Comprehensive Exam

For currently registered students in Knowledge Systems Institute Graduate School (KSI) who have completed their core courses and area concentration courses, these students are ready to register for the Comprehensive Examination for their MS Degree concentration. The Comprehensive Examination is a test that assesses the student's proficiency in the core subjects of their concentration.

A student can take the Comprehensive Examination only when he or she has completed all core coursework in a designated program. Students will take the Comprehensive Examination based on their degree concentration. The Comprehensive Exam will test the student on all core courses and one area course of their choosing. The student should obtain the Comprehensive Examination Request Form from the Administration Office and formally submit the request to the Dean of Academic Affairs. If the request is approved, the Dean will inform the student of the date of the examination. A written report will be mailed to the student after the Comprehensive Examination is graded. The student must follow the recommendation of the report, which may specify retaking certain courses or retaking the examination.

Schedule of Examination

The comprehensive examination will be administered three times a year. 
In the last week of April, the last week of July, and the last week of December. Announcements are sent out to all registered and applicable students.

Scope of the Examination

The examination offers the student the opportunity to display factual knowledge in the fundamental areas of computer and information sciences. Depending on the students major or area of concentration, the exam consists of questions from five out of the six core courses. For the listing of the core courses, please view the Course Catalog. Students are also tested on one elective course of their choosing.

Questions are composed with input and consultation from the entire faculty of KSI. The core questions are standardized and computerized. The elective course questions will be prepared each semester by the course instructor and may be in any of the following formats: multiple choice, short answer, essay or oral.

For more detailed information regarding the Comprehensive Exam, refer to the section entitled, 'Graduation', in the KSI Student Handbook or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; to view and/or download the PDF versions of the Student Handbook, select Student Handbook. To register, the student may either register in person with the appropriate completed form or register online.  To view and/or download the M.S. Comprehensive Exam Form, the M.S. Thesis Project Worksheet Form, M.S. Thesis Project Abstract Examples as well as the Graduation Registration Form, select All Forms.