landscape echoed digitally : formal repetitions: conjecture; proof; theorem; etude : and diary posts
magnificat | a pattern of disparate themes: | cathedron | aigil the archer : temple of beatrice rex : elevations of the west facade, portal of the northern transept : entablature, petals, stelae, pièta, rose windows, feline decorum and composite marginalia : doria and ionia : nefertiti, madonna, magnifi-sphynx | myth | all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind : deconstructive illustrations : myth text | adventures of timsh | timsh was exiled from his homeland and sent to the land of braelig.  when he arrived in braelig, which was a bleak and barren landscape, ... | danteum | charta : illustrations : dante text
los | a narrative depicted in its various layers and incarnations : scripted dialog : prose narrative : cinema : los lost
lapsuus | 1. childhood ; 2. early stage in the development ... 3. excavation : lost concerto of lapsuus 4. play mournfully ; work perpetually in progress 5. col legno 6. musique concrete 7. temps perdu 8. dodecaphon 9. erlkönig 10. timpanum 11. soprano
meta | roji: stone and time : process: kandinsky and moveable feast : meta layer : thetalos: fermentation : a painter is one who can paint anything : the screen : line : pythagoras : overtone map : receptivity : paradox: dreams : senza tempo tinto : currency : options : time: process paradox : time: process sphere : meta phor : meta michaelangelo : meta: proslogion: gate : gate: circle : dante: gate : false door : aigil : canopus : sacred stone : amphisbaena : map: will and intellect : notitia abstractiva : paradox: beatrice : classical orders : venus | babel: logos, theta and the meta search | nostalgia: hidden variables; an elastic proof
rough hewn
°myth by tsai
°meta myth i

°magnifcat i
°los rough hewn i
motherhood | a panegyric to childhood composed in layers. mixed media works on canvas and paper : built up and broken down to emphasize the historical quality of the line




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