Knowledge Systems Institute Graduate School (KSI) originally established in 1978 for research and profes­sional education, has grown in its scope, purpose and design. Originally founded in response to the needs of business and engineering communities, KSI has developed into a regionally accredited graduate school, dedicated to training professionals in solving complex problems in science, business and engineering by employing advanced computer and information sciences methodologies.

Its dedicated faculty and distinguished advisors, its low student-to-faculty ratio, and the philosophy of granting many opportunities for students to combine theory with practice maintain the school’s excellence. Besides learning advanced theory and concepts of computer and information sciences, students at KSI learn to translate theory into practical applications by conducting research projects under the guidance of faculty advisors. Through such projects, students gain technical experience, improve their abilities to carry out applied research and develop a critical appreciation of the engineering, scientific, and management dimensions of the computer profession.

The combination of theoretical and applied knowledge is fundamental to the educational philosophy at KSI. This educational approach is both sound and meaningful for professionals in the Chicago area seeking advanced education relevant to their jobs. To train scientists and engineers, it is not enough just to put them to work in the classroom and the laboratory; they must also experience the frustration and the excitement of putting advanced technology to work. KSI's small size provides students with a high degree of specialized training and education through one to one work with professors and advanced research.