Tutorial: How to Bid on Paper for Review


1. Reviewer login screen, enter your user ID and password to login to paper review system.



2. After login to the paper review system, reviewer can bid the paper he/she like to review.

3. Click on the "Bid Paper" Button to bid for the paper that he/she like to review.



4. All the papers will be listed here, you can click on ""Paper Title" to download the file, and click on "Bid" to see "authors, keywords and abstract" information. Assignment means the number of reviewers assign to this paper, if the number is 3, you will not be able to bid that paper.



5. Review the paper info, if you decide to bid on this paper, click on "Submit Bid" button.



6. After you click on the "Submit Bid" button, you will receive above confirmation if your bid is success. Click on "Return to Workspace" back to reviewer page.



7. You need to refresh this page in order for your new assignment to show up if you bid on a new paper.

8. You can continue to bid more paper.



9. Continue the bidding process to bid more paper. Once you bid on a paper, it will stay as your assignment, only program chair has permission to change your assginment.