MS Degree Program
Area of Concentration in Information Security

Information security attempts to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computer system components. People involved in information security must be able to comprehend and scientifically employ and manage information security concepts, principles, methods, techniques, practices and procedures. The nature of information security education demands expertise concentrated in areas of information technologies and administrative operations. Knowledge Systems Institute provides an area of concentration in information security in its MS degree program, which is designed to provide an interdisciplinary education combined with a technical background in computer science. The program consists of courses on information security management, computer network security, data protection using encryption techniques and information security assurance. Upon completion of all requirements, a Master of Science degree in Computer and Information Sciences with a concentration in Information Security is awarded. Students not only learn how to make an organization's database more secure and how to protect a computer network by a combination of firewalls and encryption techniques, but also acquire the important practical knowledge of ISO standards and procedures for assuring an organization's information security.

Degree Requirements

The MS Degree in Computer and Information Sciences, with the concentration in Information Security requires 30 credit hours of coursework (10 courses), a nine credit hour individual research project and a comprehensive examination.

Required Core Courses:
CIS501 Information System Design
CIS502 Database Management Systems
CIS507 Principles of Computer Networks
CIS522 Computer Security
CIS563 Information Security Assurance
CIS503 Theory of Computation
Area Courses:
CIS506 Advanced Operating Systems
CIS509 Knowledge Engineering
CIS520 Advanced Computer Networks
CIS562 Software Design Workshop
CIS566 Software Testing Techniques
BA531 Data Mining
MS Research Project (9 credits):

CIS599 A, B, C — Research Project

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