Software Engineering with Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning Workshop at

The 20th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering

July 1-3, 2008
Hotel Sofitel, Redwood City, San Francisco Bay, USA


The constantly evolving technological infrastructure presents a daunting challenge of the development and assurance of software systems with increasing size and complexity. Software engineers and project managers are striving to address various problems observed during the different phases of the software development life cycle. However, though related research has seen the development of some important and useful software engineering paradigms, their technology-transfer on a larger scale has been extremely gradual. The recent emergence of computational intelligence techniques in software engineering has opened doors for exploiting the currently developed and mature techniques of fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, case-based reasoning, machine learning, knowledge-based systems, evolutionary computing, and expert systems (

This workshop will focus on the current research trends in the fusion of the computational intelligence, machine learning, and software engineering domains. The topics of particular interest to the workshop include but are not limited to:

Submitted papers must not be previously published or be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors must adhere to all submission procedures of the 20th SEKE'2008, including deadlines and paper format. In addition to submitting papers via the 20th SEKE'2008 web site (see above for address), authors are required to submit a copy of their paper(s) by email to Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar and Marek Reformat (Workshop Chairs) on or before March 16, 2008 (the workshop deadlines will follow any changes in the SEKE deadlines). All papers accepted for the workshop will be published in the proceedings of the 20th SEKE'2008. A selection of those papers will also appear in a special issue of one of The International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (

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Workshop Chairs

Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar
Dept. of Computer Science and Eng.
Florida Atlantic University
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      Marek Reformat
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Eng.
University of Alberta
9107-116 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2V4
Tel: +1-(780) 492-2848
Fax: +1-(780) 492-1811
Email: reform 'at'

Program Committee

Edward B. Allen, edward.allen 'at'
Gary D. Boetticher, boetticher 'at'
Kai-Yuan Cai, kycai 'at'
Scott Dick, dick 'at'
Juan J. Cuadrado-Gallego, jjcg 'at'
Behrouz Homayoun Far, far 'at'
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