KSI Graduate School offers an MS Degree |online|or |on campus|with eight areas of concentration including: Information Security  ::   Bioinformatics  ::   Knowledge Management  ::   Software Engineering  ::   Computer Networks  ::  Management Information Systems  ::    Digital Art  ::   Computer-Based Education

KSI Graduate School Newsletter
Spring, 2010

  KSI exceeded my expectations, I would recommend the school to anyone with the desire to improve..   
—John Menke,
   KSI Graduate

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Software Quality Assurance

Become a software engineer now, upgrade your career and your salary: With the skill sets of this program, students should be able to perform as qualified software engineers, in particular as test engineers, quality assurance engineers, or test automation engineers in software businesses, computer and IT industry.


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Dear Students & IT professionals,

Now is the time to boost your career potential by learning IT and programming skills that employers in growing sectors need! Get a Master's Degree at KSI and improve your job and earning prospects:

1) We support INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS! We offer I-20, Visa management, ESL, housing and more for our international students. We have a diverse student body and international students receive the support they need to get started in the U.S. Call us to arrange an appointment +1.847.679.3135

2) KSI students are getting jobs even before graduation! Companies know that our students have the actual experience through the KSI courses and MS projects to begin coding and administration jobs right away, so they are waiting for students from KSI to be available to work! In recent months students have gotten jobs in IT Management and RFID programming before even graduation!

3) Exciting things are happening in Digital Art at KSI. Check out the DIGITALSTUDIO http://media.ksi.edu/ to see exciting new projects. To learn more about Digital Art at KSI go to http://www.ksi.edu/digitalart.html

4) Achieve your goals online or on campus. KSI offers an MS Degree available totally online, through on campus courses or a combination. We offer flexibility in scheduling and curricula tailored to your needs!

Good luck with your career and educational goals! Call us today so we can help you get started!


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 I am thankful to the professors and staff members at KSI for helping me achieve my career goals.   —Yousufuddin Syed, KSI Student

KSI Advantages
   Affordable Tuition
   High Academic Quality Courses
   Job Relevant Curriculum
   Credits Transferable to US University/College
   Entrance Requirements Flexible
   Tutoring to Enhance Learning
   NCA Accredited*
   Flexible Schedule
   Issue I-20, CPT/OPT


Knowledge Systems Institute is a Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences.
We offer an MS Degree and Career Enhancement programs.
All KSI courses and programs are available online

KSI offers an MS Degree |online| with eight areas of concentration including:
Information Security
  ::   Bioinformatics  ::   Knowledge Management  ::   Software Engineering  ::  
Computer Networks
  ::  Management Information Systems  ::    Digital Art  ::   Computer-Based Education

KSI offers career enhancement programs in:
SAS   ::  Java   ::  C#  ::  RFID  ::  Digital Art

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*Knowledge Systems Institute is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the
North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA)
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