Digital Art Presentation
The Impact of New Media Formats on the Creative Process

Gabriel Smith
Knowledge Systems Institute
Skokie, Illinois 60076

New media formats and channels of distribution made available on the internet offer artists increased possibilities for showing and distributing their work directly to audiences. These new formats and channels of distribution, such as online video and weblogs, also affect the artist's creative process. Artists creating and presenting work digitally are faced with an increased response time and more direct interaction with audiences through comments, chat, community sites and other platforms that facilitate communication. In addition, popular new formats, such as the weblog and community sites, provide artists with a more intimate relationship with the audience, and a new format on which to present their work with a built-in conceptual component. As the web and mobile devices replace television and cinema as points of delivery, smaller image sizes and shorter video lengths allow the narrative structure to be deconstructed beyond traditional length film and serial television formats. These evolving distribution factors, along with the ability of the artist to capture and publish artwork digitally with increasing capacity, change the nature of the artistic process.