July 1, Tuesday, Keynote

Why Doesn't the Software Do What I Need It to Do?
or Aligning IT Objectives with the Business

Cecilia Claudio
SVP/CIO Information Technology
SanDisk Corporation


Software Development has a long and varied history that is littered with many failures and fewer successes. While Software Developers have the best intentions the "results" when viewed from a management perspective often fall short. Schedule and budget overruns are common and often the original business objectives (and certainly the expectations) are not or only partially met. This presentation will examine the historical reasons that have resulted in unmet expectations and various strategies will be discussed for ensuring that expectations are aligned with results.

Biographical Sketch

Cecilia Claudio has spent the last 15 years as CIO at leading organizations and has established a proven track record of transforming IT to become a valued partner to business users. She is currently CIO at SanDisk Corporation, which she joined in February 2007. Previously Ms. Claudio was CIO of Mercury Interactive; Zurich Financial Services; Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

Ms. Claudio also serves on several boards including Sybase, newScale and DiVitas and has previously served on the board of Farmers Group Inc. She has also served on CIO Advisory boards for Cisco, IBM, Siebel, Syndera and Tablus. She was recognized by Computerworld as one of the Premier 100 IT Executives worldwide in 2001, and has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Women in Computing in the US by McGraw Hill.

Ms. Claudio earned an MA in Philosophy in 1974 in Lisbon - Portugal.