Keynote I: Content-Based Access to Multimedia Information

S.K. Chang
Department of Computer Science
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh - PA 15260, USA
Phone +1-412-624-8423

Abstract: The key to content-based access of multimedia information is to discover, encode and maintain the associations among media objects. Media enhanced interaction metaphors employ multiple paradigms to facilitate the discovery, encoding and maintenance of these associations. Although the metaphors themselves may be conceptual, their effective incorporation into the user interface for multimedia information access often requires the use of visual querying mechanisms. To access multimedia information by content, various query mechanisms need to be combined, and the user interface should be visual as much as possible and also enable visual relevance feedback, user-guided navigation and user-controlled discovery of new associations. In this lecture we first review the technology issues in the visual representation of the information space and strategies for visual reasoning. We then describe applications in digital library, medical information fusion and intelligent web searcher to illustrate different scenarios of multiparadigmatic interaction for accessing multimedia information. For integrated technology comparison, we give a taxonomy of visual querying paradigms and compare various interaction techniques. Several open research challenges are then discussed, with emphasis on the modeling, integration and evaluation of the Hypermapped Virtual World interaction metaphor.

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