KSI Graduate School offers an MS Degree |online|or |on campus|with eight areas of concentration including: Information Security  ::   Bioinformatics  ::   Knowledge Management  ::   Software Engineering  ::   Computer Networks  ::  Management Information Systems  ::    Digital Art  ::   Computer-Based Education

KSI Graduate School Newsletter
Summer, 2009

  KSI has a unique combination of positive traits —a personalized approach to student needs, highly qualified professors, as well as very helpful tech support team.   
—Zoritza Temelkova,
   KSI Student

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Software Quality Assurance

Become a software engineer now, upgrade your career and your salary: With the skill sets of this program, students should be able to perform as qualified software engineers, in particular as test engineers, quality assurance engineers, or test automation engineers in software businesses, computer and IT industry.


Dear Students & IT professionals,

Just a quick reminder that classes are starting soon!

KSI students are getting jobs. Our current students and graduates are using their KSI training immediately in the workplace! KSI students are receiving internships at IT departments at major companies like ACCO Brands and starting careers in RFID for the Illinois Department of Transportation. If career placement is your priority, KSI Graduate School can help.

IT departments are hiring Java and ASP.NET developers. RFID systems developers are in demand. Study Java, ASP.NET, RFID and SAS programming at KSI this fall and immediately improve your chance at getting an IT job or moving up from your current position.

Don't wait to get started! As soon as you begin learning your increased skill level will translate into marketability in the workplace. REGISTER NOW!

The fall semester is fast approaching, starting August 24th, 2009 and registration date is August 17th, 2009 from 2pm to 8pm. We will like to remind you of the benefit a KSI course or program can have for your career. The fall 2009 course schedule has been posted on the ksi website on www.ksi.edu.


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  the faculty and staff opened a world of opportunites for me and helped me throughout the years of my study. KSI understands that every dream and hope of an education must be filtered through the student.     — Irina Tepomes, KSI Student

KSI Advantages
   Affordable Tuition
   High Academic Quality Courses
   Job Relevant Curriculum
   Credits Transferable to US University/College
   Entrance Requirements Flexible
   Tutoring to Enhance Learning
   NCA Accredited*
   Flexible Schedule
   Issue I-20, CPT/OPT
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Knowledge Systems Institute is a Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences.
We offer an MS Degree and Career Enhancement programs.
All KSI courses and programs are available online

KSI offers an MS Degree |online| with eight areas of concentration including:
Information Security
  ::   Bioinformatics  ::   Knowledge Management  ::   Software Engineering  ::  
Computer Networks
  ::  Management Information Systems  ::    Digital Art  ::   Computer-Based Education

KSI offers career enhancement programs in:
SAS   ::  Java   ::  C#  ::  RFID  ::  Digital Art

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