DMS'2005 (The Eleventh International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems)

Time Table

Sep. 5 Monday
Keynote #1

Guenther Ruhe
Session A1
Session A2
Session A3
Session B1
Session B2
Session B3
Sep. 6 Tuesday
Keynote #2

Timothy Shih
Session A4
Session A5
Session A6
Session B4
Session B5
Session B6
Sep. 7 Wednesday
Session A7
Session A8
Session A9
Session A10
Session B7
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Session B9

September 5, Monday
08:00-08:20 Registration
08:20-08:30 Opening Ceremony

Keynote #1
Guenther Ruhe


09:30-09:50 Coffee Break    
09:50-11:50 Parallel Sessions    
DMS 01 Multimedia Content Analysis, Retrieval and Watermarking
Chair: Shan Li

1. Gianluca Bailo, Paivi Ijas, Marco Raggio, Fabio Sguanci,
Adaptive Background Evaluation for Foreground Detection with Gaussian Distribution, a Fast Approach

2. J. R. Parker and Brad Behm,
Composite Algorithms in Image Content Searches

3. Shan Li, M.C.Lee,
Rotation and Scale Invariant Color Image Retrieval Using Fuzzy Clustering

4. Franco Frattolillo, Salvatore D'Onofrio,
An Image Watermarking Procedure Based on XML Documents

5. Koichi Takagi, Shigeyuki Sakazawa, Yasuhiro Takishima,
Low Complexity Scrambling Scheme for Compressed Audio Based on Human Auditory Perception Characteristics

  VLC 01
Chair: Trevor Smedley

1. Octavian Patrascoiu, Simon Thompson, and Peter Rodgers,
Tableaux for Diagrammatic Reasoning

2. Gem Stapleton, Simon Thompson, Andrew Fish, John Howse, John Taylor,
A New Language for the Visualization of Logic and Reasoning

3. Jim Davies, Ashok K. Goel, Nancy J. Nersessian,
Transfer of Problem-Solving Strategy Using the Cognitive Visual Language

4. Joseph J. Pfeiffer, Jr.,
Global and Vector Operations in a Rule-Based Visual Language

11:50-13:10 Lunch Break    
13:10-15:10 Parallel Sessions    
DMS 02 Visual and Multidimensional Languages for Multimedia Applications
Chair: Alfonso Cardenas

1. A. Guercio, A. Bansal, T. Arndt,
Synchronization in Multimedia Languages for Distributed Systems

2. Karin Silvervarg, Erland Jungert ,
Uncertain topological relations for mobile point objects in terrain (S)

3. Gennaro Costagliola, Andrea De Lucia, Filomena Ferrucci, and Giuseppe Scanniello,
Visual Languages for Non Expert Instructional Designers: A Usability Study

4. Massimiliano Albanese, Paolo Maresca, Antonio Picariello and Antonio Maria Rinaldi ,
Towards a Multimedia Ontology System: an Approach Using TAO_XML

5. Alfonso F. Cardenas, Raymond K. Pon, Bassam S. Islam,
The Image Stack Stream Model, Querying and Architecture

  VLC 02
Chair: Joseph Pfeiffer

1. Yoshihiro Adachi,
Syntax-directed Program Visualization

2. Robert DeLine,
Staying Oriented with Software Terrain Maps

3. Steven P. Reiss and Guy Eddon,
From the Concrete to the Abstract: Visual Representations of Program Execution

4. Brian T. Westphal, Frederick C. Harris, Jr., Sergiu M. Dascalu,
Design Aspects of the Redwood Programming Environment (S)

15:10-15:30 Coffee Break    
15:30-17:30 Parallel Sessions    

DMS 03 Invited Session on E-learning
Chair: Paolo Maresca

1. Ernesto Damian, Antonella Esposito, Maurizio Mariotti, Pierangela Samarati, Daniela Scaccia, Nello Scarabottolo,
SSRI online First experiences in a three-years course degree offered in e-learning at the University of Milan (Italy)

2. P. Casillo, C. Cesarano, A. Chianese, V. Moscato,
A Web-Based Architecture for Tracking Multimedia using SCORM

3. B. Fadini, P. Maresca, P. Prinetto, C. Sanghez, G. Santiano,
A GQM Based E-Learning Platform Evaluation

4. Sabina Bordiga, Luigi Colazzo, Francesco Magagnino, Daniela Malinverni, Andrea Molinari,
Models of pragmatics of man-machine interaction (Perspectives and problems in the Elementary Pragmatic Model experimentation)

5. F. Colace, M. De Santo,
Ontologies for E-Learning

  VLC 03
Chair: Sergiu Dascalu

1. Mikael Kindborg, Kevin McGee,
Comic Strip Programs: Beyond Graphical Rewrite Rules

2. Paolo Buono, Maria F. Costabile, Emanuele Covino, Giovanni Pani,
A visual tool for multidimensional data analysis

3. Luca Paolino, Monica Sebillo, Genny Tortora, Giuliana Vitiello,
WGBUILDER: a Visual Environment for Building Web-GIS Applications (S)



Reception Dinner

Reception Dinner is scheduled on Monday September 5th 2005 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at the Mt. Stephen Hall in the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. Reception Dinner Ticket is required to enter the reception. If you are students or guests of the attendees, You are welcome to order the Reception Buffet Dinner for USD$55.00. All reservations must be made prior to 8/31/2005.

September 6, Tuesday

Keynote #2
Timothy Shih

09:30-09:50 Coffee Break    
09:50-11:50 Parallel Sessions    
DMS 04 E-commerce, E-education and E-entertainment
Chair: Ronggong Song

1. Shi-Kuo Chang, Suresh Rangan and Yue Zhang,
Time Management for Senior Citizen Care (S)

2. Andrea De Lucia, Rita Francese, Giuseppe Scanniello, Genoveffa Tortora ,
Integrating e-Business and e-Learning Processes

3. Xin Li and Shi-Kuo Chang,
A Personalized E-Learning System Based on User Profile Constructed Using Information Fusion

4. J. K. Chen, C. J. Liu,
An Application of XML on Network Data Model for Data Conversion (S)

5. Ronggong Song, Larry Korba, George Yee, and Ying-Chieh Chen,
Protection of Virtual Property in Online Gaming


MSEAT 01 Internet Application and E-Commerce
Chair: Jason C. Hung

1. Faisal Nabi,
Secure Business Application Logic for e-Commerce Systems

2. Hsien-Chou Liao and Wen-Feng Chen,
A Scale-based Reduction Method for Surveillance of Massive Moving Objects on Mobile Devices

3. Yung-Cheng Lee, Wen-Chung Kuo,
Attack and Improvement on the Lee-Chiu Remote Authentication Scheme

4. Jason C. Hung, Schummi Yang and Timothy K. Shih,
Word Sense Disambiguation and the Application on Internet Search

11:50-13:10 Lunch Break    
13:10-15:10 Parallel Sessions    
DMS 05 Web Servers and Services
Chair: Matthias De Geyter

1. Jason C. Hung, Schummi Yang, Mao-Shuen Chiu and Timothy K. Shih,
The Research and Implementation of Semantic Based RDF Tagging and Webpage Searching Web Service (S)

2. Matthias De Geyter, Peter Soetens,
A Planning Approach to Media Adaptation within the Semantic Web

3. T. Martini, P. Nesi, D. Rogai, A. Vallotti,
A Component based Multimedia Middleware for Content Production Factory (S)

4. G. Costagliola, S. Di Martino, F. Ferrucci, C. Gravino, G. Tortora, G. Vititello,
Cost Estimation Modeling Techniques for Web Applications: An Empirical Study

5. Abolfazl Lakdashti, Mohammad Shahram Moin,
ImagePickup: A Web Based Hybrid Image Search Engine


DET 01 Educational Technologies
Co-Chairs: Shieh-Shing Lin and Lun-Ping Hung

1. Sheng-Yuan Yang, Pen-Chin Liao, Cheng-Seen Ho,
A User-Oriented Query Prediction and Cache Technique for FAQ Proxy Service

2. Huay Chang, Shieh-Shing Lin, Pei-Ru Liu, Kun-Lin Chung, Wen-Wei Lin, Pei-Pin Wu, Tsung-Yuan Wu,
Use Knowledge Management Base to Establish the e-Learning Interactive Teaching Platform for the Autism Students

3 . Lun-Ping Hung, Hsuan-Che Yang, Wen-Chih Chang, Hui-Fen Chiang,
A Sharable Test Content Development And Analysis Mechanism Based on SCORM

4. Ko-Shung Chen, Chiao Yu, and Chon-Gi Chen,
Investigating the Transactions of Distance Learning System by Using Petri Nets Graph (S)

5. Jih-Fu Tu, Chih-Yung Chen, Chun-liang Hsu,
Exploiting Discrete Computer System to Architect for Distance Learning System (S)

15:10-15:30 Coffee Break    
15:30-17:30 Parallel Sessions    
DMS 06 Mobile Networks, Mobile Computing and Mobile Agents
Chair: Victor Shen

1. Victor R. L. Shen,
Using Agent Technology to Improve the Quality of Artificial Intelligence Instruction (S)

2. Hojjat Sheikhattar, Abolfazl Haghighat, Neda Noroozi,
Mobility in File Sharing

3. Bjorn Muylaert, Stijn Decneut, Matthias De Geyter,
A binary SOAP-based messaging infrastructure for mobile multimedia sessions

4. Giorgio Ventre, Francesco Gragnani, Vincenzo Masucci, Claudio Nardi, Vincenzo Orabona ,
HyperGuide: a context-aware semantically interoperable multimedia application for the fruition of cultural heritage


DET 02 Communication Technologies
Co-Chairs: Hsu Chun-Liang and Jih-Fu Tu

1. Dong-liang Lee, Lawrence Y. Deng and Ming-Chih Lu,
The Development of Digital Certificate on Distance Learning With Mobile Agent Technologies

2. Chang-Ching Lin, Shien-Chii Shieh, Wei-Hsiu Huang,
RFID Facilitating Strategy Using Taiwan’s Distribution Center as an Example

3. Hsu Chun-Liang, Lawrence Y. Deng, Kou Cheng-Chien, Chen Po-Hung,
3C Intelligent Home Appliance Control System (S)

4. Chih-Yung Chen, Jih-Fu Tu, Chun-liang Hsu,
Depicting the Algorithm of Discrete Topology for Distance Learning System (S)

5. Shieh-Shing Lin, Huay Chang, Wen-Chen Tsai, Yen-Hao Miao,
A Research in Tennis Teaching e-learning Platform (S)


Banquet Dinner

Banquet Dinner is scheduled on Tuesday September 6th 2005 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM at the Cascade Ballroom in the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. Banquet Dinner Ticket is required to enter the banquet dinner. If you are students or guests of the attendees, you are welcome to order the Banquet Dinner for USD$70.00. All reservations must be made prior to 8/31/2005.

September 7, Wednesday
08:20-10:00 Parallel Sessions    

DMS 07 Multimedia HCI
Chair: Michael Boyle

1. Gennaro Costagliola, Sergio Di Martino, Filomena Ferrucci, Genoveffa Tortora,
A 3D Interaction Metaphor for Remote Control of Smart Home Systems

2. Michael Boyle and Saul Greenberg,
Rapidly Prototyping Multimedia Groupware

3. Fabio Pittarello and Daniela Fogli,
Modelling complex user experiences in distributed interaction environments

4. Ellen Lau, Ehud Sharlin, Ariel Shamir,
A Robotic Interface for Retrieval of Distributed Multimedia Content

  MSEAT 02 Agent Technology
Chair: Ronggong Song

1. Ronggong Song, Larry Korba, and George Yee,
Agent-based Transactions for Home Energy Services

2. Kuan-Cheng Lin, Ching-Fang Hsu and Roger Lin,
An Agent-Based on-line Monitoring and Diagnosis System for Distributed Databases (S)

3. Kuan-Cheng Lin, Ching-Fang Hsu and Roger Lin,
An Agent-Based on-line Monitoring and Diagnosis System for Heterogeneous Servers (S)

4. Hamidreza Pousti, Helen Hasan, Eryk Dutkiewicz,
Application Of Mobile Agents In Wireless-Based Mission Critical Emergency Operations

10:00-10:15 Coffee Break    
10:15-12:15 Parallel Sessions    
DMS 08 Feature-Based Human Recognition and Tracking
Chair: Timothy Shih

1. Michele Nappi, Daniel Riccio, Genny Tortora,
Handling the Occlutions in Fractal Face Recognition and Retrieval

2. Andrea F. Abate, Stefano Ricciardi, Gabriele Sabatino, Maurizio Tucci ,
Beard Tolerant Face Recognition Based on 3D Geometry and Color Texture

3. Timothy K. Shih, Hui-Huang Hsu, Chia-Ton Tan and Louis H. Lin,

4 . L. Bateman, J. R. Parker,
A Design for Speaker Determination in Video Conferencing: An Application of Speaker Recognition

  MSEAT 03 Bluetooth and Wireless Network
Chair: Gwo-Jong Yu

1. Gwo-Jong Yu, Chih-Chu Wu, and Cheng-Ku Lai,
A Bluetooth-Based Wireless and Parallel Computation Environment for Matrix Multiplication

2. En-Yi Chien and Gwo-Jong Yu,
A Power-Efficient Multi-Sink Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network (S)

3. Chih-Yung Chang, Kuei-Ping Shih, Wen-Chuan Huang, Shih-Chieh Lee, Hsu-Ruey Chang, Kuang-Jen Liao,
A Location-Aware Multicast Protocol for Bluetooth Location Networks

4. Kuei-Ping Shih, Chih-Yung Chang, Chien-Min Chou, Shih-Chieh Lee, Yen-Da Chen, Hsu-Ruey Chang,
GUARD: A GUide, Alarm, Recovery, and Detection System on a Wireless Sensor Network for the Blind


12:15-13:15 Lunch Break    
13:15-15:15 Parallel Sessions    
DMS 09 OS Support for Distributed Multimedia Systems
Chair: Dwight Makaroff

1. Lihang Ying, Anup Basu,
pcVOD: Internet Peer-to-Peer Video-On-Demand with Storage Caching on Peers

2. Dwight Makaroff, Jason Coutu, and Fujian Liu,
Disk Performance and VBR Admission Control for Media Servers (S)

3. Pal Halvorsen, Tom Anders Dalseng, Carsten Griwodz,
Assessment of Data Path Implementations for Download and Streaming

4. Md. Shamsul Alam, S.M.Kamrul Hasan, A.S.M. Sohail, Mahmudul Hasan, Boshir Ahmed,
Application of Heuristic MMKP in Admission Control and QoS Adaptation for Distributed Video on Demand Service

5. J.R. Parker, Donald Molaro,
Extensions of Ethernet for Multimedia Transmission

  DET 03 Intelligent Technologies
Co-Chairs: Tsai-Cheng Li and Fang-Ming Yu

1. Chin-Jung Huang,Ying-Hong Lin,
Rule-based Knowledge Similarity Distance Calculation System-Using Conditional Probability Knowledge Similarity Algorithm

2. Jenn Tang, P.-K. Wang, S.-Y. Tsao,
The Experiences for Implementation the Location Based Tour Guide System

3. Lawrence Y. Deng,
Adaptive Multimedia Content Model in Learning Content Management System

4. Fang-Ming Yu, Cheng-Ning Huang, and Hung-Yuan Chung,
An intelligent fuzzy filter design via Takagi-Sugeno Models (S)

5. Tsai-Cheng Li, Fang-Ming Yu, and Huan-Wen Wu,
An Intelligent Quasi Fuzzy sliding Controller with Application to Seesaw Systems (S)


15:15-15:30 Coffee Break    


DMS 10 Multimedia Communications and Network Architectures
Chair: Ivan Bajic

1. Qi Qu, Yong Pei, and James W. Modestino,
Adaptive Joint Source-Channel Coding for Real-Time Video Applications over Wireless IP Networks

2. Satoshi Itaya Naohiro Hayashibara, Tomoya Enokido, and Makoto Takizawa,
An Asynchronous Multi-source Streaming Protocol for Scalable and Reliable Multimedia Communication

3. Yasutaka Nishimura, Naohiro Hayashibara,Tomoya Enokido, and Makoto Takizawa,
SMIP: Striping Multimedia Communication Protocol for Large Scale Hierarchical Group

4. Xunqi Yu, James W. Modestino and, Ivan V. Bajic,
Modeling and Analysis of Multipath Video Transport over Lossy Networks Using Packet-Level FEC

5. Marco Lohse, Michael Repplinger, and Philipp Slusallek,
Dynamic Media Routing in Multi-User Home Entertainment Systems