roughHewn |beta|
meta: myth 1: 6 drawings, 72 images: (proslogion 5026, 5253, 5255, 5269, 5272, 5274): drawings dissected into 24 details: 3 sets of 24 numbers cut up and drawn randomly to produce sequence order of 72: duration of each detail determined by rearrangement of numbers 1,1,2,3 (each determining frame duration of each detail - 12 frames per second): durations of frames altered to create accelerando (all 3s changed to 1s during second grouping of 24, and all 2s and 3s changed to 1s during third grouping of 24); to be longer with 72 further details, narrowing of images repeated during thee groupings of 24 to one of from original 6 drawings repeated 4 times in the final grouping
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