Machine Learning with Value-Based Software Engineering

Special Session in SEKE 2009

The 21st International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE'09)

Hyatt Harborside at Logan Int'l Airport, Boston, USA


Software engineering research and practice thus far are mainly conducted in a value-neutral setting where each artifact in software development such as a requirement, a use case, a test case, a defect, and so forth, is treated as equally important during a software system development process. There are a number of shortcomings of such value-neutral software engineering. Value-based software engineering (VBSE) is to integrate value considerations into the full range of existing and emerging software engineering principles and practices so as to increase the return on investment for the stakeholders and optimize other relevant value objectives of software projects.

Machine learning (ML) has been playing an increasingly important role in helping develop and maintain large and complex software systems. However, machine learning applications to software engineering have been largely confined to the value-neutral software engineering setting. In this special session, the main theme to be emphasized is that there is great potential to apply ML methods to VBSE. The training data or the background knowledge or domain theory or heuristics or bias used by ML methods in generating target models or functions for software development and maintenance should be aligned with stakeholders' value propositions (SVPs) and business objectives.

This special session will focus on the current research topics in applying ML to VBSE. Pertinent topics include, but are not limited to:


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