Founder's Words

Words from the Founder

Knowledge Systems Institute was first established in 1978 as a research institute dedicated to research in software engineering and knowledge engineering. In 1986, Knowledge Systems Institute became a graduate school and started to offer courses leading to the degree of Master of Science in computer and information systems. The emphasis of Knowledge Systems Institute Graduate School has always been a balanced education combining theory with practice. Unlike many other graduate schools, our students are required to complete a Master's project and write an accompanying thesis to be presented orally to faculty, staff and peers. This Master's project provides an opportunity for the student to apply the principles learned in the classroom to a practical problem relevant in the 'real world'. The writing of the Master's thesis develops the student's ability to translate and communicate ideas, designs and experiments into words. Although both the project and the thesis represent a considerable amount of work, students mature in their technical and communicative skills due to these requirements.

As technology changes and advances, the content of many courses at Knowledge Systems Institute will adapt and evolve. Knowledge Systems Institute strives to present courses that are up-to-date in terms of its technical relevance. However, our fundamental principles remain the same ― we hope to not only train people who are ready to face challenges so to be competitive in the current times, but also people who will respect the ethical standards of our profession as scientists, as guardians and explorers of knowledge. I am always proud of the students educated at Knowledge Systems Institute Graduate School. As the ethical complexities increase in areas such as cybersecurity, data collection, and data management, my hope is that, with humility and integrity, our students will not only be professionally successful in all their endeavors, but also be inspired to go forth as inquisitive, creative, thoughtful, and humane representatives of computer scientists.

Dr. Shi-Kuo Chang,
Founder and Chairman of the Board