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Welcome Notes & Keynote

Software Engineering Methodology I Software Engineering Methodology II Software Testing and Quality Assurance I Software Project and Resource Management Software System Maintenance


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Software Processes and Engineering Practice I

Software Processes and Engineering Practice II
Aspect-Based Software Development

System Requirements Analysis, Modeling and Specification I

Software Reuse and Component Technology I

Software Reuse and Component Technology II
Industrial Workshop I Industrial Workshop II Web-Based Applications & Web Technology and Web Engineering I Web Technology and Web Engineering II Knowledge Engineering, Natural Language Processing, and AI I









Plenary Talk

Software Engineering Methodology III Software Development and Design Pattern I Software Testing and Quality Assurance II System and Software Architecture

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Database Retrieval Methods I Database Retrieval Methods II
Data Warehouse
System Requirements Analysis, Modeling and Specification II Applications
Data I Data II
Data Mining and Machine Learning
Knowledge Engineering, Natural Language Processing, and AI II Model-Driven Software Development









Agent-Based Technology and Intelligence I

Agent-Based Technology and Intelligence II Agent-Based Technology and Intelligence III
System Reliability and Verification
Software Testing and Quality Assurance III Software Development and Design Pattern II  




DB Access and Query Processing I DB Access and Query Processing II Agent Modeling/Methodology
Agent Applications
System Requirements Analysis, Modeling and Specification III
Human Interaction and GUI Development
Grid Technology
Service-Oriented Technology and Web Technology I Service-Oriented Technology and Web Technology II Service-Oriented Technology and Web Technology III
Service Software Metrics, Measurement and Evaluation  



Technical Program





7:30 - 8:10 July 9 Monday



8:10 - 8:20 July 9 Monday



Welcome Note

Shi-Kuo Chang


8:20 - 9:00 July 9 Monday


Keynote (Chair: Daniel Cooke)

A View on Software Specification Research and Education Advancement

Joseph Urban
National Science Foundation
and Arizona State University


9:20 - 10:35 July 9 Monday


Software Engineering Methodology I
(Chair: Jerry Gao)

Constructing Self-Adaptive Systems with Polymorphic Software Architecture
Xiaoxing Ma, Yu Zhou, Jian Pan, Ping Yu, Jian Lu

Odyssey-MDA: A transformational approach to component models
Natanael E. N. Maia, Ana Paula Terra Bacelo, Cláudia M. Werner

An Empirical Exploratory Study on Inferring Developers' Activities from Low-Level Data
Irina Coman, Alberto Sillitti (S)

Software Processes and Engineering Practice I
(Chair: Du Zhang)

QSEE Project: An Experience in Outsourcing Software Development for Space Applications
Valdivino Santiago, Fatima Mattiello-Francisco, Ricardo Costa, Wendell Pereira da Silva, Ana Maria Ambrosio

Broadening the Use of Process Patterns for Modeling Processes
Hanh Nhi Tran, Bernard Coulette, Bich Thuy Dong

A Framework for Tailoring Software Process
Lisandra M. Fontoura, Roberto T. Price (S)

Industrial Workshop I
(Chair: Shi-Kuo Chang )

Workflow Management and Service Oriented Architecture
Theodorich Kopetzky

Implementing Agile Development - More than Changing Methodology
Chuck Fredrick


10:45 - 12:00 July 9 Monday


Software Engineering Methodology II
(Chair: Jerry Gao)

TRAP.NET: A Realization of Transparent Shaping in .NET
S. Masoud Sadjadi, Fernando Trigoso

A Framework for Selecting Agile Practices and Defining Agile Software Processes
Patricia Vilain, Priscila Basto Fagundes, Thiago Leao Machado (S)

A Proposal to Delegate GUI Implementation using a Source Code based Model
Marco Monteiro, Paula Oliveira, Ramiro Goncalves (S)

Software Processes and Engineering Practice II
Aspect-Based Software Development
(Chair: Du Zhang)

Analyzing Configuration Management Repository Data for Software Process Improvement
Shihong Huang, Christopher Lo (S)

Smooth Quality Oriented Component Integration through Product Line Based Aspect-Oriented Component Adaptation
Yankui Feng, Xiaodong Liu, Jon Kerridge

Modular Specification of Aspect-oriented Systems and Aspect Conflicts Detection
Hui Liang, Jing Sun (S)

Avoiding Bad Smells in Aspect-Oriented Software
Eduardo K. Piveta, Marcelo Hecht, Ana Moreira, Marcelo S. Pimenta, Joao Araujo, Pedro Guerreiro, R. Tom Price

Industrial Workshop II
(Chair: Shi-Kuo Chang )

Knowledge Modelling using UML
A. J. Rhem


13:00 - 15:00 July 9 Monday


Software Testing and Quality Assurance I
(Chair: Xudong He)

Metrics of Credibility and Interaction Quality: Design and Evaluation
Nilda Perez Otero, Marcelo Perez Ibarra, Sandra Mendez, Adelina Garcia, Ma. del Pilar Galvez Diaz, Viviana E. Quincoces, Hector Liberatori, Beatriz Fiorito, Cecilia Maria Lasserre

Predicting Order of Likelihood of Defective Software Modules
Rattikorn Hewett, Phongphun Kijsanayothin, Alta van der Merwe

Automated Test Code Generation from UML Protocol State Machines
Dianxiang Xu, Weifeng Xu, W. Eric Wong

Validating A Layered Decision Framework for Cost-Effective Network Defense
Huaqiang Wei, Jim Alves-Foss, Du Zhang

Toward Modeling and Analysis for Software Installation Testing
Jerry Gao, Sujana Tirumalasetti, Chien-Pin Hsu, Yip Cheong, Anne Colendich, Todd Fitch (S)

System Requirements Analysis, Modeling and Specification I
(Chair: Joseph Urban)

Agile Methods and Quality Models: Towards an Integration in Requirements Engineering
Alexandre Lazaretti Zanatta, Patrícia Vilain

A Framework of Hierarchical Requirements Patterns for Specifying Systems of Interconnected Simulink/Stateflow Modules
Changyan Zhou, Ratnesh Kumar, Devesh Bhatt, Kirk Schloegel, Darren Cofer

In the Requirements Lies the Power
Rand Waltzman, Kristina Winbladh, Thomas A. Alspaugh, Debra J. Richardson

Data and Process Analyses of Data Warehouse Requirements
Estella Annoni, Franck Ravat, Olivier Teste

Requirement Analysis Evolution through Patterns
Luca Vetti Tagliati, Roger Johnson, George Roussos (S)

Web-Based Applications
Web Technology and Web Engineering I
(Chair: Chuck Fredrick)

Real-Time Trust Management in Agent Based Online Auction Systems
Rinkesh Patel, Haiping Xu, Ankit Goel

Geometric Thumbnails For Web Searching
Chris Dunn, Beomjin Kim (S)

ADkwik: Web 2.0 Collaboration System for Architectural Decision Engineering
Nelly Schuster, Olaf Zimmermann, Cesare Pautasso

Improving Usability of Web Systems with Similar Business Objectives
Rashid Ahmad, Zhang Li, Farooque Azam


15:20 - 16:35 July 9 Monday


Software Project and Resource Management
(Chair: Rattikorn Hewett)

Methodology for Reusing Human Resources Management Standards
Asuncion Gomez-Perez, Jaime Ramirez, Boris Villazon-Terrazas

An Adaptive Resource Management Approach for a Healthcare System
Claudia Raibulet, Luigi Ubezio, Stefano Mussino

Software Reuse and Component Technology I
(Chair: Masoud Sadjadi)

Towards Constructing High-available Decentralized Systems via Self-adaptive Components
Xi Sun, Li Zhou, Lei Zhuang, Wenpin Jiao, Hong Mei

SAFES: A Static Analysis for Field Security in Java Components
Aiwu Shi, Gleb Naumovich

Reuse of Database Access Layer Components in JEE Product Lines: Limitations and a Possible Solution (Case Study)
Ding Peng, Stan Jarzabek, Damith C. Rajapakse, Hongyu Zhang

Web Technology and Web Engineering II
(Chair: A. J. Rhem)

Processing Manipulations of Context Information on the Web
Roberto De Virgilio

A Tag-Level Web-Caching Scheme for Reducing Redundant Data Transfers
Steven E. Cox, Du Zhang, Jinsong Ouyang


16:45 - 18:20 July 9 Monday


Software System Maintenance (Chair: Ann Gates)

Telling Stories about System Use: Capturing Collective Tacit Knowledge for System Maintenance
Adriana Cristina de Oliveira, Renata Mendes de Araujo, Marcos R.S. Borges

Evolution and Runtime Monitoring of Software Systems
Hui Liang, Jin Song Dong, Jing Sun

On Modern Debugging For Rule-Based Systems
Valentin Zacharias, Andreas Abecker

Truth Eliciting Mechanisms for Trouble Ticket Allocation in Software Maintenance Services
Karthik Subbian, Y. Narahari

Software Reuse and Component Technology II
(Chair: Masoud Sadjadi)

Design of Wrapper for Self-Management of COTS Components
Michael E. Shin, Fernando Paniagua

A C++ Framework for Developing Component Based Software Supporting Dynamic Unanticipated Evolution
Andre Rodrigues, Hyggo Almeida, Angelo Perkusich

Representing Design Rationale to support Reuse
Adriana Pereira de Medeiros, Daniel Schwabe (S)

Knowledge Engineering, Natural Language Processing, and AI I
(Chair: Rattikorn Hewett)

Graphical Notation for Natural Language and Knowledge Representation
Magda G. Ilieva

A Hybrid Approach for Natural Language Query Translation
Pornpimon Teekayuphun, Ohm Sornil

Effective Fault Localization using BP Neural Networks
W. Eric Wong, Lei Zhao, Yu Qi, Kai-Yuan Cai, Jing Dong

Temporal Software Change Prediction Using Neural Networks
Mehdi Amoui, Mazeiar Salehie, Ladan Tahvildari


18:30 - 20:00 July 9 Monday



8:10 - 9:00 July 10 Tuesday


Plenary Talk
(Chair: Daniel Cooke)

Towards Seamless Business Process and Dialogue Specification

Dirk Draheim
Software Competence Center Hagenberg
Linz, Austria


9:20 - 10:35 July 10 Tuesday


Software Engineering Methodology III
(Chair: Dirk Draheim)

Cost-based Analysis of Multiple Counter-Examples
Flavian Vasile, Samik Basu

Common Coupling as a Measure of Reuse Effort in Kernel-Based Software
Liguo Yu, Stephen R. Schach, Kai Chen

An Approach to Validating Translation Correctness From SAM to Java
Yujian Fu, Zhijiang Dong, Gonzalo Argote-Garcia, Leyuan Shi, Xudong He (S)

Database Retrieval Methods I
(Chair: Oliver Hummel)

Evaluating the Efficiency of Retrieval Methods for Component Repositories
Oliver Hummel, Werner Janjic, Colin Atkinson

Benchmarking the RDF(S) Interoperability of Ontology Tools
Raul Garcia-Castro, Asuncion Gomez-Perez, York Sure

A Deep Classification of Temporal Versioned Integrity Constraints for Designing Database Applications
Robson Leonardo Ferreira Cordeiro, Renata de Matos Galante, Nina Edelweiss, Clesio Saraiva dos Santos (S)

Data I
(Chair: Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar)

A Context-Dependent Semantic Distance Measure
Ahmad El Sayed, Hakim Hacid, Djamel Zighed

A Semantical Change Detection Algorithm for XML
Rodrigo Cordeirodos Santos, Carmem Hara


10:45 - 12:00 July 10 Tuesday


Software Development and Design Pattern I
(Chair: Chris Dunn)

Software Tradeoff Assistant: An Integrated Framework for Analytical Decision Making and Tradeoffs in Software Development
Rattikorn Hewett, Vikram Patankar

Improving Separation of Concerns in the Development of Scientific Applications
S. M. Sadjadi, J. Martinez, T. Soldo, L. Atencio, R. M. Badia, J. Ejarque (S)

Pattern-based J2EE Application Deployment with Cost Analysis
Nuyun Zhang, Gang Huang, Ling Lan, Hong Mei (S)

Database Retrieval Methods II
Data Warehouse
(Chair: Ann Gates)

Generating Linear Temporal Logic Formulas for Pattern-Based Specifications
Salamah Salamah, Vladik Kreinovich, Ann Q. Gates (S)

Ontology Based Classification Generating Method for Browsing-Based Component Retrieval
Ge Li, Lu Zhang, Bing Xie, Weizhong Shao (S)

A Proposal for a Conceptual Data Warehouse Quality Model
Manuel Serrano, Rafael Romero, Jose-Norberto Mazon, Juan Trujillo, and Mario Piattini

Integrating Complex Data into a Data Warehouse
F. Rava, O. Teste, R.Tournier, G. Zurfluh (S)

Data II
Data Mining and Machine Learning (Chair: Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar)

XML Schema Evolution by Context Free Grammar Inference
Julio C. T. da Silva, Martin A. Musicante, Aurora T. R. Pozo, Silvia R. Vergilio

Learning from Software Quality Data with Class Imbalance and Noise
Andres Folleco, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Jason Van Hulse, Chris Seiffert


13:00 - 15:00 July 10 Tuesday


Software Testing and Quality Assurance II
(Chair: Suzanne Embury )

Automatic Test Generation for Database-Driven Applications
Zhenyu Dai, Mei-Hwa Chen

Fault-Based Testing of Data Schemas
Maria Claudia F. P. Emer, Silvia Regina Vergilio, Mario Jino

NLForSpec: Translating Natural Language Descriptions into Formal Test Case Specifications
Daniel Leitao, Dante Torres, Flavia Barros

Enhanced Random Testing for Programs with High Dimensional Input Domains
F.-C. Kuo, K.-Y. Sim, Chang-ai Sun, S.-F. Tang, Zhi Quan Zhou

On Test Case Distributions of Adaptive Random Testing
Tsong Yueh Chen, Fei-Ching Kuo, Huai Liu (S)

System Requirements Analysis, Modeling and Specification II
(Chair: Guido Wirtz)

Automatic Generation of Use Case Diagrams from English Specifications Document
Nathalie Rose T. Lim, Christobal T. Cayaba, Joseph Astrophel E. Rodil

REM4j - A framework for measuring the reverse engineering capability of UML CASE tools
Steven Kearney, James F. Power

FlexUML: A UML Profile for Flexible Process Modeling
Ricardo Martinho, Dulce Domingos, Joao Varajao

Designing a Platform-Independent Use-Case for a Composite Application using a Reference Architecture
Helge Hofmeister, Guido Wirtz (S)

Knowledge Engineering, Natural Language Processing, and AI II (Chair: Nelson Rushton)

Do Neural-Network Question-Answering Systems Have a Role to Play in the Deployment of Real World Information Systems?
Antonio Juarez Alencar, Renata Chaomey Wo, Eber Assis Schmitz, Armando Leite Ferreira

Knowledge Conversion in Software Development
Olivier Gendreau, Pierre N. Robillard

A Language Facilitating Informal Reasoning about Programs
J. Nelson Rushton, Dwayne Towell


15:20 - 16:35 July 10 Tuesday


System and Software Architecture
(Co-Chairs: Theodorich Kopetzky and Stefan Seedorf)

Architectural Elements Recovery and Quality Evaluation to Assist in Reference Architectures Specification
Aline Pires Vieira de Vasconcelos, Claudia Maria Lima Werner

EvoSpaces: 3D Visualization of Software Architecture
Sazzadul Alam, Philippe Dugerdil

Ontobrowse: A Semantic Wiki for Sharing Knowledge about Software Architectures
Hans-Jorg Happel, Stefan Seedorf

(Chair: )

Building Business Considerations into Enterprise Application Designs
Rattikorn Hewett, Aashay Thipse

Incremental effort prediction models in Agile Development using Radial Basis Functions
Raimund Moser, Witold Pedrycz, Giancarlo Succi (S)

BASS: Business Application Support through Software Services
Mateus B. Costa, Rodolfo F. Resende, Marcelo V. Segatto, Eduardo F. Nakamura, Nahur Fonseca

Model-Driven Software Development
(Chair: Garcia-Rodriguez de Guzman)

Using Model-Driven Pattern Matching to derive functionalities in Models
Garcia-Rodriguez de Guzman, I., Polo, M., Piattini, M.

A Model-driven Approach to Architecting Secure Software
Ebenezer A. Oladimeji, Sam Supakkul, Lawrence Chung (S)


16:45 July 10 Tuesday



Bus Boarding (Bus departs at 17:00)



18:30 - 21:00 July 10 Tuesday



Conference Banquet



8:10 - 9:00 July 11 Wednesday


Agent-Based Technology and Intelligence I
(Chair: Maria Claudia Emer)

An Intelligent Agent of Automatically Notify Services
Shuo-Yan Hsu, William C. Chu

A Proposal for a Decentralized Multi-Agent Architecture for Virtual Enterprises
Andreas Grunert, Sven Kaffille, Guido Wirtz

DB Access and Query Processing I
(Chair: Navin Viswanath)

Tree Hash Under Concurrency Control
Kyosuke Yasuda, Takao Miura

Query Processing in Paraconsistent Databases in the Presence of Integrity Constraints
Navin Viswanath, Rajshekhar Sunderraman

Service-Oriented Technology and Web Technology I (Chair: Dimitrios Settas )

OWLed: Extending Knowledge for Web Ontology Language
Hichem Zait, Aicha Mokhtari

Using Ontologies to Represent Software Project Management Antipatterns
Dimitrios Settas, Ioannis Stamelos


9:20 - 10:35 July 11 Wednesday


Agent-Based Technology and Intelligence II
(Chair: Swapna S. Gokhale)

Traceability for Agent-Oriented Design Models and Code
Gilberto Cysneiros, Andrea Zisman

ONTOMADEM: An Ontology-driven Tool for Multi-Agent Domain Engineering
Rosario Girardi, Adriana Leite

A Three Level Multi-agent Architecture to Foster Knowledge Exchange
Juan Pablo Soto, Aurora Vizcaino, Javier Portillo-Rodriguez, Mario Piattini (S)

DB Access and Query Processing II
(Chair: Sven Ziemer)

An Object-Oriented Approach to Storage and Retrieval of RDF/XML Documents
Ching-Ming Chao

CXPath: a Query Language for Conceptual Models of Integrated XML Data
Diego de Vargas Feijo, Claudio Naoto Fuzitaki, A lvaro Moreira, Renata de Matos Galante, Carlos Alberto Heuser

Service-Oriented Technology and Web Technology II
(Chair: Celia Ghedini Ralha)

Service Composition Using Planning and Case-Based Reasoning
Kuan-Hsian Huang, Alan Liu

MDA-based Ontology Development: A Study Case
Eluzai Souza dos Santos, Celia Ghedini Ralha, Hervaldo Sampaio Carvalho

Towards Domain-Centric Ontology Development and Maintenance Frameworks
Faezeh Ensan, Weichang Du (S)


10:45 - 12:00 July 11 Wednesday


Agent-Based Technology and Intelligence III
System Reliability and Verification
(Chair: Donald Steward)

An Agent Based System for Search in Distributed Environments
Li Sa, Yong-Sheng Ding (S)

Adequacy of Composite Parametric Software Reliability Models
Lance Fiondella, Swapna S. Gokhale

Evaluation of the OORT Techniques for Inspection of Requirements Specifications in UML: an empirical study
Tereza G. Kirner, Erik R. da Cruz (S)

Agent Modeling/Methodology
Agent Applications
(Chair: Sven Ziemer)

Adjudicator: A Statistical Approach for Learning Ontology Concepts from Peer Agents
Behrouz Far, Abdel-Halim Hafez Elamy, Nora Houari, Mohsen Afsharchi

DALICA: Intelligent Agents for User Profile Deduction
Stefania Costantini, Leonardo Mostarda, Arianna Tocchio and Panagiota Tsintza (S)

Service-Oriented Technology and Web Technology III
(Chair: Jeff Offutt)

Service Oriented Architecture Empirical Study
Mohammad Abu-Matar, Jeff Offutt (S)

Semantic Support to Reformulate Public Services in Terms of Life Events
Luis Alvarez Sabucedo, Luis Anido Rifon(S)

A Component-Based Solution and Architecture for Dynamic Service-Based Applications
Alessio Colzi, Tommaso Martini, Paolo Nesi, Davide Rogai(S)


13:00 - 15:00 July 11 Wednesday


Software Testing and Quality Assurance III
(Co-Chairs: Mei-Hwa Chen and Swapna S. Gokhale)

Reducing the Number of Test Cases for Performance Evaluation of Components
Joao W. Cangussu, Kendra Cooper, Eric Wong

Combining Decorated Classification Trees with RCPS Stochastic Models to Gain New Valuable Insights into Software Project Management
Antonio Juarez Alencar, Gelson Guedes Rodrigues, Eber Assis Schmitz and Armando Leite Ferreira

Towards a Reference Architecture for Software Testing Tools
Elisa Yumi Nakagawa, Adenilso da Silva Simao, Fabiano Ferrari, Jose Carlos Maldonado

Controlling Restricted Random Testing: An Examination of the Exclusion Ratio Parameter
Kwok Ping Chan, T.Y. Chen, Dave Towey (S)

An Approach to Software Testing of Machine Learning Applications
Christian Murphy, Gail Kaiser, Marta Arias (S)

System Requirements Analysis, Modeling and Specification III
Human Interaction and GUI Development
(Chair: Danilo Avola)

Synchronization of UML Based Refactoring with Graph Transformation
Y. Kosker, A. B. Bener

Using Formal Composition of Use Cases in Requirements Engineering
Rabeb Mizouni, Aziz Salah, Rachida Dssouli

An Approach to Multimodal Input Interpretation in Human-Computer Interaction
Fernando Ferri, Patrizia Grifoni, Stefano Paolozzi

Sketch Style Recognition in Human Computer Interaction
Danilo Avola, Fernando Ferri, Patrizia Grifoni

Human-Computer Interaction for a Novel Arm-wrestling Robot
Chul-goo Kang, Ho-yeon Kim (S)

(Chair: Paul J. Vandal)

Managing XML Versions and Replicas in a P2P Context
Deise de Brum Saccol, Nina Edelweiss, Renata de Matos Galante, Carlo Zaniolo

Knowledge sharing through a simple release planning method for web application development
Sven Ziemer, Ilaria Canova Calori

Distributed BPEL Processes
Luciano Baresi, Andrea Maurino, Stefano Modafferi

SAM: Semantic Advanced Matchmaker
E.S. Ilhan, G.B. Akkus, A. B. Bener

A development platform for distributed user interfaces
Anders Larsson, Magnus Ingmarsson, Bo Sun (S)


15:20 - 16:35 July 11 Wednesday


Software Development and Design Pattern II
(Chair: Suzanne M. Embury)

Exploratory Design of Derivation Business Rules Using Query Rewriting
Roman Krenicky, David Willmor, Suzanne M. Embury (S)

Classification of Design Pattern Traits
Jing Dong, Yajing Zhao (S)

Grid Technology
(Chair: Celia Ghedini Ralha)

A Dynamical System Approach to Intrusion Detection Using System Call Analysis
Nitin Kanaskar, Remzi Seker, S. Ramaswamy

Multi-level Anomaly Detection with Application-Level Data
Swapna S. Gokhale, Jijun Lu

A Four-layered Semantic Grid Architecture
Celia Ghedini Ralha, Jose Nelson C. Allemand, Alba C. M. Melo

Software Metrics, Measurement and Evaluation
(Chair: Paul J. Vandal)

Performance Analysis of the Active Object Pattern in Middleware
Paul J. Vandal, Swapna S. Gokhale, Aniruddha S. Gokhale

Analyzing the Applicability of a Theoretical Model in the Evaluation of Functional Size Measurement Procedures
Nelly Condori-Fernandez, Oscar Pastor (S)

Software Documents: Comparison and Measurement
Tom Arbuckle, Adam Balaban, Dennis K. Peters, Mark Lawford (S)


Note: (S) indicates a short paper. Regular paper has twenty five minutes for presentation and short paper has twenty minutes for presentation, followed by a few minutes for Q&A.