SEKE’08 Technical Program

















Welcome and Keynote I

Applications I SE with Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning I SE with Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning II Service Oriented Technology and Web Technology I SE with Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning III


Software Engineering Methodology I

Software Engineering Methodology II

Software Engineering Methodology III

Software Reuse and Component Technology I

Software Engineering Methodology IV

Software Process Modeling I   Software Process Modeling II System and Software Architecture I System and Software Architecture II

Software Maintenance and Evolution

Software Testing I

SOA-Based Software Testing and Maintenance

Formal Methods I

Service Oriented Technology and Web Technology II









Keynote II

Databases Applications II Software Requirements Engineering I Business Models for Service-Oriented Architectures

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5:00pm - 9:00pm Banquet
on SF Bay Cruiser

Data Mining I

SEKE 2009 planning meeting (all are invited)

Software Testing II

Agent-Based Technology and Intelligence I

Model-Based Software Engineering I   Service Oriented Technology and Web Technology III  

Knowledge Engineering

Formal Methods II

Formal Methods III

Software Reuse and Component Technology II









Keynote III

Methods and Tools for Robust Services and Service Compositions Panel on Software Testing Practice and Automation Software Test Automation and Practice I Security Technology & Systems Software Test Automation and Practice II




Data Mining II Agents, Web, and Security

Agent-Based Technology and Intelligence II

SE of Autonomic Grid Computing Systems and Applications I

SE of Autonomic Grid Computing Systems and Applications II

Model-Based Software Engineering II

Model-Based Software Engineering III

Model-Based Software Engineering IV

Software Engineering Methodology V

Model-Based Software Engineering V

Service Oriented Technology and Web Technology IV

Ontologies I

Software Requirements Engineering II

Service Oriented Technology and Web Technology V

Ontologies II



Technical Program






7:30 - 8:10 July 1 Tuesday



8:10 - 8:20 July 1 Tuesday



Welcome Note

Shi-Kuo Chang
Daniel Cooke
Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar


8:20 - 9:00 July 1 Tuesday


Keynote I (chair: Shi-Kuo Chang)

Why Doesn't the Software Do What I Need It to Do?
or Aligning IT Objectives with the Business

Cecilia Claudio


9:20 - 10:45 July 1 Tuesday


Applications I
(Chair: Zhiwei Xu)

Transformations for Rapid Prototyping of Time-critical Applications
Shi-Kuo Chang, Zhoulan Zhang, Colin J. Ihrig, Paolo Maresca, Valentina Ternelli

Case Study: Applying Business Process Management Systems (S)
Gregor Scheithauer, Guido Wirtz

Verification of Optimization Algorithms: a Case Study of a Quadratic Assignment Problem Solver
Tsong Yueh Chen, Huimin Lin, Robert Merkel, Daoming Wang

Software Engineering Methodology I
(Chair: Sandro Morasca)

Towards a Theoretical Model for Evaluating the Acceptance of Model-driven Measurement Procedures (S)
Nelly Condori-Fernandez, Oscar Pastor

Knowledge Transformation from Task Scenarios to View-based Design Diagrams
Nima Dezhkam, Kamran Sartipi

PSPCAT: A PSP Data Collection and Analysis Tool (S)
Chien-Hung Liu, Shu-Ling Chen, Yu-Chun Huang

Software Process Modeling I
(Chair: Vasile Rus)

A Systematic Method for Process Tailoring Based on Knowledge Reuse (S)
Xiao-yang He, Ya-sha Wang, Yu-xin Teng, Jin-gang Guo

Linking Return on Training Investment with Defects Causal Analysis
Santiago Matalonga, Tomas San Feliu Gilabert

Autonomous Reconfiguration Procedur s for EJB-based Enterprise Applications
Thomas Vogel, Jens Bruhn, Guido Wirtz

Software Maintenance and Evolution
(Chair: Ned Chapin)

Cross-language Clone Detection
Nicholas A. Kraft, Brandon W. Bonds, Randy K. Smith

Software Maintenance Maturity Model (S3mDSS) A Decision Support System
Alain April, Naji Habra, Arnaud Counet

Odyssey-MEC: Model Evolution Control in the Context of Model-Driven Architecture
Chessman Correa, Leonardo Murta, Claudia Werner


10:55 - 12:00 July 1 Tuesday


SE with Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning I
(Chair: Marek Reformat)

Analyzing the Impact of Attribute Noise on Software Quality Classification
Andres A. Folleco, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Lofton A. Bullard

An Adaptive Neural Network with Dynamic Structure for Software Defect Prediction
Zhiwei Xu, Naeem Seliya, Weibiao Wu

Software Engineering Methodology II
(Chair: Franz Wotawa)

Evaluating the Accuracy of Call Graphs Extracted with the Eclipse CDT
Nicholas A. Kraft, Kevin S. Webb

A Comparison of Time Tracking Tools for Software Developers
Jouni Lappalainen, Lasse Harjumaa, Jukka Sirvio, Tytti Pokka, Heidi Moisanen, Hanna Leskinen

RealSpec: an Executable Specification Language for Modeling Resources
Amir A. Khwaja, Joseph E. Urban

Software Testing I
(Chair: Jerry Gao)

Predicting Change Propagation in Object-oriented Systems: a Control-call Path Based Approach and Associated Tool
Linda Badri, Mourad Badri, Daniel St-Yves

A Qualitative Assessment of the Reverse Engineering Capabilities of Unit Testing Tools for Understanding Java Programs
Andy Tinkham, Scott Tilley, Tauhida Parveen

Estimating Event Lifetimes for Distributed Runtime Verification
Christos Kloukinas, George Spanoudakis, Khaled Mahbub


13:00 - 15:00 July 1 Tuesday


SE with Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning II
(Chair: Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar)

Ontology-learning Supported Sematic Search Using Cooperative Agents
Cheng Zhong, Zilan (Nancy) Yang, Mohsen Afsharchi, Behrouz H. Far

Automating a Domain Model Aware Reengineering Methodology
Javier Belmonte, Philippe Dugerdil

Explaining Product Release Planning Results Using Concept Analysis
Gengshen Du, Thomas Zimmermann, Guenther Ruhe

Weighted Static Code Attributes for Software Defect Prediction
Burak Turhan, Ayse Bener

Software Engineering Methodology III
(Chair: Todd Fitch)

Predicting Software Project Size Using Project Generated Information
Marcio de O. Barros

Supporting Reusable Component Selection with Use Case Gap-based Development Effort Estimation
Xin Zhou, Bonnie Ray, Chenhua Feng

A Project Scheduling Method Based on Human Resource Availability
Lizi Xie, Junchao Xiao, Dapeng Liu, Qing Wang

** Estimating the Effort of Independent Verification and Validation in the Context of Mission-critical Software Systems - A Case Study (S)
Haruka Nakaoa, Adam Trendowicz, Jurgen Munch

Software Process Modeling II
(Chair: Ned Chapin)

Unified Basic Concepts for Process Capability Models
Clenio F. Salviano, Adriana M. C. M. Figueiredo

** Systematic Approach to Risk Management in Software Projects through Process Tailoring
Lisandra M. Fontoura, Roberto Tom Price

Process tailoring based on well-formedness rules
Eliana B. Pereira, Ricardo M. Bastos, Toacy C. Oliveira

Non-invasive Software Process Data Collection for Expert Identification
Andrea Janes, Alberto Sillitti, Giancarlo Succi

SOA-Based Software Testing and Maintenance
(Chair: Xiaoying Bai)

** Using XML Patterns to Guide Perturbation Based Testing f Web Services
Paulo N. Cruz Filho, Silvia Regina Vergilio

Translating OWL Specified Domain Knowledge to Aspect Oriented Model
Juanzi Li, Xinyu You, Xiaoying Bai

** MAPLE: a Maintenance Approach for Pattern-enabLed rEconfiguration of SOA-based Enterprise Application
Songlin Hu, Ying Liang, Jiuming Tian, Yicheng Song

** Reliability Oriented QoS Driven Composite Service Selection Based on Performance Prediction (S)
Lei Yang, Yu Dai, Bin Zhang


15:20 - 16:35 July 1 Tuesday


Service Oriented Technology and Web Technology I
(Chair: Guido Wirtz)

Design of an RSS Crawler with Adaptive Revisit Manager (S)
Bum-Suk Lee, Jin Woo Im, Byung-Yeon Hwang, Du Zhang

QuickPay Online Payment Protocol (S)
Jian Dai, Mark Stamp

Sharing Application Logic Across Programming Language Boundaries (S)
Dennis S. Patrone, Bina Ramamurthy

Software Reuse and Component Technology I
(Chair: Todd Fitch)

Synergizing Collaboration and Reuse in Software Engineering (S)
Stefan Seedorf, Oliver Hummel

** Improving Component Container Development Process through Product Line Engineering
Guoliang Liu, Yang Li, Jun Wei

System and Software Architecture I
(Chair: Christos Kloukinas)

** .NET Extensions to the π-architecture Description Languages (S)
Zawar Qayyum, Flavio Oquendo

Towards Collaborative Development Based on Software Architecture (S)
Yanchun Sun, Hui Song, Xinghua Wang, Wenpin Jiao

Choosing a Software Architecture: An Approach and a Case Study
C. Ghezzi, G. Tamburrelli

Formal Methods I
(Chair: Sandro Morasca)

PROTEF: Automatic Verification of Pattern-Based LTL Templates
Luis Garcia, Steve Roach, Salamah Salamah

Formal Specification of Object-oriented Systems with Collaborative Objects and Petri Nets – a Case Study
Boleslaw Mikolajczak

A Property Specification Tool for Generating Formal Specifications: Prospec 2.0
Irbis Gallegos, Omar Ochoa, Ann Gates, Steve Roach, Salamah Salamah, Corina Vela


16:45 - 18:30 July 1 Tuesday


SE with Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning III
(Chair: Marek Reformat)

On the Rarity of Fault-prone Modules in Knowledge-based Software Quality Modeling
Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Naeem Seliya, Dennis J. Drown

Machine Learning and Value-based Software Engineering: a Research Agenda
Du Zhang

Automatic Clustering of Defect Reports
Vasile Rus, Sameer Mohammed, Sajjan Shiva

Software Engineering Methodology IV
(Chair: Kamran Sartipi)

Subjective Assessment of the Mutual Influence of ISO 9126 Software Qualities: an Empirical Study
Sandro Morasca

Reverse Engineering Interface Protocols for Comprehension of Large C++ Libraries during Code Evolution Tasks
Edward B. Duffy, Jason O. Hallstrom and Brian A. Malloy

** Knowledge Management to Support the Deployment of a CMMI Level 3 Process
Cavalcanti A. P., Furtado F., Moura V., Costa, R., Meira, S. R. L.

System and Software Architecture II
(Chair: Christos Kloukinas)

** Code Transformation Techniques and Management Architecture for Self-manageable Distributed Applications
M. Muztaba Fuad

A Decision-centric Architecture Design Method Facilitating the Contextually Capture and Reuse of Design Knowledge
Xiaofeng Cui, Yanchun Sun, Sai Xiao, Hong Mei

System Architecture Induces Document Architecture (S)
Peter Henderson, Nishadi De Silva

A Software Framework for Integrative Physiological Model Simulation (S)
E. Zeynep Erson, M. Cenk Cavusoglu

Service Oriented Technology and Web Technology II
(Chair: Guido Wirtz)

Combining SOA and BPM Technologies for Cross-System Process Automation
S. Herr, K. Laufer, J. Shafaee, G. K. Thiruvathukal, G. Wirtz

Ontology-Enabled Generation of Embedded Web Services
Klaus Marius Hansen, Weishan Zhang, Goncalo Soares

Modeling Services to Construct Service-oriented Healthcare Architecture for Digital Home-care Business
Chi-Lu Yang, Yeim-Kuan Chang, Chih-Ping Chu


19:00 - 21:00 July 1 Tuesday



Reception Dinner




8:10 - 9:00 July 2 Wednesday


Keynote II (chair: Guido Wirtz)

Impact! The Challenge of Industrial Research in Computer Science in a web 2.0 world

Laura Haas


9:20 - 10:45 July 2 Wednesday


(Chair: Shi-Kuo Chang)

** Testing Relational Database Schemas with Alternative Instance Analysis
Maria Claudia F. P. Emer, Silvia Regina Vergilio, Mario Jino

Analyzing Termination and Confluence in Active Rule Base via a Petri Net Approach (S)
Lorena Chavarria-Baez, Xiaoou Li

A Fuzzy Trigger Language for Relational Database Systems
Ying Jin, Tejaswitha Bhavsar

Data Mining I
(Chair: Du Zhang)

A Comparative Study on Data Representation to Categorize Text Documents (S)
D.A. Meedeniya, A.S.Perera

An Example on Economics-driven Software Mining
Rami Bahsoon, Wolfgang Emmeri h

VP: an Efficient Algorithm for Frequent Itemset Mining
Qin Ding, Wen Shen Huang

Model-Based Software Engineering I
(Chair: Shih-Hsi Liu)

** Evolution Shelf: Exploiting Evolution Styles within Software Architectures
Olivier Le Goaer, Mourad-Chabane Oussalah, Dalila Tamzalit, Abdelhak-Djamel Seriai

Coverage-based Testing Using Qualitative Reasoning Models
Harald Brandl, Gordon Fraser, Franz Wotawa

Traceability Models to Control an Aspectual Model-driven Development (S)
Marta S. Tabares, Raquel Anaya, Ana Moreira, Joao Araujo, Fernando Arango

Knowledge Engineering
(Chair: Onyeka Ezenwoye)

Knowledge-based System Development with Scripting Technology: A Recommender System Example
Dietmar Jannach

Integrating Trust Management into Usage Control in P2P Multimedia Delivery
Li Yang, Raimund Ege

** Flow Balancing Model for Air Traffc Flow Management (S)
Bueno Borges de Souza, Li Weigang, Antonio Marcio Ferreira Crespo, Victor Rafael Rezende Celestino


10:55 - 12:00 July 2 Wednesday


Applications II
(Chair: Naeem Seliya)

VisRFID: Visualizing Customer Behavior in Geotemporal Space Using RFID Technology
Beomjin Kim, Keith Bock, Michael Burton, Rod Strong, Benjamin Aeschliman

Analyzing Manufacturing Process Knowledge Flows with KoFI
Oscar M. Rodriguez-Elias, Alberto L. Moran, Jaqueline I. Lavandera, Aurora Vizcaino

** Performance: a Longitudinal Study
Nenad Stankovic

SEKE2009 planning meeting
(all are invited)
(Chair: Shi-Kuo Chang)

Formal Methods II
(Co-Chairs: Gonzalo Argote-Garcia, Shir Aharon)

A Formal Approach for Translating a SAM Architecture to PROMELA
Gonzalo Argote-Garcia, Peter J. Clarke, Xudong He, Yujian Fu, Leyuan Shi

An Algorithm for Computing Loop Functions
Ali Mili, S ir Aharon, Chaitanya Nadkarni

** Verifying Behavioral Correctness of Design Pattern Implementation
Tu Peng, Jing Dong, Yajing Zhao


13:00 - 15:00 July 2 Wednesday


Software Requirements Engineering I
(Chair: Naeem Seliya)

Automated Multiperspective Requirements Traceability Using Ontology Matching Technique
Namfon Assawamekin, Thanwadee Sunetnanta, Charnyote Pluempitiwiriyawej

Eliciting Scenarios from Scenarios
Abdolmajid Mousavi, Behrouz H. Far

Tailoring an Aspectual Goal-oriented Approach to Model Features
Carla Silva, Fernanda Alencar, Joao Araujo, Ana Moreira, Jaelson Castro

** Representing Textual Requirements as Graphical Natural Language for UML Diagram Generation
Magda G. Ilieva, Harold Boley

Software Testing II
(Chair: Jerry Gao)

** A Dynamic Adjusting Method for Test Case Prioritization (S)
Bo Qu, Changhai Nie, Baowen Xu, Xiaofang Zhang

A Systematic Mapping Study on Non-Functional Search-based Software Testing
Wasif Afzal, Richard Torkar, Robert Feldt

** A Degraded ILP Approach for Test Suite Reduction
Zhenyu Chen, Xiaofang Zhang, Baowen Xu

A Meta-model to Support Regression Testing of Web Applications
Yanelis Hernandez, Tariq M. King, Jairo Pava, Peter J. Clarke

Service Oriented Technology and Web Technology III
(Chair: Guido Wirtz)

Service Granularity Effects in SOA
Ned Chapin

Securing Service-oriented Systems Using State-Based XML Firewall
Abhinay Reddyreddy, Haiping Xu

Toward Model Checking Web Services Over the Web
John C. Sloan, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar

** A Metadata Model for Managing and Querying XML Resources in Peer-to-peer Systems
Deise de Brum Saccol, Nina Edelweiss, Renata de Matos Galante

Formal Methods III
(Chair: Shih-Hsi Liu)

Minimal Observability for Transactional Hierarchical Services
Debmalya Biswas, Blaise Genest

Using Boolean Cardinality Constraint for LTS Bounded Model Checking (S)
Sachoun Park, Gihwon Kwon

Japanese Puzzle as a SAT Problem (S)
Sachoun Park, Gihwon Kwon


15:20 - 16:35 July 2 Wednesday


Business Models for Service-Oriented Architectures
(Chair: Tim Weitzel)

Bridging the Semantic Gap Between Process Documentation and Process Execution
Gregor Scheithauer, Guido Wirtz, Candemir Tokl

Performance Challenges in Migrating to SOA Based Healthcare Systems
Suyog Gaidhani, Vijayananda Jagannatha

Agent-Based Technology and Intelligence I
(Chair: Du Zhang)

** Dynamically Optimize Process Execution Based on Process-agent (S)
Jian Dai, Junchao Xiao, Qing Wang, Mingshu Li, Huaizhang Li

Mobile-FIRST: a Mobile Agent Based First Responder System (S)
Jason Honda, Harry H. Cheng, Donna Djordjevich

Ontology-based and Evolutionary Search for Computational Agents Schemes (S)
Roman Neruda

Software Reuse and Component Technology II
(Chair: Onyeka Ezenwoye)

A Goal-oriented Mixed-granularity Component Selection Method for Huge Component Repositories (S)
Xiaolin Xi, Jiyong Park, Jiakun Liu, Seongsoo Hong

A Case Study: Self-managed COTS Component-based Elevator System (S)
Michael E. Shin, Fernando Paniagua

Using Scenario Monitoring to Address State Based Crosscutting Concerns (S)
Mark Mahoney, Tzilla Elrad


16:45 July 2 Wednesday



Bus Boarding (Bus departs at 17:00)



18:30 - 21:00 July 2 Wednesday



Conference Banquet




8:10 - 9:00 July 3 Thursday


Keynote III (chair: Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar)

Building Global Ecosystem for Collaborative Computing Research and Education

Yi Deng


9:20 - 10:45 July 3 Thursday


Methods and Tools for Robust Services and Service Compositions
(Chair: Tim Weitzel)

Negotiating Service Levels - A Generic Negotiation Framework for WS Agreement
Sebastian Hudert, Heiko Ludwig, Guido Wirtz

Taxonomy on Consistency Requirements in the Business Process Integration Context
Andreas Schönberger, Guido Wirtz

Developing Enterprise Applications with Support to Dynamic Unanticipated Evolution (S)
Hyggo O. de Almeida, Marcos F. Pereira, Marcio de M. Ribeiro, Angelo Perkusich, Emerson Loureiro, Evandro Costa

Data Mining II
(Chair: Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar)

Privacy-preserving Classification of Data Streams (S)
Ching-Ming Chao

Comparing the Use of Traditional and Associative Classifiers towards Personalized Recommendations
Joel Pinho Lucas, Saddys Segrera, María N. Moreno

Discovering Meaningful Clusters from Mining the Software Engineering Literature
Yan Wu, Harvey Siy, Li Fan


Model-Based Software Engineering II
(Chair: Franz Wotawa)

** A Model-Driven Approach for the Semi-automated Generation of Web-based Applications from Requirements
Ali Fatolahi, Stephane S. Some, Timothy C. Lethbridge

A Model-driven Toolset to Support an Approach for Analyzing Integration of Business Process Aspect of Enterprise Application Integration
Souvik Barat, Vinay Kulkarni

Model-based Test Complexity Analysis for Software Installation Testing (S)
Jerry Gao, Karen Kwok, Todd Fitch

Service Oriented Technology and Web Technology IV
(Chair: Masoud Sadjadi)

** A Similarity Analysis Model for Semantic Web Information Filtering Applications
Lucas Drumond, Rosario Girardi, Fabio Silva

Fuzziness in the Semantic Web: Survey and Future Directions
Seyed Koosha Golmohammadi, Marek Reformat, Witold Pedrycz

A Language-based Approach to Addressing Reliability in Composite Web Services
Onyeka Ezenwoye, S. Masoud Sadjadi


10:55 - 12:00 July 3 Thursday


Panel on Software Testing Practice and Automation
(Co-Chairs: Emese Bari and Jerry Gao)

Emese Bari, eBay
Shilpa Kolhatkar, Cisco
Todd Fitch, Intuit Corp
Silvia Ahmed, NetApp

Agents, Web, and Security
(Chair: Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar)

A Systematic Process for Domain Engineering
Eduardo Santana de Almeida, Alexandre Alvaro, Vinicius Cardoso Garcia, Daniel Lucredio, Renata Pontin de Mattos Fortes, Silvio Romero de Lemos Meira

Diagnosing Runtime Violations of Security & Dependability Properties
Theocharis Tsigritis, George Spanoudakis

Model-Based Software Engineering III
(Chair: Shih-Hsi Liu)

** Translating Workflow Diagrams into Web Designs
Antonio Navarro, Jorge Merino, Alfredo Fernandez-Valmay r, Jesus Cristobal

A Security Domain Model for Static Analysis and Verification of Software Programs
Alan B. Shaffer

** Component Based Architectures for eXtreme Transacion Processing (S)
Luca Vetti Tagliati

Ontologies I
(Chair: Behrouz H. Far)

An Ontology for Controlled Experiments on Software Engineering
Rogerio Eduardo Garcia, Erika Nina Hohn, Ellen Francine Barbosa, Jose Carlos Maldonado

Improving Automatic Model Creation Using Ontologies
Sven J. Korner, Tom Gelhausen

Ontology-based Development of Testing Related Tools
Ellen F. Barbosa, Elisa Y. Nakagawa, Ana C. Riekstin, Jose C. Maldonado


13:00 - 15:00 July 3 Thursday


Software Test Automation and Practice I
(Chair: Emese Bari)

Test Order Generation for Efficient Object-oriented Class Integration Testing
Rattikorn Hewett, Phongphun Kijsanayothin, Darunee Smavatkul

Using Observer Automata to Select Test Cases for Test Purposes
Gordon Fraser, Martin Weiglhofer, Franz Wotawa

Building Testable Components - a Systematic Approach and Its Experimental Study
Jerry Gao, Wrihang Roberto Liang, Radhika Chhabra, Ramyashree Swamyo, Ma Xiang

SyncTest: a Tool to Synchronize Source Code, Model and Testing
Xiaoying Bai, Tao Liu

Agent-Based Technology and Intelligence II
(Chair: Du Zhang)

A Virtual Machine for Distributed Agent-oriented Programming
Bin Zhou, Hong Zhu

** MAAEM: a Multi-agent Application Engineering Methodology
Adriana Leite, Rosario Girardi, Uiratan Cavalcante

A Semantic Based Certification and Access Control Approach Using Security Patterns on SEAGENT
Fatih Tekbacak, Tugkan Tuglular, Oguz Dikenelli

Documenting and Modeling Multi-agent Systems Product Lines
Ingrid Nunes, Uira Kulesza, Camila Nunes, Carlos J. P. de Lucena

Model-Based Software Engineering IV
(Chair: Xiaoying Bai)

A Study of the Model Explosion Problem in CTL Model Update
Yulin Ding, Yan Zhang

Feature Modeling for Context-Aware Software Product Lin s
Paula Fernandes, Claudia Werner, Leonardo Murta

MEtaGile: A Pragmatic Domain-specific Modeling Environment (S)
Olivier Buchwalder, Claude Petitpierre

Software Requirements Engineering II
(Chair: Zhiwei Xu)

** Obtaining Well-Founded Practices about Elicitation Techniques by Means of an Update of a Previous Systematic Review (S)
Oscar Dieste, Marta Lopez, Felicidad Ramos

** Automatic Discovery of Interactions Between Software Requirements
Edgar S. Calisaya, Marcos R. S. Borges, Maria Luiza M. Campos

A Model-driven Approach for Software Product Lines Requirements Engineering
Mauricio Alferez, Uira Kulesza, Andre Sousa, Joao Santos, Ana Moreira, Joao Araujo, Vasco Amaral

Model Interpretation for Executable Observation Specifications (S)
Mathias Funk, Piet van der Putten, Henk Corporaal


15:20 - 16:35 July 3 Thursday


Security Technology & Systems
(Chair: Jian Dai)

** Network Intrusion Detection Based on Bayesian Networks (S)
Alma Cemerlic, Li Yang, Joseph M. Kizza

** Supremum of Agent Number Needed in Analyzing Security Protocols Based on Horn Logic
Feng Liu, Zhoujun Li, Ti Zhou, Mengjun Li

Towards the Detection of Emulated Environments via Analysis of the Stochastic Nature of System Calls
Tauhida Parveen,, William Allen, Scott Tilley, Gerald Marin, Richard Ford

SE of Autonomic Grid Computing Systems and Applications I
(Chair: Masoud Sadjadi)

Self-managed Deployment in a Distributed Environment via Utility Functions
Debzani Deb, Michael J. Oudshoorn, John Paxton

Design of a Fault-tolerant Job-flow Manager for Grid Environments Using Standard Technologies, Job-flow Patterns, and a Transparent Proxy
Gargi Dasgupta, Onyeka Ezenwoye, Liana Fong, Selim Kalayci, S. Masoud Sadjadi, Balaji Viswanathan

** Supporting Context-awareness in Web-based Groupware Development (S)
Jose Maria N. David, Marcos R. S. Borges, Jose A. Pino

Software Engineering Methodology V
(Chair: Kamran Sartipi)

Object-Z to Java/OO-Perl: A Conversion from Object-Z to Executable Skeletal Code with Dynamically Checkable Design Contracts
Sherri M. Sanders, Cui Zhang

An Empirical Study on Modularization of Object Oriented Software
Jing Liu, Bin Liu, Chi K. Tse, Keqing He

Bridging the Gap Between Slicing and Model-based Diagnosis
Franz Wotawa

Dynamic Analysis and Design Pattern Detection in Java Programs (S)
Lei Hu, Kamran Sartipi

Service Oriented Technology and Web Technology V
(Chair: Guido Wirtz)

** Active Ontologies - an Approach for Using Ontologies as Semantic Web Services Interfaces (S)
Tiago Cordeiro Marques, Marcio Gurjao Mesquita, Julio Cesar Campos Neto, Pedro Porfirio Muniz Farias

** Failure Prediction Based Self-healing Approach for Web Service Composition (S)
Yu Dai, Lei Yang, Bin Zhang, Kening Gao

** A Wed-based data Management and Analysis System for CO2 Capture (S)
Yuxiang Wu, Christine W. Chan


16:45 - 18:30 July 3 Thursday


Software Test Automation and Practice II
(Chair: Jerry Gao)

Integrating Random Testing with Constraints for Improved Efficiency and Diversity
Yoonsik Cheon, Antonio Cortes, Gary T. Leavens, Martine Ceberio

Properties of Machine Learning Applications for Use in Metamorphic Testing
Christian Murphy, Gail Kaiser, Lifeng Hu, Leon Wu

Fault Injection Testing of User-space File Systems Using Traditional and Aspect-based Techniques (S)
Jonathan Hittle, Sudipto Ghosh

** Evaluation of Personalized Information Systems: Application in Intelligent Transport System (S)
M. Soui, C. Kolski, M. Abed, G. Uster

SE of Autonomic Grid Computing Systems and Applications II
(Chair: Masoud Sadjadi)

Dynamis: Dynamic Overlay Service Composition for Distributed Stream Processing
Farshad A. Samimi, Philip K. McKinley

Wings4Symbian: A Pervasive Computing Middl ware for Symbian OS Mobile Devices
Olympio C. Silva Filho, Danilo F. S. Santos, Angelo Perkusich, Emerson Loureiro, Hyggo Almeida

An OWL/SWRL Based Diagnosis Approach in a Pervasive Middleware
Weishan Zhang, Klaus Marius Hansen

Model-Based Software Engineering V
(Chair: Xiaoying Bai)

A Constraint Model for Automated Deployment of Automotive Control Software
Mihai Nica, Bernhard Peischl, Franz Wotawa

Applying Critical Pair Analysis in Graph Transformation Systems to Detect Syntactic Aspect Interaction in UML State Diagrams
Zaid Altahat, Tzilla Elrad, Luay Tahat

Model Comparison: a Strategy-Based Approach
Kleinner Oliveira, Toacy Oliveira

Ontologies II
(Chair: Behrouz H. Far)

Towards Metrics for Ontology Balance
Steffen Mencke, Martin Kunz, Reiner R. Dumke

Techniques for De-fragmenting Mobile Applications: A Taxonomy
Damith C. Rajapakse

Identifying NFRs Conflicts Using Quality Ontology
Taiseera Al Balushi, Pedro R. Falcone Sampaio, Mitul Patel, Oscar Corcho, Pericles Loucopoulos

Ontology-based Process Modeling and Execution Using STEP/EXPRESS
Arndt Muhlenfeld, Wolfgang Mayer, Franz Maier, Markus Stumptner

Note: (S) indicates a short paper. Regular paper has twenty five minutes for presentation and short paper has twenty minutes for presentation, followed by a few minutes for Q&A.
If a session needs more time for presentation and Q&A, the session chair can extend the session a few more minutes and shorten the ensuing break.