Multimedia for Security and Crisis Management

Special Session in

The 16th International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems (DMS 2010)

Hyatt Lodge at McDonald's Campus, Oak Brook, Illinois, USA October 14 to October 16, 2010
Organized by Knowledge Systems Institute, U.S.A.

Information systems and multimedia technologies provide a variety of possibilities to support emergency management and security for protection of, e.g., people, establishments, critical infrastructures and information. However, more research and report of practical experiences are needed to achieve effective tools that can be applied to appropriate applications to support strategic and operational decision makers facing high workload and unpredictable events, which may have serious consequences to the society. For this reason, the DMSĀ“10 conference calls for papers to intellectually stimulate work that contributes to the field and which evolution lead to practical applications based on rigorous scientific results. This session offers practitioners, technology developers and researchers the opportunity to contribute to the field of emergency management and security from a multimedia viewpoint by introducing new technologies and discussions of technical challenges encountered in development, implementations or deployment. This session focuses on paper submissions on working as well as on research technologies. Topics might include, but are not limited to, technologies oriented toward support for particular multimedia needs, such as:

Emergency and crisis management, command and control (C2), decision support, systems architecture, communication and collaboration, operational pictures, sensor-data analysis and visualization, surveillance, monitoring, alerting and notification, and case related simulation modeling, human computer interaction, and IT-security.

The 16th International Conference on Distributed Multimedia systems (DMS 2010) will be held at Hyatt Lodge at McDonald's Campus, Oak Brook, Illinois, USA October 14 to October 16, 2010.

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Erland Jungert (, FOI, Sweden
Niklas Hallberg, (, FOI, Sweden