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School name University of Roma Tor Vergata
Department name Faculty of Engineering - Ingegneria Online
Web address http://inginformatica.uniroma2.it/
Email address cantone@ccd.uniroma2.it
Address DISP - IOL Via del Politecnico, 1
RomaRM  I-00133
Programs/degree level offered PhD., MS and BSc. are provided in the traditional arrangement. We also provide the bachelor degree online: http://www.ingegneria-online.it/?q=node/188 Notes In the Bachelor degree (3 years), provided both frontal and online, courses of SE and AI are provided to students in their 3rd year of study. The Master program (frontal only), proposes some paths: one of these provides courses of KE (2 courses), SE2, Sw. Architecture, analysis and design, and Experimental Software Engineering. In the PhD program (frontal only), the path Experimental Sw. Eng. is allowed.
  (847) 679-3135 :: Call to find out about SE & KE programs online or near you