The Seventeenth International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering

July 14 to 16, 2005
Howard International House
Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China


Final Program


July 14 Thursday


Main Auditorium
Opening Ceremony

Exhibits from sponsoring universities, research institutes and private industries
Session A1: Keynote - J. S. Ke, President, Institute for Information Industry, "Software Industry in Taiwan"
Coffee Break
Session A2:  New Vision Keynote - Shi-Kuo Chang, President, Knowledge Systems Institute, "Time and Knowledge Management"
Chronobot demo
Lunch Break
Session A3: Software Technology Keynote - David M. Weiss, Director, Software Technology Research, Avaya Labs, "Software Product Line Engineering"
Main Auditorium
Room 204
Room 205


Session A4: Chronobot for Time and Knowledge Management (Co-Chairs: Hong-Shen Chiu, Institute for Information Industry and Yin-Pin Yang, Industry Technologies Research Institute)

"The Implementation of Chronobot Engine", En-Yu Shih, Wen-Hsi Yeh, Industry Technologies Research Institute

"The Service Interaction Protocol for the Chronobot/Virtual Classroom (CVC) System", Minxin Shen, Industry Technologies Research Institute

"A Post-auction Negotiation Mechanism for Electronic Marketplace", Raymund J. Lin, Institute for Information Industry

"Cricketbot -- A Configurable Human Interface Software Robot", Wei-Tek Hsu, Yu-Lin Chou, Jin-Chin Chung and Yin-Pin Yang, Industry Technologies Research Institute

"Face Alive Icons", Xin Li, University of Pittsburgh, Chieh-Chih Chang, Industry Technologies Research Institute and Shi-Kuo Chang, University of Pittsburgh

"Knowledge Fusion Based Object Detection In Pulmonary Radiology", Yun-Shu Chiou, Industry Technologies Research Institute

Session B4: Agent-Oriented Software Development Methodology (Chair: Hong Zhu, Oxford Brookes University)

"A Comparative Analysis of i*-Based Agent-Oriented Modeling Languages", Claudia P. Ayala, Carlos Cares, Juan P. Carvallo, Gemma Grau, Mariela Haya, Guadalupe Salazar, Xavier Franch, Enric Mayol, Carme Quer

"Towards Method Engineering for Multi-Agent Systems: A preliminary validation of a Generic MAS Metamodel", G. Beydoun, C. Gonzalez-Perez, G. Low, B. Henderson-Sellers

"Spontaneous Agent Networking", Zhenyan Ji, Malmberg Ake

"The Adaptive Agent Model: Software Adaptivity through Dynamic Agents and XML-based Business Rules", L. Xiao, D. Greer

"A Methodology for the Development of Multi-Agent Systems on Wireless Sensor Networks", Richard Tynan, Antonio Ruzzelli, G.M.P. O'Hare

Session C4: E-Business: Management and Application (Chair: Ching-Shoei Chiang, Soochow University)

"A Case Study on the BPR-before-IT of Food Company in Taiwan", Dah-Chuan Gong

"A Web Pages Recommender with Bayesian Networks", Chih-Cheng Lien, Huan-Lin Tsai

"An Evaluation of E-Business Metamodels", Yu Lei, Munindar P. Singh

"Creating Virtual Collaborative Team Through the Construction of Expertise Spaces", Wun-Hwa Chen, Jen-Ying Shih, Ming-Jyh Hsieh

"Smart cards for the Taiwan NHI", Jwe Son Kuo, Tsong-Wuu Lin, Chien-Hsiang Liu

"Yet Another Purchasing Specification Construction in E-Business", Ching-Han Hua, Pei-Min Chen

 Coffee Break 

Session A5: Soft Media/Digital Media (Chair: Wei-Cheng Yu, National Tainan University of the Arts)
"Digital Media - Art and Technology Applications", Wei-Cheng Yu, National Tainan University of the Arts, and Larry K. H. Chang, Equinos

"Managed P2P - New Channel of Digital Media", Jiaher Lee, National Chiao-Tung University




Session B5: Reuse (Chair: Yu Lei, The University of Texas at Arlington)

"An Empirical Study on Limits of Clone Unification Using Generics", Hamid Abdul Basit, Damith C. Rajapakse, Stan Jarzabek

"Knowledge Reuse for Software Reuse", Frank McCarey, Mel Ó Cinneéide, Nicholas Kushmerick

"Reuse-based Software Process Improvement and Control", Ru-Zhi Xu, Pei-Yao Nie, Ying Sai, Yun-Ting Lee

"Stable Atomic Knowledge Pattern (SAK) - Enabling Inter-Domain Knowledge Reuse", Haitham S. Hamza, Mohamed E. Fayad

Session C5: Ontologies for Software Engineering (Chair: Mercedes Ruiz Carreira, Universidad de Cádiz)

"A Pattern-based Appraoch for Developing Business Object Models with Ontologies", Haitham S. Hamza

"Issues in the development of an ontology for a emerging engineering discipline", Olavo Mendes, Alain Abran

"Ontologies of Software Artifacts and Activities: Resource Annotation and Application to Learning Technologies", Miguel-Angel Sicilia, Juan-Josè Cuadrado, Daniel Rodriguez

"Using Ontologies to Add Semantics to a Software Engineering Environment", Ricardo de Almeida Falbo, Fabiano Borges Ruy, Rodrigo Dal Moro

Private Function, Knowledge Systems Institute


19:00 - 21:30 Reception dinner in Far East Enterprise Building (buses available for conference attendees)


July 15 Friday


08:30 ~10:15
08:30 ~ 10:00
08:30 ~ 10:00
Room 203
Room 204
Room 205
Workshop on Advanced Technologies for Oriental Information Processing 

Opening Speech, Kam-Fam Wong, Chair of ATOIP05 Workshop
Welcome Speech,  Shi-Kuo Chang, Chair, Steering Committee, International Conference on Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering 

Session AF1: Information Access (Chair: Benjamin T'sou)   

"Automatic Identification of Oriental and Other Scripts in Image Documents", Ching Y. Suen, Concordia University, Canada

"Translation Probabilities in Cross-Language Information Retrieval", Jong-Hyeok Lee, Pohang University of Science and Technology

"Advanced Techologies for Information Access", Tetsuya Sakai, Toshiba Corporation

Session BF1: Aspect-Oriented Design & Software Development (Chair: William Chu, Tunghai University)

"Case Study on Systematic Functional Decomposition in a Product Line using Aspect Oriented Software Development", Tegegne Marew, Jungyoon Kim, Doo Hwan Bae

"Modeling Reusable Security Aspects for Software Architectures: a Pattern Driven Approach", Kendra Cooper, Lirong Dai, W. Eric Wong

"Dynamically Evolvable Composition of Aspects Based On Relation Model", Ikjoo Han, Doo-Hwan Bae

"Formal Aspect-Oriented Modeling and Analysis by AspectZ", Huiqun Yu, Dongmei Liu, Li Yang, Xudong He

Session CF1: Software Agents and Design Pattens (Chair: N. L. Hsueh, Feng Chia University)

"Architecture for An Internet Marketing Multi-Agent System with Mediate Personal Agent", Kai-Yi Chin, Chih-Wei Lin, Zen-Wei Hong, Jim-Min Lin, Arthur Lin

"Constructing Software System Based On Software Pattern and Architecture", Fong-Hao Liu, Shiang-Fu Luo

"Incorporating Fuzzy Logic in Ontology-Based Agent System Design", Jong Yih Kuo, Nien-Lin Hsueh

"Verification of Design Patterns with Object-Oriented Quality Models", Nien-Lin Hsueh, Peng-Hua Chu, Jong-Yih Kuo

10:15 ~ 10:30
10:00 ~ 10:15
10:00 ~ 10:15
Coffee Break
10:30 ~ 12:05
10:15 ~ 12:00
10:15 ~ 12:00

Workshop on Advanced Technologies for Oriental Information Processing 

Session AF2: Information Analysis (Chair: Ching Y. Suen)

"An Overview of Temporal Information Extraction", Kam-Fai Wong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

"Text Summarization with Rhetorical Information", Sung Hyon Myaeng, Information and Communications University

"Sentiment and Content Analysis of Chinese News Coverage", Benjamin T'sou, City University of Hong Kong

Closing speech, Jong-Hyeok Lee, Co-Editor of international journal of CPOL  

Session BF2: UML (Chair: Jing Sun Dong, National University of Singapore)

"Formal Verification of Transactional Systems Based on UML Specifications", Mark Song, Adriano Pereira, Sèrgio Campos, Luis Zarate

"Combining Agent-oriented conceptual modelling and the UML sequence diagram", Aneesh Krishna, Aditya K. Ghose

"Toward a UML Profile to Support Component-Based Distributed Adaptive Systems", Tong Gao, Kendra Cooper, Hui Ma, I-Ling Yen, Farokh Bastani

"An Object-Oriented Modeling Learning Support System With Inspection Comments", Tatsuya Kinjo, Atsuo Hazeyama

"OOMSE -- An Object Oriented Markov Chain Specification and Evaluation Framework", Hertong Song, Chokchai Leangsuksun, Raja Nassar

Session CF2: Process (Chair: Jin Min Lin, Feng Chia University)

"Global Software Development: Standardization of the Developing Phase based on the MSF Framework in a global CMM level 3 context", Leonardo Pilatti, Rafael Prikladnicki, Jorge Audy

"A Multi-Agent Approach to a SPEM-based Modeling and Enactment of Software Development Processes", Rédouane Lbath, Bernard Coulette, Xavier Cregut

"Taxonomy of Predelivery/Prerelease Maintenance Activities", Mira Kajko-Mattsson, Anna Grimlund Glassbrook, Maria Nordin

"A Multi-Agent System for Knowledge Delivery in a Software Engineering Environment", Ricardo A. Falbo, Juliana Pezzin, Mellyssa M. Schwambach

"RiSD: A Methodology for Building i* Strategic Dependency Models", Gemma Grau, Xavier Franch, Enric Mayol, Claudia Ayala, Carlos Cares, Mariela Haya, Fredy Navarrete,Pere Botella, Carme Quer

 12:00 ~13:00	Lunch Break
Room 203
Room 204
Room 205

Session AF3: Specification (Chair: Giuseppe Visaggio, University of Bari)

"Generating Properties for Runtime Monitoring from Software Specification Patterns", Oscar Mondragon, Ann Gates, Humberto Mendoza, Oleg Sokolsky

"A Formal Foundation of Code Pattern Based Development", Jian Liu, Farokh B. Bastani, I-Ling Yen

"Formal Reasoning about Emergent Behaviours of Multi-Agent Systems", Hong Zhu

"Institution Morphisms for Relating OWL and Z", Dorel Lucanu, Yuan Fang Li, Jin Song Dong

Session BF3: Testing I (Chair: Jenny Li, Avaya Labs Research)

"Adaptive Random Testing with Filtering: An Overhead Reduction Technique", Kwok Ping Chan, T. Y. Chen, Dave Towey

"A Constraint Solver for Code-based Test Data Generation", J. Jenny Li, W. Eric Wong, Xiao Ma, David Weiss

"On the Relationships between the Distribution of Failure-Causing Inputs and Effectiveness of Adaptive Random Testing", Tsong Yueh Chen, Fei-Ching Kuo, Zhi Quan Zhou

"TDSGen: An Environment Based on Hybrid Genetic Algorithms for Generation of Test Data", Luciano Petinati Ferreira, Silvia Regina Vergilio

Session CF3: Web Technology (Chair: William Chu, Tung Hai University)

"An Aspect Transformation Approach with Refactoring", Baowen Xu, Chaohong Zhou, Tiallin Zhou, Liang Shi

"An XML-based Meta-model for PRocess and Agent-based Integrated Software Evolution environment (PRAISE)", William C. Chu, Ching-Huey Wang

"On the Web Data Extraction Model", I-Chen Wu, Jui-Yuan Su, Loon-Been Chen

"Using Feature-Oriented Analysis to Recover Legacy Software Design for Software Evolution", Shaoyun Li, Feng Chen, Zhihong Liang, Hongji Yang

Coffee Break

Session AF4: Design (Chair: I-Ling Yen, The University of Texas at Dallas)

"Design Rationale in Software Enginnering: A Case Study", Dèbora Maria Barroso Paiva, Renata Pontin de Mattos Fortes

"Generating Abstract User Interfaces from an Informal Design", Adrien Coyette, Jean Vanderdonckt, Stéphane Faulkner, Manuel Kolp

"TCOZ Approach to OWL-S Process Model Design", Hai Wang, Jin Song Dong, Jing Sun, Yuan Fang Li

"UI Design Pattern Generator for Pervasive Devices",
Deng-Jyi Chen, Ming-Jyh Tsai, Shang-Ting Yang

Session BF4: Testing II (Chair: T. Y. Chen,
Swinburne University of Technology)

"A State-Based Approach to Testing Aspect-Oriented Programs", Dianxiang Xu, Weifeng Xu, Kendall Nygard

"AI Technologies Supporting Effective Development Processes for Knowledge-based Recommender Applications", Alexander Felfernig, Sergiu Gordea

"System Testing Automation: A Developer Perspective", Pedro de Alcantara dos S. Neto, Rodolfo S. F. Resende, Clarindo Isaias P. S. Padua

"ValiPar: A Testing Tool for Message-Passing Parallel Programs", Simone do Rocio Senger de Souza, Silvia Regina Vergilio, Paulo Sergio Lopes de Souza, Adenilso da Silva Simao, Thiago Bliscosque Goncalves, Alexandre de Melo Lima, Alexandre Ceolin Hausen

Session CF4: Software Quality (Chair: Joao Cangussu, The University of Texas at Dallas)

"An Efficient Model Checking Algorithm for a Fragment of mu-Calculus", Mohammad Izadi, Ali Movaghar Rahimabadi (S)

"An Empirical Study for the Improvement of Requirements Engineering Process", Mahmood Niazi (S)

"Assessing a Framework of Comparing Architecture Review Methods Using CMMI", Muhammad Ali Babar, Mahmood Niazi, Ross Jeffery (S)

"Decision Tables for Knowledge Acquisition during Goal Interpretation", P. Ardimento, M.T. Baldassarre, D. Caivano, G. Visaggio (S)

"Inspection Support System for UML Diagrams", Yoshihide Ohgame, Tatsuya Kinjo, Atsuo Hazeyama (S)


Session AF5: Architecture I (Chair: Chieh-Chih Chang, Industrial Technology Research Institute)

"A Methodology of Automated Realization of a Software Architecture Design", Yujian Fu, Zhijiang Dong, Xudong He

"Application of Design Combinatorial Theory to Scenario-Based Software Architecture Analysis", Chung-Horng Lung, Marzia Zaman

"On Abstraction Levels for Software Architecture Viewpoints", Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard

"State of the Survey on Team-based Software Engineering Project Course", Atsuo Hazeyama

Session BF5: Automated Software Analysis (Chair: Y. P. Cheng, National Taiwan Normal University)

"Using Dynamic Models for the Evaluation of Integration and System Testing", Joao W. Cangussu, Richard M. Karcich

"Specification of an Infinite-State Local Model Checker in Rewriting Logic", Bow-Yaw Wang

"Verifying Timed and Linear Hybrid Rule-Systems with RED", Farn Wang, Rong-Shiung Wu, Geng-Dian Huang

Session CF5: Open Forum to plan for SEKE2006, Hotel Sofitel, San Francisco Bay, USA, July 5-7, 2006 (Moderator: Shi-Kuo Chang) (Voluntary PC members are welcome to attend open forum or send proposals for workshops and special sessions on emerging technologies to


19:30- 21:30 Banquet at Taipei 101 Building (bus available for conference attendees)


July 16 Saturday

Room 203
Room 204
Room 205

Session AS1: Requirement (Chair: Yun-Shu Chien, Industrial Technology Research Institute)

"'Loosely-coupled' consistency between agent-oriented conceptual models and Z specifications", Aneesh Krishna, Aditya K. Ghose, Sergiy A. Vilkomir

"Empirical Modelling for Situated Requirements Engineering", Yih-Chang Chen

"Exploiting Domain Knowledge in Requirements Prioritization", Paolo Avesani, Cinzia Bazzanella, Anna Perini, Angelo Susi

"Impact of GSD in requirements specification - A case study", Leandro Lopes, Jorge Luis Nicolas Audy

Session BS1: Data and Knowledge Base (Chair: Carlos Cares, University Polit)

"TooCoM: bridge the gap between Ontologies and Knowledge-Based Systems", Frédéric Fürst, Francky Trichet

"UREKA - Grid Enabled Educational Multimedia Database", Mohib ur Rehman, Imran Ihsan, Mobin Uddin Ahmed, Muhammad Abdul Qadir, Nadeem Iftikhar

"Javawock: A Java Class Recommender System Based on Collaborative Filtering", Masateru Tsunoda, Takeshi Kakimoto, Naoki Ohsugi, Akito Monden, Ken-ichi Matsumoto

"A Two-Phase Approach for Multidimensional Schemes Integration", Jamel Feki, Jihen Majdoubi, Faïez Gargouri

Session CS1: Data and Text Mining (Chair: Maria Teresa Baldassarre, University of Bari)

"A Chinese Text Mining Application: An Automatic Answer Reply to Customers’ E-mail Queries Model", Ju-Yu Huang, Huey-Ming Lee, Chen-Liang Fang

"From Data to Knowledge: an Integrated Rule-Based Data Mining System", Chien-Chung Chan, Zhicheng Su

"Integrating Web Information to Generate Chinese Video Summaries", Yue-Shi Lee, Yu-Chieh Wu, Chia-Hui Chang

"AMUCA Algorithm for Aspect Mining", Lili He, Hongtao Bai, Jiachen Zhang, ChengQuan Hu

Coffee Break

Session AS2: Security & Parallel Computing (Chair: Hongji Yang, Software Technology Research Laboratory De Montfort University)

"Dynamic Integration Strategy for Mediation Framework", Li Yang, Raimund K. Ege

"Formal Analysis of Workflow Systems with Security Considerations", Weiqiang Kong, Kazuhiro Ogata, Kokichi Futatsugi

"A Deadlock Detector for Synchronous Java", Duc-Duy Vo, Claude Petitpierre

"Compiler Techniques for Data Driven Languages with Superlinear Speed-up", Ling-Hua Chang, Ernst L. Leiss

Session BS2: AI & Agent-based System (Chair: Yin-Pin Yang, Industrial Technology Research Institute)

"A Study of the Approximate Shortest Distance Route for the Construction Walk of Welding Robot", Chin-Jung Huang, Bing-Kun Chan

"Learning Efficiency Improvement of Fuzzy CMAC by Aitken Acceleration Method", Chin-Ming Hong, Chih-Ming Chen, Hung-Yu Chien

"Design an Interoperable Mobile Agent System Based on Predicate Transition Net Models", Junhua Ding, Dianxiang Xu, Yi Deng, Peter J. Clarke, Xudong He

"Modelling Agent Knowledge with Business Rules", L. Xiao, D. Greer

Session CS2: Internet Web (Chair: Renata Fortes, University of Sao Paulo)

"Web Search Based on Ant Behavior: Approach and Implementation in Case of Interlegis", Weigang Li, Man Qi Wu

"Dealing with Web Service QoS factors using Constraint Hierarchy", Ying Guan, Aditya K. Ghose

"Web Service for Communication Service Management", Wu Chou, Li Li, Feng Liu

"Recovering Individual Accessing Behaviour from Web Logs", Long Wang, Christoph Meinel

Lunch Break

Session AS3: Specification (Chair: Chih-Chen Lien, Soochow University)

"Model-based Verification of Safety-Critical Systems", Pao-Ann Hsiung, Yen-Hung Lin

"Multi-Agent System Design Verification Using Knowledge-based Reasoning", Anarosa Alves Franco Brandão, Viviane Torres da Silva, Carlos J.P. de Lucena

"Proof Score Approach to Verification of Liveness Properties", Kazuhiro Ogata, Kokichi Futatsugi

"Provably Correct Translation from CafeOBJ into Java", Jittisak Senachak, Takahiro Seino, Kazuhiro Ogata, Kokichi Futatsugi

Session BS3: Service Oriented Computing (Chair: Pei-Min Chen, Department of Computer and Information Science / Soochow University)

"Service Identification and Packaging in Service Oriented Reengineering", Zhuopeng Zhang, Ruimin Liu, Hongji Yang

"Reasoning Support for SWRL-FOL Using Alloy", Hai Wang, Jin Song Dong, Jing Sun

"Palpable Assemblies: Dynamic Service Composition for Ubiquitous Computing", Mads Ingstrup, Klaus Marius Hansen

"An Ontology-Supported Case-Based Reasoning Technique for FAQ Proxy Service", Sheng-Yuan Yang, Pen-Chin Liao, Cheng-Seen Ho

Session CS3: Component & Reuse (Chair: Farn Wang, National Taiwan University)

"A Framework for Reusing and Composing Software Components on Web", Lishan Hou, Zhi Jin (S)

"A Reuse-based Spatial Data Preparation Framework for Data Mining", Vania Bogorny, Paulo Martins Engel, Luis Otavio Alvares (S)

"Experiences of Generating COTS Components when Automating Medicinal Product Evaluations", Radmila Juric, Stephen Williams, Peter Milligan (S)

"Importance of Knowledge Engineering in Cost Estimation Models for Software Reuse: Case of a Software Cost Estimation Model for Product Line Engineering", Sana Ben Abdallah Ben Lamine, Lamia Labed Jilani, Henda Hajjami Ben Ghezala (S)

"Modelling Feature Variability and Dependency in Two Views", Huilin Ye, Afroza Sharmin (S)

Coffee Break

Session AS4: Techniques & Algorithms I (Chair: I-Chen Wu, National Chiao Tung University)

"A project growth model based on communication for software development", Noriko Hanakawa

"Implementation of a Remote Checkpointing System for Windows NT Applications", Wu-Hong Chen, Jichiang Tsai, Di Tarn, Yen-Chian Chen

"Using Constraint Programming to Reason on Feature Models", David Benavides, Pablo Trinidad, Antonio Ruiz-Cortés

"Development of an Embedded Spatial MMDBMS for Spatial Mobile Devices", Ji-Woong Park, Joung-Joon Kim, Jae-Kwan Yun, Ki-Joon Han

"Fast Class Rendering Using Multiresolution Classification in Discrete Cosine Transform Domain", Te-Wei Chiang, Tienwei Tsai, Li-Jen Kao

Session BS4: Empirical Software Engineering (Chair: Ana M. Moreno, Technical University of Madrid, Spain)

"Empirical Investigation for Building Competences: A case for Extraordinary Maintenance", Pasquale Ardimento, Alessandro Bianchi, Nicola Boffoli, Giuseppe Visaggio

"Innovation Diffusion through Empirical Studies", P.Ardimento, M.T. Baldassarre, D. Caivano, G. Visaggio

"Understanding Impact Analysis: An Empirical Study to Capture Knowledge on Different Organisational Levels", Per Jönsson, Claes Wohlin

"Adapting Multidimensional Schemes to Data sources using Algebraic Operators", Ahlem Nabli, Jamel Feki, Faïez Gargouri

"Helping Software Engineers to Incorporate HCI Usability Features", Ana Moreno, Maria-Isabel Sanchez-Segura

Session CS4: Requirement & Architecture (Chair: Wun-Hwa Chen, National Taiwan University)

"A Design Methodology for Parallel Programming", Chia-Chu Chiang (S)

"Quality of Service-Driven Requirements Analysis for Component Composition: A Two-Level Grammar++ Approach", Shih-Hsi Liu, Fei Cao, Barrett R. Bryant, Jeffrey Gray, Rajeev R. Raje, Andrew M. Olson, Mikhail Auguston (S)

"The Implementation of Multi Agents Awareness System for CSCW UML CASE Tools", Pracha Asawateera, Songsakdi Rongviriyapanich (S)

"Towards Executable Specification: Combining i* and AgentSpeak(L)", Farzad Salim, Chee Fon Chang, Aneesh Krishna, Aditya Ghose (S)

"UMLOnto: Towards a language for the specification of information systems’ ontologies", Mohamed Mhiri, Achraf Mtibaa, Faïez Gargouri (S)


Session AS5: Architecture II (Chair: Jong-Yih Kuo, Fu Jen University)

"Software Architecture Decomposition Using Attributes", Chung-Horng Lung, Xia Xu, Marzia Zaman

"Architectural Model for Designing Agent-based System", Nishit Gujral, Jaesuk Ahn, K. Suzanne Barber

"Network Services via Reflective Architecture", Marzia Adorni, Daniela Micucci, Francesco Tisato, Paolo Losi

Session BS5: Techniques & Algorithms II (Chair: Yuan Fang Li, National University of Singapore)

"Measuring Class Cohesion: A Causality Diagram Based Approach", Yuming Zhou, Hareton Kam Nang Leung (S)

"Peer-To-Peer Trading Databases Verification and Rectification", Pintsang Chang (S)

"Secure Electronic Commerce with Mobile Agents", Song Han, Elizabeth Chang, Tharam Dillon (S)

"Weighted Binary Sequential Mining Algorithm with Application to the Next-Day Appearance Prediction", Shuchuan Lo, Junneng Yang, Fangchih Tien (S)

Session CS5: Panel on Embedded and Ubiquitous Software Engineering (EUSE) (Chair and Moderator: Peter In)

Peter In, Dong-hyun Lee, Korea University, "Software Engineering Issues for Ubiquitous Entertainment Service"

J.C. Dorng, Networks and Multimedia Lab, Institute for Information Industry

Marc McEachern, HP, "A Ubiquitous Service and Group Data Communications Framework"

Mikio Aoyama, Nanzan University, "Challenges of Embedded and Ubiquitous Software Engineering from the Perspective of Networked Ecological Systems"

Soo-yong Park, Dongsun Kim, Jaesun Kim, Sogan University, "A Framework for Self-adaptive Software"


Note: Paper presentation time is twenty minutes for regular papers, and fifteen minutes for short papers, which are indicated by (S).