DMS 2011 Technical Program

Keynote I

SIS: Slow Intelligence Systems
DMS-1: Semantic Computing
(Included in
DMS-2: Humanities, Emergency & Health Care Management
GC: GeoVisual Computing

DMS-3: Intelligent Multimedia Computing
DMS Program Committee Meeting
(Dinner is on one's own)
DC: Data Compression
Visual Languages & Computing
DET-1: Computer Supported Collaboration
DEMO: Multimedia Arts & DMS/VLC Demos
DET-2: Virtual World, Serious Game in Education
Keynote II
DMS-4: Collaborative & Social Multimedia
DMS-5: Multimedia Databases & Info Systems
(Included in
DMS-6: Multimedia Software Engineering
Mobile Intelligent Applications
Awards, Closing Ceremony
Short Self-Guided Walking Tour to Banquet Restaurant
(Included in full registration but not included in student registration)
DET-3: Personalised learning and Instructional Design
Visual Languages & Computing
Visual Languages and Computing
New learning supported by new technologies
Optional Two-Hour Walking Tour of Florence

Technical Program

Pre-Registration 7:00pm - 9:00pm August 17 Wednesday

7:30am - 8:10am August 18 Thursday


8:10am - 8:20am August 18 Thursday

Shi-Kuo Chang, Paolo Nesi, Kia Ng, Gennaro Costagliola

8:20am - 9:00am August 18 Thursday

Keynote I (Chair: Gennaro Costagliola) Ambient Intelligence, Stefano Levialdi

9:20am - 10:35am August 18 Thursday

Session SIS: Slow Intelligence Systems
(Chair: Francesco Colace)

Design and Modeling of Topic/Trend Detection System by applying Slow Intelligence System Principles
Ji Eun Kim, Hu Yang and Shi-Kuo Chang, Chia-Chun Shih, Mark Peng

High Dimensional Feature Selection via a Slow Intelligence Approach
Yingze Wang, Shi-Kuo Chang

Word Expert Translation from German into Chinese in the Slow Intelligence Framework
Tiansi Dong, Ingo Gloeckner
Session DC: Data Compression
(Chair: Giuseppe Polese)

Beyond Macroblocks in Lossy Video Compression
Claudio Cappelli

10:45am - 12:00pm August 18 Thursday

Session DMS-1: Semantic Computing
(Chair: Paolo Nesi)

Collaborative and Assisted SKOS Generation and Management
Pierfrancesco Bellini, Antonio Cappuccio, Paolo Nesi

MAMA: A Novel Approach to Ontology Mapping
Shi-Kuo Chang, Francesco Colace, Massimo De Santo, Emilio Zegarra, YungJun Qie

Improving Text Retrieval Accuracy Using a Graph of Terms
Fabio Clarizia, Francesco Colace, Massimo De Santo, Luca Greco, Paolo Napoletano

Handhold Object Detection and Event Analysis Using Visual Interaction Clues
Jun-Wei Hsieh, Chia-Lung Lin, Jiun-Chen Cheng, Pin Wu, Duan-Yu Chen

Session VLC-1: Visual Languages & Computing
(Chair: Levent Burak Kara)

Drawing on the World: Sketch in Context
Andrew Correa

Sketch Input of Engineering Euclidean Solid Models (S)
Pedro Company, Peter Varley, Raquel Plumed

Data Unification on a Dataflow Visual Language for VJing (S)
Atsutomo Kobayashi, Buntarou Shizuki, Jiro Tanaka

1:00pm - 3:00pm August 18 Thursday

Session DMS-2: Humanities, Emergency & Health Care Management
(Chair: Kia Ng)

Soft Contact-lens Sensor for Monitoring Tear Sugar as Novel Wearable Device of Body Sensor Network
Ming Xing Chu, Kohji Mitsubayashi, Kumiko Miyajima, Takahiro Arakawa, Hiroyuki Kudo

Palamede: a Multi-Press Open Journal System
P. Bellini, P. Nesi, G. Pantaleo

A Reference Context Model for Development of Security Systems
Joachim Hansson, Rego Granlund, Niklas Hallberg, Fredrik Lantz, Erland Jungert

Crossing the Digital Divide: Design considerations for "all-inclusive" online language training (S)
Don Maybin

Mapping Architectural Appearances, Affects, and Amodality (S) #
Amir Soltani

Session DET-1: Computer Supported Collaboration
(Chair: Rita Francese)

The Zone of Proximal Development between Adaptive Learning and Reputation-based Group Activities
Maria De Marsico, Andrea Sterbini, Marco Temperini

Sakai: Technology Transformation in an Open Source Community
Ian Dolphin

Mod-late: an innovative model for the construction of web templates for CMSs (S)
G.Dimauro, P.Quintavalle, S. De Nichilo

Tool and Method for Evaluating Students Working on E-Learning Platforms (S)
Luigi Romano

Course-Centric vs Subject-Centric vs Community-Centric Approaches to ICT-enabled Learning Settings
Luigi Colazzo, Andrea Molinari,Nicola Villa

3:20pm - 4:35pm August 18 Thursday

Session GC: GeoVisual Computing
(Co-Chairs: M. Sebillo and G. Vitiello)

Geomarketing Policies and Augmented Reality for Advertisement Delivery on Mobile Devices
D. De Chiara, P. Di Giovanni, M. Sebillo, G.Tortora, G. Vitiello

Automatic Generation of Multi Platform Web Map Mobile Applications
Marta Cimitile, Michele Risi, Genoveffa Tortora

A Matching-Algorithm based on the Cloud and Positioning Systems to Improve Carpooling
S. Di Martino, R. Galiero, C. Giorio,F. Ferrucci, F.Sarro

Session DEMO: Multimedia Arts & DMS/VLC Demos
(Chair: Tiansi Dong)

Il Giocoliere: The Juggler (P)
Max Coppeta, Marianna Carbone, Francesco Colace, Massimo De Santo, Gennaro Vallifuoco

Voci che nessuno ascolta: Voices that no one hears (P)
Max Coppeta, Marianna Carbone, Francesco Colace, Massimo De Santo, Gennaro Vallifuoco

Color-Based Recognition of Gesture-traced 2D Symbols (P)
Danilo Avola, Paolo Bottoni, Alexandru Dafinei, Anna Labella

Music via Motion: A distributed framework for interactive multimedia performance (P)
James Leonard and Kia Ng

MyStoryPlayer, Collections, Playlists: Content aggregator tools in ECLAP Project (P)
P. Bellini, I. Bruno, D. Cenni, A. Fuzier, P. Nesi, M. Paolucci, M. Serena

4:45pm - 5:45pm August 18 Thursday

Session DMS-3: Intelligent Multimedia Computing
(Chair: Erland Jungert)

Efficient Co-Salient Video Object Detection Based on Preattentive Processing
Duan-Yu Chen, Chung-You Lin

Painting into Music: An interactive multimedia edutainment tool for painting
Adam Jareh, Tom Parish, Cansin Rathge, Elina Vasina, Kia Ng

Multimedia Mobile Motion: Augmenting Handheld Mobile Device for Motion Control (S)
Matt Benatan, Ian Symonds, Kia Ng

Virtual Drum Accompanist: Interactive Multimedia System to Model Expression of Human Drummers (S)
Elliot Danby and Kia Ng

Session DET-2: Virtual World, Serious Game in Education
(Chair: Veronica Rossano)

The TIE Project: Agile Development of a Virtual World Serious Game on Waste Disposal
Ida Bifulco, Rita Francese, Marco Lettieri, Luca Liscio, Ignazio Passero, Genny Tortora

Seminars in Second Life: Teacher and Student Views
Telmo Zarraonandia, Rita Francese, Ignazio Passero, Ignacio Aedo, Genny Tortora, Paloma Diaz

The SAMAL Model for Affective Learning: A multidimensional model incorporating the body, mind and emotion in learning
Horace Ho-Shing Ip, Julia Byrne, Shuk-Han Cheng, Ron Chi-Wai Kwok

6:00pm - 6:40pm August 18 Thursday

DMS Program Committee Meeting


7:30am - 8:10am August 19 Friday


8:10am - 9:00am August 19 Friday

Keynote II (Chair: Shi-Kuo Chang) Multilayered Semantic Network, Hermann Helbig

9:20am - 10:35am August 19 Friday

Session DMS-4: Collaborative & Social Multimedia
(Chair: Paolo Buono)

A SMIL player for any web browser
Ombretta Gaggi, Luca Danese

A Multimedia Tagging System to Index, Visualize and Retrieve Landscape Architecture Documents
Franck Favetta, Robert Laurini

Evaluating P2P Live Streaming Systems: the CNG Case (S)
Shakeel Ahmad, Christos Bouras, Eliya Buyukkaya, Raouf Hamzaoui, Vaggelis Kapoulas, Andreas Papazois, Alex Shani, Gwendal Simon

CAPTAIN: A Context-Aware system based on Personal TrAckINg (S)
Reinaldo Bezerra Braga, Herve Martin

Session DET-3: Personalized learning and Instructional Design
(Chair: Rita Francese)

Using the SCORM Standard to Build Adaptive Content Packages in RELOAD
Pierpaolo Di Bitonto, Teresa Roselli, Veronica Rossano, Cristina De Serio

Applying Case-Based Planning to Personalized E-learning
Antonio Garrido, Lluvia Morales, Ivan Serina

Educational Concept Maps: a Knowledge Based Aid for Instructional Design (S) #
Giovanni Adorni, Mauro Coccoli, Giuliano Vivanet

10:45am - 12:00pm August 19 Friday

Session DMS-5: Multimedia Databases & Info Systems
(Chair: Giorgio Valle)

Dialogue-driven Search in Surveillance Videos
Vincenzo Deufemia, Massimiliano Giordano, Giuseppe Polese, Genoveffa Tortora

Analyzing video produced by a stationary surveillance camera
Paolo Buono

Cisco Unified Communications Deployment Tool (S) #
Shadan Saniepour Esfahani, Talal Siddiqui

Session VLC-2: Visual Languages & Computing
(Chair: Gennaro Costagliola)

Sketch-Based Image Editing Using Clothoid Curves
Gunay Orbay, Mehmet Ersin Yumer, Levent Burak Kara

Recognising Sketches of Euler Diagrams Augmented with Graphs (S)
Gem Stapleton, Aidan Delaney, Peter Rodgers, Beryl Plimmer

Exploiting Visual Language Technologies in Structural Analysis (S)
Vincenzo Deufemia, Massimiliano Giordano, Giuseppe Polese, Dario Nicola Pica

1:00pm - 3:00pm August 19 Friday

Session DMS-6: Multimedia Software Engineering
(Chair: Ombretta Gaggi)

Mystoryplayer: Semantic Audio Visual Annotation And Navigation Tool
Pierfrancesco Bellini, Paolo Nesi, Marco Serena

Feature Model Debugging based on Description Logic Reasoning #
Mahdi Noorian, Alireza Ensan, Ebrahim Bagheri, Harold Boley, Yevgen Biletskiy

Session VLC-3: Visual Languages & Computing
(Chair: Aidan Delaney)

Improving Shape Context Matching for the Recognition of Sketched Symbols
Gennaro Costagliola, Mattia De Rosa, Vittorio Fuccella

FcBD: An Agent-Based Architecture to Support Sketch Recognition Interfaces
Danilo Avola, Paolo Bottoni, Alexandru Dafinei, Anna Labella

Supporting Visual Information Extraction from Geospatial Data #
Giuseppe Della Penna, Daniele Magazzeni, Sergio Orefice

A More Expressive 3D Region Connection Calculus (S) #
Chaman L. Sabharwal, Jennifer L. Leopold, Nathan Eloe

3:20pm - 4:50pm August 19 Friday

Session DMS-7: Mobile Intelligent Applications
(Chair: Giuseppe Santucci)

A Management Framework for Context-Aware Multimedia Services
Ichiro Satoh

A Visual Approach supporting the Development of MicroApps on Mobile Phones
Stefania Cuccurullo, Rita Francese, Michele Risi, Genoveffa Tortora

3D Virtual Reality-Object of Noh-Mask for Mobile Devices (S)
Billy Pham, Hisato Kobayashi, Kazuo Yana, Momori Ban, Yoshiyuki Hino

Cloud design for learning and mobility services (S)
Giorgio Valle, Bruno Apolloni, Francesco Epifania

Session DET-4: New learning supported by new technologies
(Chair: Kazuo Yana)

Design and development of multimedia interactive systems for digital learning (S)
Francesco Epifania

Educational games on a large multitouch screen (S)
Carmelo Ardito, Paolo Buono, Maria Francesca Costabile, Rosa Lanzilotti

A Sketch-Based System for Teaching Geometry (S)
Gennaro Costagliola, Salvatore Cuomo, Vittorio Fuccella, Aniello Murano

Introducing ePortfolio to Architectural Course : The Integrated Archiving Environment (S)
Yuki Terawaki, Taketo Shimohigoshi, Makoto Watanabe, Yasushi Kodama, Kazuo Yana

5:00pm - 5:20pm August 19 Friday

Announcement of Awards
Closing Ceremony*

5:30pm - 7:00pm August 19 Friday

Short Self-Guided Walking Tour to Banquet Restaurant: TRATTORIA ANTICO CRESPINO, LARGO ENRICO FERMI 15, FIRENZE (Tel: 055221155).
This restaurant is about 20 minutes walk (see map) from the Convitto della Calza and it has a very good Tuscan cuisine. The road goes from Porta Romana up to Poggio Imperiale,
one of the most interesting sightseeing streets Florence can offer.

7:30pm - 9:30pm August 19 Friday

(Included in full registration but not included in student registration)

August 20 Saturday

Optional Two-Hour Walking Tour of Florence
Participants must first register and pay a fee of $10 Euro ($15 US dollars) each to hire a professional tour guide and rent a hearing device. Tour is subject to cancellation if insufficient number of people have registered. In case of cancellation, the fee will be fully refunded. The group meets at 9am in front of Convitto della Calza, and tour starts at 9:10am. Each participant will receive a hearing device to listen to the guide's explanation in English/Italian.

*Note: The awards may also be announced during the banquet to give the PC chairs a little more time to make final decision on the winners. This will be determined later.

#Note: This paper will not be presented by the author.

Note: (S) indicates a short paper. (P) indicates a poster or demo, which is not a refereed paper. Regular paper has twenty five minutes for presentation and short paper has twenty minutes for presentation, followed by a few minutes for Q&A. If a session needs more time for presentation and Q&A, the session chair can extend the session a few more minutes and shorten the ensuing break.