Ambient Intelligence Today/Tomorrow

Stefano Levialdi
IEEE Life Fellow


Some prior definitions are given as well as some examples of interesting, possible applications developed in different laboratories around the world. Seamless integration and the importance of using all the human senses are described as well as the two main views, an optimistic one and a pessimistic one. The big problem is: will it make our life a better one (or not?). This issue is analyzed through a number of different, well motivated positions taken by various researchers, the conclusion is left to the audience.

About the Speaker

Stefano Levialdi graduated from Buenos Aires University in Telecommunication Engineering (1959), taught a number of courses at the Universities of Genoa, Naples, Bari and Rome in Computer Science (1961-1983). He has worked over 20 years in parallel image processing, and lastly, since 1984, in visual languages and human/computer interaction. He has published over 250 papers with more than 150 co-authors. He won a Chair of Excellence at the Carlos III University in Madrid (2009/10). He is IEEE Life Fellow (1988), Pattern Recognition Fellow (1994), Visual Language/Human-Centric Computer Fellow (2008) and co-editor of the Journal of Visual Languages and Computing (Elsevier Press) since 1990.