MS Degree Program
Area of Concentration in Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is an area of concentration most suitable for people who already have a career in a field other than information technology, but now find the need to acquire new IT skills in order to remain technologically competent. Since knowledge industry is the wave of the future, to acquire the necessary data management and knowledge management skills enables an individual to compete successfully in a demanding job market. Knowledge Systems Institute offers coursework and research in the field of Knowledge Management (KM). The program is designed as concentration for individuals who need to acquire actionable insights, methodologies and strategies of knowledge management to enhance knowledge transfer and collaboration as a driving principle of organizational success. Business processes naturally involve generating knowledge and sharing knowledge to ensure that an organization maximizes the value it achieves through its knowledge base.

Degree Requirements

The MS Degree in Computer and Information Sciences, with the concentration in Knowledge Management requires 30 credit hours of coursework (10 courses), a nine credit hour individual research project and a comprehensive examination.


Required Core Courses:
BA531 Data Mining
BA533 Fundamentals of Knowledge Management
BA534 Topics in Knowledge Management
BA535 Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling with UML
CIS502 Database Management Systems
Area Courses:
BA501 Management Information Systems
CIS501 Information System Design
CIS507 Principles of Computer Networks
CIS509 Knowledge Engineering
CIS510 Software Project Management
CIS566 Software Testing Techniques
MS Research Project (9 credits):

CIS599 A, B, C — Research Project


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