Miroslaw Rogala is an American video artist and Internationally-recognized interactive media artist. One of the first artists awarded Ph.D in Interactive Art.

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Collections and exhibitions in 42 countries including the Lyon Biennale, Zentrum Fur Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM) Karlsruhe Germany; Centre Georges Pompidou Centre, Paris, France; Sao Paulo Biennale, Brasil, The Brooklyn Museum, Anthology Film Archives, The Alternative Museum, Exit Art, New York; Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Institute of Chicago; Centres for Contemporary Art, Warsaw and Krakow, Poland. Grants and awards include NEA Fellowships, AFI/American Film Institute Los Angeles and others.

Miroslaw Rogala:
Nature Is Leaving Us
Scene IV: Installing Values
Miroslaw Rogala:
Nature Is Leaving Us
Scene X:The Electronic City
Miroslaw Rogala:
Lovers Leap, Interactive Aequence

Critical reviews of Miroslaw Rogala interactive artwork as illustrative of new trends in technology-based media arts are forthcoming in printed works and book publications including: Robert Russett: "Hyperanimation: Digital Images and Virtual Worlds", John Libbey and Company. Edward Shanken: "Art and Electronic Media", Themes and Movement Series, Phaidon Press. Frank Popper: "Virtual Art: New Media Artists", MIT Press. Slavko Kacunko: "Closed Circuit Installations", Poland. Mary Warner Marie: "Photography: A Cultural History", Routledge; and others.

Additional works by Miroslaw Rogala can be seen at his website: rogala.org





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