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Fall Semester, 2011

KSI Keeps Tuition Rates Steady | Commodity Trading
Student Profile | Alumni Association | New Library
Dance Show @ KSI Gallery

KSI Keeps Tuition Rates Unchanged

KSI is holding tuition rates steady again for the Fall 2011 semester. KSI has the lowest tuition rates of any accredited MS Degree Program. For four years, KSI has chosen to keep tuition rates steady in order to maintain the affordability for students. We recognize that affordability is very important to our students, especially in the current economic environment and KSI is determined to do everything possible to keep tuition rates at affordable levels.

New Course Content:
BA503 Includes Commodities Trading Component & HI510

KSI is pleased to announce that in Spring, 2012 we will be offering BA503 (Core course for the MIS area of concentration) with updated content to include a component on commodity trading. Professor George Schmoll, a developer of specialized commodities trading models, will teach the course. We are also excited to introduce HI510 - Project Management for Health Informatics as part of our new area of concentration. This course is a management course focused on Healthcare.

Student Profile: Kaleemuddin Mohammed

In this semester's issue we are profiling current student Kaleemuddin Mohammed. Kaleemuddin is an outstanding graduate student enrolled in KSI's MS Degree Program. He was recently awarded a paid internship with Egen Solutions, a Naperville company, in which he will utilize his skills in Java and C++ development, database systems and software engineering. Kaleem says, "my experience at KSI greatly exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to further his or her education ...". To view our entire profile of Kaleem Mohammed, see www.ksi.edu/testimonials.html

A New Alumni Association for KSI

Over the past several years KSI has been building a network of esteemed graduates through through our staff's alumni outreach. It is now time to form an official Alumni Association in order to more formally keep in touch with alumni and develop KSI's extremely diverse and globally dispersed network of graduates. If you are a KSI graduate, please visit our alumni website at www.ksi.edu/alumni/ and start connecting with your fellow KSI graduates.

Dance Performance at KSI Art Gallery

Exciting things are happening this Fall at the KSI Art Gallery. Contemporary Dance Company Project606 will present Dance Fall Program THE TASK OF BECOMING A COPY Saturday, November 5, 8pm and Sunday, November 6, 5pm. The program will include video and contemporary dance. For ticket information contact: info@project606dance.com www.project606dance.org. A new exhibition of multimedia art will also be presented beginning in November. Please check the gallery website for more details and updated information: http://www.ksi.edu/gallery/

Newly Renovated Library

The KSI Library has been renovated and the newly designed space is now open on the second floor of the campus building. Students are welcome to come in a check out the new space! Librarian Jill Franklin is available on Tuesday afternoons, and the collection can be accessed by appointment at the main office. More information about the library can be found at http://www.ksi.edu/library/

KSI on Social Media

KSI continues to build our social media presence by reaching out over the internet on sites like twitter, facebook, and our blog. Please help us get the word out by following and tune in to hear what's going on or give us your valuable feedback and insight about what's going on and what can be improved. We are listening!



In this Issue:

°  KSI Alumni Association Formed
°  Campus Renovations
°  KSI on Social Media
°  Student Profiles: Internships
°  BA503: Commodities Trading
°  Dance Show at KSI Art Gallery

"My experience at KSI greatly exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to further his or her education ..."




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