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KSI's main campus is located just north of Chicago, Illinois. The location is ideal for students who want to experience the pace and thrill of one of the USA’s largest growing and most vibrant cities. The KSI campus is located in just north of the City nearby Evanston in Skokie. Our facilities are located a block away from the North Shore Sculpture Park on McCormick Boulevard.


Following are descriptions of KSI student and faculty research facilities. In addition, student housing is available, interested students should inquire at the Administration Office on the second floor of the main campus building.


Classrooms & Computer Labs

KSI Classrooms and Instructional Laboratories are equipped with the latest workstations and servers and include various platforms. In addition, classrooms are equipped with projectors and other multimedia capabilities. Students enjoy broadband Internet connections and large flat screen monitors.


  • Windows desktop computers
  • Windows servers
  • B&W/Color laser printing
  • Multimedia tools (see below)


Digital Art Lab

The Digital Art Lab features contemporary digital art authoring tools available for KSI Digital Art students, including visual and audio editing stations as well as equipment for translating traditional artwork to digital formats, and presentation equipment. Some highlights are:

Visual editing stations with image editing, print design, web authoring, video editing and audio mixing software
Audio recording and editing station with MIDI interface, full sized keyboard, microphone, sampling equipment and software
digital video cameras, digital cameras, green screen
digital projection and exhibition space


  • Windows and Macintosh workstations and laptops
  • High speed/high resolution commercial grade scanner
  • MIDI box with electronic keyboard
  • DSLR camera
  • DV recorder
  • Digital drawing pads
  • sound amplifier
  • sound mixer
  • table top speakers
  • floor stand speakers


Instructional Computer Network

The Instructional Computer Network supports both instructional computing and project-related research in computer networking, distributed systems, and microcomputer applications. Workstations, IBM PCs are interconnected with UNIX Servers, Windows Advanced Servers, Linux servers and Sun Solaris servers to form an Ethernet LAN. A communication server provides students with remote access capability to the LAN. Both Client/Server and peer-to-peer architectures are supported. Windows server 2003, UNIX, Linux, are supported. Workstations, servers, and a CISCO Router connected to the Internet support the UNIX system environment. The current Internet connection is a T1 link. Wi-Fi access point supports wireless access to the LAN and Internet.



The KSI Library is located on the second floor of the school.  It provides resources and services to facilitate learning and research among KSI students and faculty. The KSI Library collection includes books, periodicals, conference proceedings, theses, and reference materials related to the areas of computer science, technology and bioinformatics. An online library catalog is available to search for materials in the library. In addition, the KSI library provides access to free eBooks through the library’s eBooks page and online research databases and other free Internet resources the Online Resources page.


Chronobot Laboratory

>> Visit the Chronobot Laboratory Online


  • 2 Vitalmax 4100 patient monitors
  • 2 Windows netbook computers


RFID Laboratory

KSI RFID project

>> Visit RFID Laboratory


  • Texas Instruments RI-STU-MB2A with RFID tags
  • 1 Windows computer


Laptop Computers

Students may bring their own laptop computers to class in order to get the network access via KSI’s wireless LAN. However, it is the students’ responsibility to purchase and install their own wireless network card (802-11g compatibility). This unit may be purchased at any local discount stores, which carry computer equipment.


Student’s Responsibilities

Prior to connecting to any of KSI’s networking equipment, students who bring their own computers to school should check with any of KSI’s System Network Administrators. If at any time KSI’s computer equipment becomes damaged, and it is determined the damage is the result of an improper connection being made, the student shall be responsible for any and all charges in connection with repairing KSI’s damaged equipment.




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