DMS'2004 (The Tenth International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems)

Time Table

Sep. 8 Wednesday
Keynote #1

Tao Lin
(Invited by VLC'04)
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Sep. 9 Thursday
Keynote #2

Marc Davis
(Invited by VIS'04)
  DMS04 Session 5   Keynote #3

S. K. Chang
(Invited by DET'04 and MSEAT'04)
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Session 1
VIS04 Session 2  
Sep. 10 Friday
Keynote #4

John Jenkins
(Invited by ICCLC'04)
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MSEAT04 Session 4    

September 8, Wednesday
08:20-08:50 Registration
08:50-09:00 Opening Ceremony

Keynote #1
Tao Lin
Visualization for RFID/Auto-ID Initiative

Keynote Invited by: VLC2004 Int'l Conf. for Visual Languages and Computing

10:00-10:15 Coffee Break        
10:15-12:00 Parallel Sessions        
DMS 01 Distance and mobile learning
Chair: Timothy K. Shih

1. Timothy K. Shih, Nigel H. Lin, Hsuan-Pu Chang, Yuan-Kai Chiu, Huan-Chi Huang,
SCORM-Compliant Reader on Pocket PC

2. Te-Hua Wang, Yuan-Kai Chiu, Timothy K. Shih, Nigel H. Lin, Wen-Chih Chang and Chia-Tong Tang,
Special Tags for supporting SCORM-Compliant learning Environment

3. Che-Yu Yang, Mao-Shuen Chiu, Chao-Hsun Yang and Timothy K. Shih,
A Semantic-based Automated Question Answering System for e-Learning

  VLC 01
Chair: Eric Wong

1. Christiane Santana, Manoel Mendonga, Daniela Cruzes,
Visualizing the Construction of Decision Trees Using Treemaps

2. Daniela Cruzes, Manoel Mendonca, José Carlos Maldonado, Mario Jino,
Using Visualization to Bring Context Information to Software Engineering Model Building

3. Rog´erio Eduardo Garcia, Maria Cristina Ferreira de Oliveira, Jos´e Carlos Maldonado, and Manoel Mendonca,
Visual Analysis of Data from Empirical Studies

4. Eric Wong, Yu Qi,
Visualizing Software Architecture: a Code Driven Approach

  DET 01 Communication Technologies
Chair: Shieh-Shing Lin

1. Sheng-Yuan Yang and Cheng-Seen Ho,
An Intelligent Web Information Aggregation System Based upon
Intelligent Retrieval, Filtering and Integration

2. Huay Chang, Shieh-Shing Lin, Yong Su, Feng-Jih Wu,
An Efficient Process and Strategy to Upgrade Traditional Copy Center

3. Dong-liang Lee, Lawrence Y. Deng, Ching Hsu Chan, and Chin-Yung Yu,
The Applications of IA for the Emergency Systems

12:00-13:15 Lunch Break        
13:15-14:45 Parallel Sessions        
DMS 02 Multi-modal interactions
Chair: Angela Guercio

1. Zon-Yin Shae, Xiping Wang, Ferdinand Hendriks,
Design of Multimedia Instant Messaging System with Annotation

2. Sanjay Kumar, Dinesh K Kumar, Arun Sharma, and Neil McLachlan,
Biometrics Identification Based on Temporal Templates of Visual Hand

3. Samir Benarif, Hichem Djenidi, Amar Ramdane-Cherif, Nicole Levy,
Usable multimodal multimedia application intended for disabled persons

  VLC 02
Chair: Trevor J. Smedley

1. Shea Armstrong, Yael Kollet, and Trevor J. Smedley,
PDAGraph: Event-Driven, Visual Scripting for Handheld Computers

2. Marcel R. Karam and Trevor J. Smedley,
Visualizing Intra-procedural Data-flow Interactions to Help Locate Faults

3. Anthony Cox, Simon Gauvin, and Trevor Smedley,
Towards Comprehensible Control Flow in Visual Data Flow Languages

4. Mikhail Auguston,
Control Constructs in Visual Meta-Programming Language

  DET 02 Educational Technologies
Chair: Jenn Tang

1. Jenn Tang, Chih-Yung Chen, Tin J. Gou,
The Study of the VoiceXML-Compliant Interactive Voice Navigation System

2. Yong Su, Huay Chang, Shieh-Shing Lin,
An Efficient Method to Analyze The Relationship Between Music and Brand Positioning ~ A Practical Analysis In Fast-Food Product And Cosmetic Product

3. Kune-Yao Chen, Chih-Yung Chen, Ginn-Yein Chen, Ming-Zong Zheng,
Study on Application of GIS to the Cadastral Data Management

14:45-15:00 Coffee Break        
15:00-16:30 Parallel Sessions        

DMS 03 Events and human-computer interactions
Chair: Paolo Bottoni

1. Paolo Bottoni, Stefano Faralli, Anna Labella, Claudio Scozzafava,
Chambre: A distributed environment for the production of multimedia events

2.Angela Guercio and Arvind K. Bansal,
TANDEM - Transmitting Asynchronous Non Deterministic and Deterministic
Events in Multimedia Systems over the Internet

3. Rentaro Yoshioka, Yuho Tsuchida, Nikolay Mirenkov,
Visual Editor for Designing and Editing Algorithmic Skeletons

4. Dmitry Vazhenin, Nikolay Mirenkov, Alexander Vazhenin,
Visual Representation and Editing System for Formula Sequence Specification and Variable Declaration

  VLC 03
Chair: Erland Jungert

1. Xin Li and S. K. Chang,
An Interactive Visual Query Interface on Spatial/temporal Data

2. Karin Silvervarg, Erland Jungert and Tobias Horney,
Visual specification of spatial/temporal queries in a sensor data independent information system

3. Jianfeng Yan, Zhanhuai Li, Yan Tang,
Modeling and Retrieval of Multimedia Data in Temporal Semantic Abstraction

4. Hui Li, Parinkumar Shah, and B. Prabhakaran,
Smart Decision Module for Streaming 3D Meshes over Lossy Networks

  DET 03 Intelligence Technologies
Chair: Chang-Ching Lin

1. Chang-Ching Lin, Bruce Huang, Tien-Lun Liu,
A Preliminary Study of an Intelligent Self Diagnostics System

2. Fang-Ming Yu, Tsai-Cheng Li, and Huan-Wen Wu,
An Intelligent Fuzzy Controller for Perturbed Time-Delay Systems with Nonlinear Input

3. Hsin-Chuan Chen and Chen-Chien Hsu,
MIDI-Based Audio Recording/Playing System with Smaller Data Quantity

16:30-18:00 Parallel Sessions        
DMS 04 Virtual and Augmented Reality, Distributed Multimedia Documents
Stuart Goose

1. Stuart Goose, Sinem Güven, Xiang Zhang, Sandra Sudarsky, Nassir Navab,
PARIS: Fusing Vision-based Location Tracking with Standards-based 3D Visualization and Speech Interaction on a PDA

2. Ch. Bouras, A. Panagopoulos, N. Theoharis, Th. Tsiatsos,
EVE - II: An Integrated Platform for Networked Virtual Environments

3. Paola Bertolotti, Ombretta Gaggi, Maria Luisa Sapino,
A State-Transition Model for Distributed Multimedia Documents

  VLC 04
Chair: Joseph J. Pfeiffer, Jr.

1. Jean Flower, Judith Masthoff and Gem Stapleton,
Generating Proofs with Spider Diagrams Using Heuristics

2. Daniela Fogli, Giuseppe Fresta, Andrea Marcante, and Piero Mussio,
Two-way exchange of knowledge through visual annotation

3. Joseph J. Pfeiffer, Jr.,
An XML Schema for Sharing Geometric Information Between Mobile Robots

4. Donggang Yu, Wei Lai, and Jiro Tanaka,
Content-based Image Retrieval Combining Shape Recognition, Color and Text

5. Philip T. Cox and Lei Dong,
Obstacles to the industrial use of visual programming

18:30-20:30 Reception
September 9, Thursday

Keynote #2
Marc Davis
Reenvisioning Visual Information Systems: From Signal Analysis to Context-Aware Media Computing

Keynote Invited by: VIS'2004 Int'l Conf. for Visual Information Systems

10:00-10:15 Coffee Break        
10:15-12:00 Parallel Sessions        
DMS 05 Multimedia streaming, I
Chair: Robert Kinicki

1. Kuei-Jone Chang, Yan-Yo Lin, Tien-Fu Chen,
Efficient Patching Scheduling for a Multimedia Streaming Proxy

2. Chu-Sing Yang, Chen-Wei Lee, and Yih-Ching Su,
Adaptive Packet Size Assignment for Scalable Video Transmission Over Burst Error Channel

3. Rafael A. Sierra and Fumitaka Uchio,
A Study on a New Queue Management and Scheduling Technique for a Remote
Technical Consultation System

4. Son Vuong, Xin Liu, Ankur Upadhyaya and Jun Wang,
CHIPS: An End-System Multicast Framework for P2P Media Streaming


MSEAT 01 Mobile Agent and Networking
Chair: Gwo-Jong Yu

1. San-Yuan Wang, Chia-Hsu Kuo, Tzu-Chiang Ma, Lain-Chyr Hwang, Chia-Hsu Kuo,
Routing-Profitable MAC protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

2. Jason C. Hung, Schummi Yang,
A Framework of Online Chain Store Integrated with Recommendation Mechanism

3 . Gwo-Jong Yu and Wei-Chen Hwang,
A Minimum Delay Routing Protocol for Bluetooth Radio Networks

4. Kuan-Cheng Lin, Jeff T. C. Lee, Min-Tzu Wang and Shu-Huey Yang,
Stock Price Prediction Agent Based on Gray Theory

5. Liang-Teh Lee, Chen-Feng Wu, Ching-Ren Wei, and Der-Fu Tao,
The Use of Accumulated User Mobility for Supporting Quality of Service in Mobile Cellular Systems


VIS 01 Query refinement and benchmarking
Chair: E. Jungert (to be confirmed)

1. G. Casella, S. K. Chang, G. Costagliola, E. Jungert, X. Li and T. Horney,
An Architecture for Interactive Query Refinement in Sensor-based Information Fusion Systems

2. Chotirat Ann Ratanamahatana, Eamonn Keogh,
Using Relevance Feedback in Multimedia Databases

3. M. Grubinger, Clement Leung,
Incremental Benchmark Development and Administration

4. Henning Mueller, A.Geissbuhler, S.Marchand–Maillet, P.Clough,
Benchmarking image retrieval applications

12:00-13:15 Lunch Break        

Keynote #3
S. K. Chang
A Chronobot for Time and Knowledge Exchange

Keynote Invited by: DET'2004 Workshop for Distance Education Technology and MSEAT'2004 Workshop on Mobile Systems, e-Commerce and Agent Technology

14:15-14:30 Coffee Break        
14:30-16:00 Parallel Sessions        
DMS 06 Multimedia streaming, II
Chair: Zon-yin Shae

1. Hao Wang, S. Venkatesan,
Adaptive Video Transmission Over a Single Wireless Link

2. Hua Zhu, Imrich Chlamtac,
Conditional Replenishment Based Multi-Path Transport and Rate Control for Video Streaming in Ad Hoc Networks

3. Mingzhe Li, Choong-Soo Lee, Emmanuel Agu, Mark Claypool, Robert Kinicki,
Performance Enhancement of TFRC in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

4. Roger Zimmermann, Beomjoo Seo, Leslie S. Liu, Rahul S. Hampole, Brent Nash,
AudioPeer: A Collaborative Distributed Audio Chat System


MSEAT 02 Scheduling and Control for Multimedia in Networks
Chair: Kuei-ping Shih

1. Liang-Teh Lee, Ching-Ren Wei, Chen-Feng Wu,
A Design of Clustered Computing Environment for Multimedia Processing

2. Tzung-Shi Chen and Hsin-Yi Ke,
Formation and Routing Protocols for Bluetooth Scatternets with Heap Structures

3. Chia-Ying Tseng, Liang-Teh Lee, Yu-Lan Shih, Kang-Yuan Liu,
Adaptive Layer-Based Scheduling for Real-Time Transmission on Scalable Multimedia Stream

4. Shih-Yao Lee, Kuei-Ping Shih, Chien-Min Chou, and Hung-Chang Chen,
Design and Implementation of a Bluetooth Ad-hoc Presentation System


VIS 02 Visual features for indexing and retrieval
Chair: Gerald Schaefer

1. Jun. Feng, Horace H. S. Ip, and Shuk H. Cheng,
Constructing 3D Point Correspondence for Vasculature using Approximate Parallelism

2. Gerald Schaefer and Simon Lieutaud,
CVPIC based uniform/non-uniform colour histograms for compressed domain image retrieval

3. Jian Kang Wu, Joohwee Lim and Dezhong Hong,
Toward Semantics Level Indexing and retrieval of images and video

16:00-17:30 Parallel Sessions        
DMS 07 Quality of Service
Makoto Takizawa

1. Satoshi Itaya, Tomoya Enokido, and Makoto Takizawa,
Communication Protocol for Atomic and Causally Ordered Delivery of Multimedia Messages

2. Andrea Calvagna, Livio Di Lorenzo, Giuseppe Tropea,
Video-on-Demand for P2P Communities

3. Sonia Gonzalez, Angeles Navarro, Juan Lopez, Emilio L. Zapata,
A Threshold based Multicast Technique in a Distributed VoD System with Customer Reneging Behavior

4. Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, Tooraj Helmi, Shyam Kapadia, Bhaskar Krishnamachari,
A Case for A Mobility Based Admission Control Policy


MSEAT 03 Routing and Scheduling in Networks
Chair: Chih-Yung Chang

1. Shih-Lin Wu and Shih-Jen Wu, Shing-kai Wang,
An Efficient Multipath Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

2. Chuan-Feng Chiu, Jason C. Hung and Yi-Ping Huang,
A Mobile Recommender via Location Agent

3. Chih-Yung Chang, Kuei-Ping Shih, Gwo-Jong Yu, Shih-Chieh Lee, Hsu-Ruey Chang,
A Mobile Learning Platform for Supporting Outclass English Learning Activities

4. Yi Mu and Willy Susilo,
Identity-Based Instant Broadcast in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks




17:45-21:00 Banquet
September 10, Friday

Keynote #4
John Jenkins
The Dao of Unihan

Keynote Invited by: ICCLC'2004 Int'l Conf. for Chinese Language Computing

10:00-10:15 Coffee Break        
10:15-12:00 Parallel Sessions        
DMS 08 Network modeling and collaborative applications
Chair: Rentaro Yoshioka

1. Giancarlo Fortino, Carlos E. Palau, Wilma Russo, Manuel Esteve,
The COMODIN System: A CDN-based Platform for Cooperative Media On-Demand on the InterNet

2. Kostas Katrinis, Georgios Parissidis and Bernhard Plattner,
Activity Sensing Floor Control in Multimedia Collaborative Applications

3. Giulia Boato and Fabrizio Granelli,
MORA: a movement-based routing algorithm for ad hoc networks

  ICCLC 01 Technology & Learning: Interfaces and Databases
Chair: Kai Chu

1. Benjamin T'sou,
Synchronous Corpus and Information Mining from the Chinese Internet

2. Eileen V. Moy, Kai Chu, Cindy Katri and Lee Henderson,
An Intelligent System for Learning and Indexing Chinese Characters

3. Kai Chu, Eileen V. Moy, Cindy Katri, Harold Ricker and Lee Henderson,
A Chinese Character Database and Query System

4. Yoon Fah Chuan and Chee Weng Khong,
A Systemic View on Mandarin-based Computer-Assisted Language Teaching and Learning


MSEAT 04 Scheduling and Control for Multimedia in Networks
Chair: Anthony Y. Chan

1. Anthony Y. Chang,
Eliminating Conflicts of a Coordination System over Construction of Plans

2. Wei-Hsien Wu, Jeng-Horng Chang, Ping-Lin Fan, Min-Tai Chou, Hui-Fen Chiang,
A Signature Verification Based User Interface Agent for Learning Portfolio System

3. Jeng-Horng Chang, Wei-Hsien Wu, Hui-Fen Chiang,
Real-time Person authentication in E-learning Environments by FAFVS

4. Kuan-Cheng Lin, Min-Tzu Wang, Jeff T. C. Lee and Shu-Huey Yang,
Exchange Rate Prediction Agent Based on Gray Theory

5. Kuan-Cheng Lin, Ren-Jing Huang and Yen-Ping Chu,
An Agent-Based Admission Control for the Bounded Delay Services

12:00-13:15 Lunch Break        
13:15-14:45 Parallel Sessions        
DMS 09 Agent and retrieval systems
Yoshitaka Shibata

1. Koji Hashimoto and Yoshitaka Shibata,
A Middleware System for Flexible Intercommunications

2. Daisuke Maruyama, Incheon Paik, Yuu Watanabe,
Toward a Multi-Mobile Agent System on Semantic Web Service: Design Support in Supply Chain

3. Ming Hong Pi, Anup Basu and Hua Li,
Load-Balancing in Distributed Retrieval System

4. Yutaka Watanobe, Rentaro Yoshioka, Nikolay N. Mirenkov,
Library architecture for searching software components by their algorithmic features

  ICCLC 02 Natural Language Processing
Chair: Jong-Hyeok Lee

Feature Selection and Extraction

1. Jin-Ji Li, Dong-Il Kim, Jong-Hyeok Lee,
Contrastive Analysis and Feature Selection for Korean Predicate Generation in Chinese-Korean Machine Translation System

2. Hainan Jin, Dongun An,
Story Representation based on Term Distribution on Timelines for Chinese News Event Link Detection

Font Generation
3. Jungpil Shin and Kazunori Suzuki,
Handwritten Chinese Character Font Generation Using Stroke Correspondence


14:45-15:00 Coffee Break        
15:00-16:30 Parallel Sessions        
DMS 10 Editing and Compression of Multimedia Documents
Masahito Hirakawa

1. Masahito Hirakawa and Kasumi Nakashita,
Video Editing with Change of Camera Motion

2. Ju-Yuan Hsiao, Kai-Jung Shih, A-Pei Tsai,
A New Post-processing Method for VQ Compressed Image

3. Gianluca Bailo, Massimo Bariani, Ivano Barbieri, Marco Raggio,
Dynamic Motion Estimation Search Window Size Calculation in H.264 Standard Video Coder

  ICCLC 03 Natural Language Processing
Chair: Jong-Hyeok Lee

Word Identification and Text Categorization

1. Zhuoran Wang and Ting Liu,
Chinese Unknown Word Identification Based on Local Bigram Model with Integrally Smoothing Assumption