System Generators, Architectures and Reuse

Next generation of software engineering tools will include component-based domain-specific software generators. The primary goal of generators is to eliminate the mundane aspects of software construction and to permit the expenditure of proportionally more effort on the critical part of target systems. This tutorial is aimed at researchers and practitioners who are interested in building product families of related applications economically and who are interested in evolvable software applications. It assumes rudimentary knowledge of OO concepts, but no experience with the tutorial's subject. The tutorial covers the central concepts of GenVoca, which is a scalable model of software generation that has been distilled from independently conceived and implemented generators for the domains of databases, compilers, communication protocols, file systems, data structures and avionics. The tutorial presents practical concepts and lessons learned from these projects so that others may benefit from them and avoid their pitfalls and reinvention.

Biography: Don Botary is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. He was a member of the ACM Software Systems Award Committee, where in 1993 he was the Committee Chairman. He was an Associate Editor of ACM Transactions on Database Systems from 1986 to 1992, and an Associate Editor of IEEE Database Engineering from 1981 to 1984. He was the Program Committee Chairman for the Third Int'l Conference on Software Reuse in 1994. Don Botary has extensive experience with the GenVoca model and software generators.