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Use the course lists below to select desired courses. Students may register for a maximum of 5 courses per semester. Select course(s) by checking each course. Checked course(s) will be submitted. You may designate alternate choices in the comments field below.  
300 Level Courses 500 Level Courses  
CIS321 Computer Languages
CIS331 Database Programming
CIS370 Introduction to Computer Networks
CIS501 Information System Design
CIS502 Database Management Systems
CIS503 Theory of Computation
CIS504 Programming Languages
CIS506 Advanced Operating Systems
CIS507 Principles of Computer Networks
CIS509 Knowledge Engineering
CIS510 Software Project Management
BA503 Decision Support Systems
BA511 Statistics
BA531 Data Mining
CIS599A Thesis Part A - Requires Advisor Approval
CIS599B Thesis Part B
CIS599C Thesis Part C
CIS600 Applied CIS Practicum (part time)
CIS600A Applied CIS Practicum (full time)