KSI Graduate School offers an MS Degree |online|or |on campus|with eight areas of concentration including: Information Security  ::   Bioinformatics  ::   Knowledge Management  ::   Software Engineering  ::   Computer Networks  ::  Management Information Systems  ::    Digital Art  ::   Computer-Based Education  ::   Health Informatics

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Summer, 2011

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KSI's Summer 2012 Term is coming! Classes start May 23, 2012. Pre-register now by calling us at 847/679-3135, emailing us at info@ksi.edu, or register online at ksigradschool.com/registration/

Registration day is May 16, 2012 Check out the MS Degree Program Concentrations at ksi.edu/MSDegree/ or call today to speak to an advisor.

KSI Graduates Get Jobs in IT & Enter PhD Programs

KSI graduates get IT & programming jobs immediately after graduation at a nearly 100% rate! And congratulations to recent graduates entering PhD Programs in CIS.

There is an industry shortage of qualified programmers ... If you need to find or improve your employment prospects in the current economy, IT programming is where to go! See KSI success stories

Current KSI students should visit the administrative office to get information about newly arrived internship and job opportunities.

KSI Classroom Upgrades

KSI is near the completion of upgrading the computer systems in the classrooms and labs at the KSI campus ... Come visit the campus to check out the new systems and new look!

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Health Informatics Program

KSI has developed this new program focused on the growing health care informatics industry to provide students with IT backgrounds or medical backgrounds with the essential training to join the growing job sector of healthcare informatics in public health, management in health care organizations such as hospitals, and physician-patient related health informatics.

This new program will be offered ONLINE only to satisfy our students' need for flexible scheduling and customized learning. Please see the program description and course listings here!

The MS Degree in Health Informatics is designed to meet the rapidly growing need for technical professionals in the healthcare industry by preparing students through an integration of technological expertise in informatics, computer science, bioscience, mathematical statistics, networks, database engineering and knowledge management with a knowledge of the clinical environment in the health care professions. This discipline involves the development and application of methods for acquiring, representing, retrieving and analyzing biomedical knowledge and data.

Good luck with your career and educational goals! Call us today so we can help you get started!







  Now that I have completed my work at KSI, I must say that attending online has been a great experience for me. I found the coursework to be relevant and the instructors to be knowledgeable. The research I performed for my thesis is going form the basis for the next phase in my journey towards being a better software developer.   
 John Menke, KSI Graduate


  All the staff and faculty always did their best to assist me whenever I needed them to. They also worked as hard as possible to make our learning environment better everyday. I had very good experiences here and I am very proud to have received my Masters Degree from KSI.   
 Hsuan Wei Peng, KSI Graduate


  Thanks to KSI I learned a lot over a short period of time learning intensively how the SAS system works. KSI is very flexible and accomodating; the curriculum worked well with my personal needs and work schedule. The online format included one-to-one tutoring and was very helpful.   
 Zoritza Temelkova, KSI Student

  KSI offered me the flexibility to study on campus or remotely online courses when I could not take courses on site.   
 Javier Vazquez Navarrete, KSI Graduate


  the faculty and staff opened a world of opportunites for me and helped me throughout the years of my study. KSI understands that every dream and hope of an education must be filtered through the student.   
 Irina Tepomes, KSI Student






Knowledge Systems Institute is a Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences.
We offer an MS Degree and Career Enhancement programs.
All KSI courses and programs are available online

KSI offers an MS Degree |online| with eight areas of concentration including:
Information Security
  ::   Bioinformatics  ::   Knowledge Management  ::   Software Engineering  ::  
Computer Networks
  ::  Management Information Systems  ::    Digital Art  ::   Computer-Based Education

KSI offers career enhancement programs in:
SAS   ::  Java   ::  C#  ::  RFID  ::  Digital Art

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