Knowledge Systems Institute Graduate School has been offering post-graduate education in IT and computer science for over 30 years. KSI has remained on the advanced edge of CIS education and provides the highest quality affordable MS Degree in CIS and IT Management available. We have a diverse student body and our PhD faculty are specialists in the fields of CIS who offer a deep understanding of industry practice.

KSI's MS Degree offers several areas of concentration including straight CIS, Software Engineering, Knowledge Management/MIS, Health Informatics and Digital Arts.

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Online Learning at KSI


KSI's expertise as a provider of advanced computer science education has allowed us to develop a flexible approach to course content and student-faculty interaction through various online platforms and media. In addition, we continue to offer traditional interaction by phone and email to provide students with the ultimate flexibility to determine their own style of learning. Here are some KSI advantages:
Aaccredited online MS Degree program
Faculty-authored courseware with multi-media content
PhD faculty providing lectures + personalized instruction through video, chat, email + online platforms
On-campus classroom, technical, and lecture facilities for students wanting a hybrid approach
Technical support offered online, by phone or on-campus according to student needs
Other tools such as discussion thread forum, faculty blogs, video conferencing and shared video as needed
Student assessment and feedback tools
  The online content and presentation of KSI programs and courses are substantially the same as the program that is offered on the premises of the facility. Our online program includes lessons presented by KSI faculty, and employs the methods of multimedia, online learning education: online video, PowerPoint presentations, flash graphics, pdf documents, programming code examples, and relevant resource hyperlinks. Archived online discussions are also available. KSI faculty remain available via e-mail and, during normal business hours, telephone.