Q. Must I follow the format of the author guidelines? Can I use a different letter font? Can I use a different spacing?

A: You must follow the author guidelines. Do not use a different letter font, or a different spacing.

Q. Can I use the A1 paper, or paper with a slightly different length?

A: Yes. The printer will make adjustment when the proceedings are printed.

Q. Do I send hotel deposit to you?

A: No. Please contact the hotel directly to make reservation.

Q. Are there any other cheaper hotels/motels near Hotel Sofitel?

A: Please check with Hotel Sofitel, 650-598-9000.

Q. How do I get to the hotel? Do you have more detailed information?

A: From the San Francisco International Airport, there is a free shuttle bus provided by the hotel. You can use the free courtesy phone at the airport to call for pickup by the shuttle bus.

Q. There seems to be something wrong with Hotel Sofitel's fax number.

A. The area code for the San Francisco area has changed. Therefore, the Hotel Sofitel has new telephone no:: 650-598-9000 and fax: 650-598-0459. But an easier way is to visit their web site:

Q. My institute is processing the payment. Can I send paper in, and the payment later?

A: No. We suggest that you pay the registration fee by personal credit card. We will fax you a receipt so that you can collect payment from your institution, followed by mailed receipt. Please note PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED PRIOR TO THE PRINTING OF THE PROCEEDINGS otherwise your paper will not be included in the proceedings. The latest day payment must be received is April 1. If payment is not received by that day, your paper will not be included.

Q. Can you invoice my institute and collect payment from my institute?

A: No. Please pay the registration fee by personal credit card, and you can collect payment from your institute.

Q. What kind of audio/visual aid will be provided?

A: Overhead projectors are provided. Therefore for your presentation, please use transparencies only.