KSI's Digital Art programs emphasize the practical and creative experience necessary to thrive in the advancing world of digital art. The programs include a series of courses presented by instructors and practicing artists who engage students in both a discussion of current trends in digital art and in the practical application of effective methods.

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Digital Art Career Training Certificate Programs :: KSI's Digital Art Training Programs prepare students for a career in the digital arts by familiarizing students with the concepts and tools of production required in several fields, including website design, 3D animation, digital video production and game design.

3D Modeling & Animation
Website Design & Development
Digital Video Production
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Here are some example topics and presentations from our graduate level curriculum:
What is Digital Art? We look at current trends in the delivery of art and consider creative aspects of art in our time.
Video Theater: Artists Miroslaw Rogala explains how his use of the video medium can lead to the creation of a new art form he has termed "video theatre."
3D Modeling & Animation: Discover how to animate objects using the software tool Maya.
What is Creativity? Creativity is the ability to synthesize something new and better and therefore more valuable. It requires both divergent thinking and convergent thinking.
Professor Rogala presents multimedia installations that offer the viewer linear and non-linear experiences with multiple levels of content Dr. Rogala's Artist Statement
From abstraction to visualization: A study of the theories used in abstract art and their potential application to information visualization.
Garbriel Smith presents digital artworks through a multimedia project on patteren.com
Aesthetics of Computing: The course includes a discussion of art theory toward the field of computing


Visit KSI's Digital Studio to view video examples of artworks from KSI faculty and the community, including our annual Digital Art Competition.

Digital Art Courses & Programs
3D Modeling & Animation:
ART395 3D Animation I
ART396 3D Animation II
Jobs for workers skilled in 3D Modeling:
3D Animator, Game Designer, Graphic Designer
Website Design & Development:
ART391 Web Design I
ART392 Advanced Web Design
ART381 Digital Video Production
ART382 Advanced DV Production
Jobs for workers skilled in Website Design & Development: Web Designer, Website Developer, Graphic Designer
Digital Video Production:
ART381 Digital Video Production
ART382 Advanced DV Production
Jobs for workers skilled in Digital Video Production: Digital Video Editor, DV Producer, Animation Producer
MS Degree Program
for requirements visit: http://www.ksi.edu/da.html
  graduate courses:
CIS571 Introduction to Digital Art
CIS572 Digital Art Workshop
CIS573 Digital Production Studio
CIS574 Digital Video Production
CIS575 Digital Audio Production
CIS576 DV Independent Film Production
CIS577 Digital Cinematography
KSI's unique approach
Through workshops, courses and private study, students have the opportunity to meet professional digital artists and establish a network of colleagues essential for the artist's career
Digital Art programs are flexible, the main course requirement is a digital art project completed by the student under the supervision and guidance of a professional artist emphasizing learning through experience.
Students may submit digital art works to the KSI Digital Studio for online exhibition opportunities as well as possible live exhibition at the KSI campus gallery. This provides exposure for the artist's work, practical exhibition experience and further networking opportunities




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