Classrooms & Laboratories
KSI Graduate School classrooms and Instructional Laboratories are equipped with the latest workstations and servers and include various platforms. In addition, classrooms are equipped with projectors and other multimedia capabilities. Students enjoy broadband Internet connections and large flat screen monitors. Food and drink are not allowed in classrooms & laboratories.
KSI Graduate School’s library contains books on all aspects of computer science, as well as computer industry journals. A full-text article database is available for in-depth research in computer science and general subjects. Students have remote access to the database, while the campus library offers comfortable seating and research consultation with the librarian. Research assistance is available during library hours or by appointment. Visit the online library at
Digital MEDIA Studio & Gallery
KSI Graduate School maintains a space for digital media which is used as a gallery and performance space for KSI Graduate School students, faculty and community members. The space is also used as a digital media laboratory in conjunction with campus classrooms and the private studios of faculty. The dynamic quality of the digital media equipment allows for an adaptable approach to the format and quality of the instructional and exhibition spaces on campus.
 Wireless Network
KSI Graduate School maintains a wireless network available for student access from classrooms, labs and work areas. Registered students will be provided with the access key by the IT support staff. Students may bring their own laptop computers to class in order to get the network access via wireless network. It is the students’ responsibility to purchase and install their own wireless network card.