DMS 2009 Technical Program

Keynote I
Distributed Multimedia Systems-I
Multimedia Representation of Source Code and Software Model
Distributed Multimedia Computing & Networks and Systems
Digital Home and HealthCare-I
Digital Home and HealthCare-II
Visual Analytics-I
Eclipse and Jazz Technologies for E-learning
Visual Languages and Environments for Software Engineering
DMS Program Committee Meeting
Keynote II
Distributed Multimedia Systems-II
Technologies for Digital Television
Emergency Management and Security
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5:30 - 7:30pm Banquet
Visual Semantics, Tools and Layout
Sketch Computing
Learning Objects: Methodologies, Technologies and Experiences
Distributed Multimedia Systems-III
Distributed Multimedia Systems-IV
Distributed Multimedia Systems-V
Visual Analytics-II
E-learning and The Arts

DMS Sessions
DET Sessions
VLC Sessions

Technical Program

Pre-Registration 7:00pm - 9:00pm September 9 Wednesday

7:30am - 8:10am September 10 Thursday


8:10am - 8:20am September 10 Thursday

Welcome Welcome Note Shi-Kuo Chang
Augusto Celentano
Atsuo Yoshitaka

8:20am - 9:00am September 10 Thursday

Keynote I (Chair: Erland Jungert) Slow Intelligence Systems Shi-Kuo Chang

9:20am - 10:35am September 10 Thursday

Distributed Multimedia Systems - I
(Chair: Augusto Celentano)

Demonstrating the Effectiveness of Sound Spatialization in Music and Therapeutic Applications
Masahito Hirakawa, Mirai Oka, Takayuki Koyama, Tetsuya Hirotomi

End-user Development in the Medical Domain
Maria Francesca Costabile, Piero Mussio, Antonio Piccinno, Carmelo Ardito, Barbara Rita Barricelli, Rosa Lanzilotti

10:45am - 12:00pm September 10 Thursday

Multimedia Representation of Source Code and Software Model
(Co-Chairs: Richard Goebel and Valentin Plenk)

Transformation from Web PSM to Code (S)
Yen-Chieh Huang, Chih-Ping Chu, Zhu-An Lin, Michael Matuschek

Experiences with Visual Programming in Engineering Applications (S)
Valentin Plenk

Advantages and Limits of Diagramming (S)
Jaroslav Kral, Michal Zemlicka
Visual Analytics - I
(Co-Chairs: Monica Sebillo and Giuliana Vitiello)

Extracting Hot Events from News Feeds, Visualization, and Insights
Zhen Huang, Alfonso F. Cardenas

Visual Analysis of Spatial Data through Maps of Chorems
Davide De Chiara, Vincenzo Del Fatto, Robert Laurini, Monica Sebillo, Giuliana Vitiello

Software Visualization Using a Treempap-hypercube Metaphor (s)
Amaia Aguirregoitia, J. Javier Dolado, Concepcion Presedo

Visual Interactive Exploration of Spatio-temporal Patterns (s)
Radoslaw Rudnicki, Monika Sester, Volker Paelke

1:00pm - 3:00pm September 10 Thursday

Distributed Multimedia Computing & Networks and Systems
(Co-Chairs: Paolo Nesi, Son Vuong and Juan Li)

PSS: A Phonetic Search System for Short Text Documents
Jerry Jiaer Zhang, Son T. Vuong

Hybrid Client-server Multimedia Streaming Assisted by Unreliable Peers
Samuel L. V. Mello, Elias P. Duarte Jr.

Visual Programming of Content Processing Grid
Pierfrancesco Bellini, Ivan Bruno, Paolo Nesi

Interactive Multimedia Systems for Technology-enhanced Learning and Preservation
Kia Ng, Eleni Mikroyannidi, Bee Ong, Nicolas Esposito, David Giaretta
Eclipse and Jazz Technologies for E-learning
(Co-Chairs: Paolo Maresca and Pierpaolo Di Bitonto)

Eclipse: a New Way to Mashup
Paolo Maresca, Giuseppe Marco Scarfogliero, Lidia Stanganelli

Mashup Learning and Learning Communities
Luigi Colazzo, Andrea Molinari, Paolo Maresca, Lidia Stanganelli

J-META: a Language to Describe Software in Eclipse Community
Pierpaolo Di Bitonto, Paolo Maresca, Teresa Roselli, Veronica Rossano, Lidia Stanganelli

Providing Instructional Guidance with IMS-LD in COALA, an ITS for Computer Programming Learning (s)
Francisco Jurado, Miguel A. Redondo, Manuel Ortega

3:20pm - 4:35pm September 10 Thursday

Digital Home and HealthCare - I
(Co-Chairs: Chih-Ping Chu and Chi-Lu Yang)

LoCa - Towards a Context-aware Infrastructure for eHealth Applications
Nadine Frohlich, Andreas Meier, Thorsten Moller, Marco Savini, Heiko Schuldt, Joel Vogt

An Intelligent Web-based System for Mental Disorder Treatment by Using Biofeedback Analysis
Bai-En Shie, Fong-Lin Jang, Richard Weng, Vincent S Tseng

Adaptive SmartMote in Wireless Ad-Hoc Sensor Network
Sheng-Tzong Cheng, Yao-Dong Zou, Ju-Hsien Chou, Jiashing Shih, Mingzoo Wu
Visual Languages and Environments for Software Engineering
(Co-Chairs: Gem stapleton, Kendra Cooper and Sergiu Dascalu)

On the Usability of Reverse Engineering Tools
S. Di Martino, F. Ferrucci, R. Oliveto, G.Tortora, G. Vitiello

A Methodological Framework to the Visual Design and Analysis of Real-Time Systems
Kawtar Benghazi, Miguel J. Hornos, Manuel Noguera, Maria J. Rodriguez

Visualizing Pointer-related Data Flow Interactions (s)
Marcel Karam, Marwa El-Ghali, Hiba Halabi

4:45pm - 6:30pm September 10 Thursday

Digital Home and HealthCare - II
(Co-Chairs: Vincent S. Tseng and Chi-Lu Yang)

A RSSI-based Algorithm for Indoor Localization Using ZigBee in Wireless Sensor Network
Yu-Tso Chen, Chi-Lu Yang, Yeim-Kuan Chang, Chih-Ping Chu

A Personalized Service Recommendation System in a Home-care Environment
Chi-Lu Yang, Yeim-Kuan Chang, Ching-Pao Chang, Chih-Ping Chu

Design and Implementation of OSGi-based Healthcare Box for Home Users
Bo-Ruei Cao, Chun-Kai Chuang, Je-Yi Kuo, Yaw-Huang Kuo, Jang-Pong Hsu
DMS Program Committee Meeting
(everyone interested in getting involved in DMS 2010 program committee is cordially invited)
(Chair: Shi-Kuo Chang)

7:00pm - 9:00pm September 10 Thursday

Reception Dinner

7:30am - 8:10am September 11 Friday


8:10am - 9:00am September 11 Friday

Keynote II (Chair: Monica Sebillo) Geographic Visualization of Movement Patterns Gennady Andrienko and Natalia Andrienko

9:20am - 10:35am September 11 Friday

Distributed Multimedia Systems - II
(Chair: Angela Guercio)

An Approach for Tagging 3D Worlds for the Net
Fabio Pittarello

TA-CAMP Life: Integrating a Web and a Second Life Based Virtual Exhibition
Andrea De Lucia, Rita Francese, Ignazio Passero, Genoveffa Tortora

Genomena: a Knowledge-based System for the Valorization of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Paolo Buono, Pierpaolo Di Bitonto, Francesco Di Tria, Vito Leonardo Plantamura
Visual Semantics, Tools and Layout
(Chair: Robert Laurini)

A Graphical Tool to Support Visual Information Extraction
Giuseppe Della Penna, Daniele Magazzeni, Sergio Orefice

Rule-based Diagram Layout Using Meta Models
Sonja Maier, Mark Minas

Chorem Maps: towards a Legendless Cartography?
Robert Laurini, Francoise Raffort, Monica Sebillo, Genoveffa Tortora, Giuliana Vitiello

10:45am - 12:00pm September 11 Friday

Technologies for Digital Television
(Chair: Giuseppe Polese)

Video Quality Issues for Mobile Television
Carlos D. M. Regis, Daniel C. Morais, Raissa Rocha, Marcelo S. Alencar, Mylene C. Q. Farias

Comparing the "Eco Controllo"'s Video Codec with Respect to MPEG4 and H264
Claudio Cappelli

An Experimental Evaluation of the Mobile Channel Performance of the Brazilian Digital Television System
Carlos D. M. Regis, Marcelo S. Alencar, Jean Felipe F. de Oliveira
Sketch Computing
(Co-Chairs: Gennaro Costagliola and Beryl Plimmer)

Preserving the Hand-drawn Appearance of Graphs
Beryl Plimmer, Helen Purchase, Hong Yu Yang, Laura Laycock

ReCCO: An Interactive Application for Sketching Web Comics
Ricardo Lopes, Manuel J. Fonseca, Tiago Cardoso, Nelson Silva

Performances of Multiple-Selection Enabled Menus in Soft Keyboards
Gennaro Costagliola, Vittorio Fuccella, Michele Di Capua, Giovanni Guardi

SOUSA v2.0: Automatically Generating Secure and Searchable Data Collection Studies (s)
Brandon L. Kaster, Emily R. Jacobson, Walter Moreira, Brandon Paulson, Tracy A. Hammond

1:00pm - 3:00pm September 11 Friday

Emergency Management and Security
(Co-Chairs: Erland Jungert and Niklas Hallberg)

Decision Support for Monitoring the Status of Individuals
Fredrik Lantz, Dennis Andersson, Erland Jungert, Britta Levin

Assessment of IT Security in Emergency Management Information Systems (S)
Johan Bengtsson, Jonas Hallberg, Thomas Sundmark, Niklas Hallberg

Practical Experiences in Using Heterogeneous Wireless Networks for Emergency Response Services (S)
Miguel A. Sanchis, Juan A. Martinez, Pedro M. Ruiz, Antonio F. Gomez-Skarmeta, Francisco Rojo

F-REX: Event Driven Synchronized Multimedia Model Visualization (S)
Dennis Andersson

Towards Integration of Different Media in a Service-oriented Architecture for Crisis Management (S)
Magnus Ingmarsson, Henrik Eriksson, Niklas Hallberg
Learning Objects: Methodologies, Technologies and Experiences
(Co-Chairs: Teresa Roselli and Veronica Rossano)

Deriving Adaptive Fuzzy Learner Models for Learning-object Recommendation
G. Castellano, C. Castiello, D. Dell'Agnello, C. Mencar, M.A. Torsello

Adaptive Learning Using SCORM Compliant Resources
Lucia Monacis, Rino Finamore, Maria Sinatra, Pierpaolo Di Bitonto, Teresa Roselli, Veronica Rossano

Organizing the Multimedia Content of an M-Learning Service through Fedora Digital Objects
C. Ardito, R. Lanzilotti

Enhancing Online Learning Through Instructional Design: a Model for the Development of ID-based Authoring Tools
Giovanni Adorni, Serena Alvino, Mauro Coccoli

Learning Objects Design for a Databases Course (s)
Carlo Dell'Aquila, Francesco Di Tria, Ezio Lefons, Filippo Tangorra

3:15pm September 11 Friday

Bus Boarding (Bus departs at 3:25pm)

3:25pm September 11 Friday

Buses depart for vineyard and seashore
5:30pm - 7:30pm Banquet

7:30am - 8:10am September 12 Saturday


8:10am - 9:00am September 12 Saturday

Distributed Multimedia Systems - III
(Chair: Atsuo Yoshitaka)

An Analysis of Two Cooperative Caching Techniques for Streaming Media in Residential Neighborhoods (S)
Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, Shahin Shayandeh, Yasser Altowim

PopCon Monitoring: Web Application for Detailed Real-time Database Transaction Monitoring (S)
Ignas Butenas, Salvatore Di Guida, Michele de Gruttola, Vincenzo Innocente, Antonio Pierro
Visual Analytics - II
(Co-Chairs: Monica Sebillo and Giuliana Vitiello)

Visualizing Data to Support Tracking in Food Supply Chains
Paolo Buono, Adalberto L. Simeone, Carmelo Ardito, Rosa Lanzilotti

A Methodological Framework for Automatic Clutter Reduction in Visual Analytics
Enrico Bertini, Giuseppe Santucci

9:20am - 10:35am September 12 Saturday

Distributed Multimedia Systems - IV
(Chair: Tetsuya Hirotomi)

Using MPEG-21 to Repurpose, Distribute and Protect News/NewsML Information
Pierfrancesco Bellini, Ivan Bruno, Paolo Nesi

Activity-oriented Web Page Retrieval by Reflecting Human Traffic in the Real World
Atsuo Yoshitaka, Noriyoshi Kanki, Tsukasa Hirashima

An Architecture for User-centric Identity, Profiling and Reputation Services (S)
Gennaro Costagliola, Rosario Esposito, Vittorio Fuccella, Francesco Gioviale
E-learning and The Arts
(Chair: Yu-Huei Su)

A Study of 'Health Promotion Course forMusic Performers' Distance-learning Course Development
Yu-Huei Su, Yaw-Jen Lin, Jer-Junn Luh, Heng-Shuen Chen

Understanding Art Exhibitions: from Audioguides To Multimedia Companions
Giuseppe Barbieri, Augusto Celentano, Renzo Orsini, Fabio Pittarello

A Pilot Study of e-Music School of LOHAS Seniors in Taiwan
Chao-Hsiu Lee, Yen-Ting Chen, Yu-Yuan Chang, Yaw-Jen Lin, Jer-Junn Luh, Hsin-I Chen

10:45am - 12:45pm September 12 Saturday

Distributed Multimedia Systems - V
(Chair: Shahin Shayandeh)

The ENVISION Project: Towards a Visual Tool to Support Schema Evolution in Distributed Databases
Giuseppe Polese, Mario Vacca

Towards Synchronization of a Distributed Orchestra (S)
Angela Guercio, Timothy Arndt

Semantic Composition of Web Services (S)
Manuel Bernal Llinares, Antonio Ruiz Martinez, MA Antonia Martinez Carreras, Antonio F. Gomez Skarmeta
(Chair: Kazuo Yana )

Sakai 3: A New Direction for an Open Source Academic Learning and Collaboration Platform
Michael Korcuska

Concept Map Supported E-learning Implemented on Knowledge Portal Systems
Jyh-Da Wei, Tai-Yu Chen, Tsai-Yeh Tung, D. T. Lee

An Implementation of the Tools in the Open-source Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment (s)
Yasushi Kodama, Tadashi Komori, Yoshikuni Harada, Yashushi Kamayashi, Yuji Tokiwa, Kazuo Yana

A 3-D Real-time Interactive Web-cast Environment for E-collaboration in Academia and Education (s)
Billy Pham, Ivan Ho, Yoshiyuki Hino, Yasushi Kodama, Hisato Kobayashi, Kazuo Yana

Applying Flow Theory to the Evaluation of the Quality of Experience in a Summer School Program Involving E-interaction (s)
Kiyoshi Asakawa, Kazuo Yana

Note: (S) indicates a short paper. Regular paper has twenty five minutes for presentation and short paper has twenty minutes for presentation, followed by a few minutes for Q&A.

If a session needs more time for presentation and Q&A, the session chair can extend the session a few more minutes and shorten the ensuing break.