SEKE 2010 Technical Program

Welcome, Special Address
Keynote I
Special Session: Machine Learning with Value-Based Software Engineering
Special Session: Interoperability and Semantic Web Technologies
Special Session: Software Measurement
Special Session: Software Engineering with Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning
E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce
Software Requirement Engineering I
Software Requirement Engineering II
Software Architectures
Web Services I
Web Services II
Software Validation
Software Quality Assurance I
Workshop: Software Test Automation, Practice, and Standardization I
Software Regression Testing I
Software Framework and Application Tools
Keynote II
Knowledge Engineering I
Human-Computer Interface and Interaction
Formal Methods and Modeling
Agent-Based Systems
Bus Tour -
Downtown San Francisco,
Sightseeing at
Fisherman's Wharf
Banquet Dinner at
San Francisco Bay
Software Maintenance and Evolution
Empirical Software Engineering and Software Economics
Service-Oriented Architectures and Applications I
Ontologies and Slow Intelligence Methodology
Software Quality Assurance II
Software Validation and Verification
Software Test Automation and Experience
Software Regression Testing II
Keynote III
Knowledge Engineering II
Knowledge Engineering Systems
Agent-Based Software Engineering and Applications
Pervasive Computing and Ubiquitous Software
Network and System Security
Closing Ceremony, Best Papers Award
Software Vulnerability
Software Security
Software Project Management
Component-Based Software Engineering
Software Engineering Tools and Applications
Service-Oriented Architectures and Applications II
Social Networks and Web Mining
Software Product Lines and Tools
Software Engineering Tools and Experience Report
Process and Project Management
Software Dependability and Reliability
Software Development and System Design

Technical Program

Pre-Registration (in front of Veranda) 7:00pm - 9:00pm June 30 Wednesday

7:30 - 8:00 July 1 Thursday

Registration (Ballroom Foyer)

8:00 - 8:20 July 1 Thursday

Welcome (Bordeaux)
Shi-Kuo Chang, Jerry Gao and Guido Wirtz
Special Address on Future Research Directions for SE&KE
Guenther Ruhe, University of Calgary, Canada

8:20 - 9:00 July 1 Thursday

Keynote I (Bordeaux)
(Chair: Shi-Kuo Chang)
Prodigious Data, Logic, Processing, and Usage
Alfred Spector
VP of Research and Special Initiatives, Google, USA

9:20 - 10:35 July 1 Thursday

Bordeaux Grand Salon Salon 1
Special Session: Machine Learning with Value-Based Software Engineering
(Chair: Du Zhang)

Absent features or missing values?
Wen Zhang, Ye Yang, Qing Wang

Capturing Antagonistic Stakeholder Value Propositions in Value-Based Software Development
Du Zhang

The effects of human-computer interaction modes for weak learners in an animation learning environment
Yu-Fang Yeh
Software Requirement Engineering I
(Chair: Jose Luis de la Vara)

Quality Indicators in Requirements Elicitation (S)
Aneesh Krishna, Andreas Gregoriades, Chattrakul Sombattheera

A UML Profile Oriented to the Requirements Collecting and Analyzing for the Multi-Agent Systems Project
Gilleanes Thorwald Araujo Guedes, Rosa Maria Vicari

Business-Object Oriented Requirements Analysis Framework for Data Warehouses (S)
Anirban Sarkar, Sankhayan Choudhury, Nabendu Chaki, Swapan Bhattacharya
Software Validation
(Chair: Haiping Xu)

Ontology-Driven Enterprise Application Integration
G. Bucci, V. Sandrucci, E. Vicario

Introduction of Time and Timing Variability in Usage Model based Testing
Sebastian Siegl, Reinhard German, Kai-Steffen Hielscher

FLAT - A Fast Lattice-Based Algorithm for Test Suite Reduction (S)
Ahmed Raafat Abuzeid, Haitham S. Hamza, Ismail Abdel Hamid Taha

10:45 - 12:00 July 1 Thursday

Special Session: Interoperability and Semantic Web Technologies
(Chair: Raúl García-Castro)

Semantic Document Architecture for Desktop Data Integration and Management
Saša Nešić, Dragan Gašević, Mehdi Jazayeri

Validity Threats in Empirical Software Engineering Research - An Initial Survey
Robert Feldt, Ana Magazinius

Composer-Science: A Semantic Service Based framework for Workflow Composition in e-Science Projects. (S)
Laryssa Machado da Silvas, Regina Braga, Fernanda Campos
(Non-workshop paper)

Using the whole structure of ontology for semantic relatedness measurement (S)*
Ehsan KhounSiavash, Ahmad Baraani-Dastjerdi
(Non-workshop paper)
Software Requirement Engineering II
(Chair:Guenther Ruhe)

Soft Systems in Requirements Engineering: A Case Study (S)
Alejandra Yepez Lopez, Nan Niu

Textual Software Requirements Specifications in the Context of Software Architecting (S)
Matthias Galster, Armin Eberlein, Mahmood Moussavi

Conditions for ignoring failures based on a requirements model
João Pimentel, Emanuel Santos, Jaelson Castro
Software Quality Assurance I
(Chair: Ned Chapin)

A Stochastic Model for Optimizing the Patching Time of Software Bugs (S)
Yong Wang, Dianxiang Xu, William M Lively, Dick B. Simmons

Do More People Make the Code More Defect Prone?: Social Network Analysis in OSS Projects
Salifu Alhassan, Bora Çağlayan, Ayşe Bener

Performance Analysis of a Web Server with Dynamic Thread Pool Architecture
Jijun Lu, Swapna S. Gokhale

13:00 - 15:00 July 1 Thursday

Special Session: Software Measurement
(Chair:Raúl García-Castro)

An Ontology Model to Support the Automated Evaluation of Software
Raúl García-Castro, Miguel Esteban-Gutiérrez, Mick Kerrigan, Stephan Grimm

A Review of Parametric Effort Estimation Models for the Software Project Planning Process
Pablo Rodríguez-Soria, J.J. Cuadrado-Gallego, J.A. Gutiérrez de Mesa, Borja Martín-Herrera

Information-Theoretic Metrics for Project-Level Scattering and Tangling
Erik Linstead, Lindsey Hughes, Cristina Lopes, Pierre Baldi

Synchronization Complexity Metric (S)
Peter Yastrebenetsky, Mark Trakhtenbrot

Measurement Model of Software Requirements Derived from System Maintainability Requirements
Alain Abran, Khalid T. Al-Sarayreh, Juan J. Cuadrado-Gallego
Software Architectures
(Chair: Xin Li)

Evolution Styles to Capitalize Evolution Expertise within Software Architectures (S)
Olivier Le Goaer, Dalila Tamzalit, Mourad Oussalah

Reasoning about Attribute Architectures
Tacksoo Im, John D. McGregor

Formal Specification of Software Architecture Security Tactics (S)
Andrew Wyeth, Cui Zhang

Enterprise Systems Development: Impact of Aspect Oriented Software Architecture (S)
Pawan Kumar Verma, Deepak Dahiya

Workshop: Software Test Automation, Practice, and Standardization
(Chair: Weichang Du and Vahid Garousi)

Reducing Black-box Test Suite Using Input Parameter Relationships*
Lixin Wang

Introducing Automated Environment Configuration Testing in an Industrial Setting
Caryna Pinheiro, Vahid Garousi, Frank Maurer, Jonathan Sillito

An Ontology-based Software Test Generation Framework
Valeh H. Nasser, Weichang Du, Dawn MacIsaac

Automated Integration Testing and Verification of a Secured SOA Infrastructure - an Experience Report in eHealth
Mario Bernhart, Thomas Artner, Andreas Mauczka, Thomas Grechenig

15:20 - 16:35 July 1 Thursday

Special Session: Software Engineering with Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning
(Organizers: Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar and Marek Reformat)
(Chair: Marek Reformat)

A Novel Software Metric Selection Technique Using the Area Under ROC Curves
Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Kehan Gao

Automatic Bug Triage using Semi-Supervised Text Classification
Jifeng Xuan, He Jiang, Zhilei Ren, Jun Yan, Zhongxuan Luo

Ensemble Feature Selection Technique for Software Quality Classification
Huanjing Wang, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Kehan Gao
Web Services I
(Chair: Xiaodong Liu)

Negotiating Software Acquisition Supported by Web Services in a Distributed Software Development Process (S)
Gabriel Costa Silva, Itana Maria de Souza Gimenes, Marcelo Fantinato, Maria Beatriz Felgar de Toledo

Transforming Service-Oriented Business Models into Web Service Specifications
Hugo Estrada, Itzel Morales-Ramirez, Alicia Martinez, Oscar Pastor

Reliable Web Service Selection based on Transactional Risk (S)
Ying Yin, Xizhe Zhang, Bin Zhang
Software Regression Testing I
(Chair: Luciano S. de Souza and Ziyuan Wang)

Improving Cluster Selection Techniques of Regression Testing by Slice Filtering*
Yongwei Duan, Zhenyu Chen, Zhihong Zhao, Ju Qian, Zhongjun Yang

A Constrained Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Test Case Selection
Luciano S. de Souza, Ricardo B. C. Prudencio, Flavia de A. Barros

Software Defect Estimation using Support Vector Regression (S)
Roberta A. A. Fagundes, Renata M.C.R. de Souza

16:45 - 18:30 July 1 Thursday

E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce
(Chair: Haiping Xu)

A Multi-State Bayesian Network for Shill Verification in Online Auctions
Ankit Goel, Haiping Xu, Sol M. Shatz

An Empirical Evaluation on the Relationship Between Final Auction Price and Shilling Activity in Online Auctions
Fei Dong, Sol M. Shatz, Haiping Xu
Web Services II
(Chair:Xin Li)

Selecting Web Services for Choreography Implementation: Compatibility Checking Approach with Access Control*
Emad Elabd, Emmanuel Coquery, Mohand-Said Hacid

A Model-driven Approach to Flexible Multi-Level Customization of SaaS Applications
Zakwan Jaroucheh, Xiaodong Liu, Sally Smith

Weaving Functional and Non-Functional Attributes for Dynamic Web Service Composition (S)*
Ajay Bansal, Srividya Kona, M. Brian Blake, Gopal Gupta
Software Framework and Application Tools
(Chair: Huanjing Wang)

A Framework for Solar Energy Applications - Photovoltaic Systems (S)
Papatella, F., Carvalho, T., Zarate, L., Pereira, E., Song, M.

Data manipulation API in ERP systems (S)
Vadym Borovskiy, Wolfgang Koch, Alexander Zeier

Ontology-Based Tools in the Service of Hardware Verification
Eyal Bin, Alaa Ghanayim, Karen Holtz, Eitan Marcus, Ronny Morad, Ofer Peled, Michal Rimon, Gil Shurek and Elena Tsanko

18:30 - 19:00 July 1 Thursday

SEKE Program Committee Meeting (Salon 2)
(Chair: Jerry Gao and S. Masoud Sadjadi)
Any one interested in participating in the SEKE2011 program committee will be welocme to attend

19:00 - 21:00 July 1 Thursday

Reception Dinner (Veranda)


7:30 - 8:00 July 2 Friday

Registration (Ballroom Foyer)

8:00 - 9:00 July 2 Friday

Keynote II (Bordeaux)
(Chair: Marek Reformat)
Building A Smarter Planet With University Collaboration: Empowering People Through Information Integration
Josephine Cheng
IBM Fellow and Vice President,
Almaden Research Center, IBM, USA
ICCPOL Keynote-I (Salon 2)
(Chair: LU Qin)

Ching Y. SUEN, Evaluation of the Legibility of Chinese Fonts for Digital Publishing

9:20 - 10:35 July 2 Friday

Bordeaux Grand Salon Salon 1 Salon 2
Knowledge Engineering I
(Chair: Shi-Kuo Chang)

Smarter Software Engineering: Knowledge factors contributing to improved Individual Performance
Narayanan Srinivasaraghavan, Craig McDonald, John Campbell

Lattice-Context Based Digital Paper Search (S)*
Chongyang Shi, Zhendong Niu, Xiyi Cheng

Evaluating the Weighted Sum Algorithm for Estimating Conditional Probabilities in Bayesian Networks
Simon Baker, Emilia Mendes
Software Maintenance and Evolution
(Chair: Ned Chapin)

Towards an Automation of Software Evolution Good Practices
Chouki Tibermacine, Soraya Sakhraoui, Vincent Le Gloahec, Régis Fleurquin, Salah Sadou

VESTA: A View-based Software Quality Assessment Model for Software Evolution Management (S)
Wei-Chung Hu, Chia Hung Kao, Feng Pu Yang, Hewijin Christine Jiau, Kuo-Feng Ssu

Mohammad Moshirpour, Abdolmajid Mousavi, Behrouz H. Far
Software Quality Assurance II
(Chair: Jerry Gao)

Some Improvements for More Precise Model Checking*
Zhi Zhang, Qingkai Zeng, Ming Huang

Software Development Effort and Quality Prediction Using Bayesian Nets and Small Local Qualitative Data
Łukasz Radliński

Multi-Tracker Collaboration in Bittorrent Systems
Sonia Gulrajani, Anuja Oka, Xiao Su

An Evaluation of Tie-Breaking Strategies for Fault Localization Techniques
Xiaofeng Xu, Vidroha Debroy, W. Eric Wong, Donghui Guo
Session Th-ICCPOL-1
(Chair: Xiaolin Wang)

An Intelligent Chinese Short Message Input System Using One-Character-One-Key Model
June-Jei Kuo

Locating Unregistered Toponym for Web Map Services
Xiaolin Wang, Haibo Wang and Yingwei Luo.

Automatic English-to-Chinese Postal Mail Address Translation System *
Xiao Tu and Yue Lu.

Analysis of Chinese Morphemes and Its Application to Sense and Part-Of-Speech Prediction for Chinese Compounds
You-shan Chung and Keh-Jiann Chen.

10:45 - 12:00 July 2 Friday

Human-Computer Interface and Interaction
(Chair: Lijie Wang)

MMWA-ae: boosting knowledge from Multimodal Interface Design, Reuse and Usability Evaluation
Americo Talarico Neto, Renata Pontin M. Fortes, Rafael Rossi, Solange Rezende

Human-Computer Interface Design Guidelines: An Expert System (S)
Tiago Cinto, Cecilia Sosa Arias Peixoto

Assisting Developers to Read Code Help-Documents Efficiently through Discovering Document-section Relationships
Lijie Wang, Leye Wang, Ge Li, Bing Xie
Empirical Software Engineering and Software Economics
(Chair: Raúl García-Castro)

A Comparative Study of Attribute Weighting Techniques for Software Defect Prediction Using Case-based Reasoning
Elham Paikari, Michael M. Richter, Guenther Ruhe

Software Project Portfolio Selection A Modern Portfolio Theory Based Technique
Hélio R. Costa, Márcio O. Barros, Ana Regina Rocha
Software Validation and Verification
(Chair: Haiping Xu)

Runtime Constraint Checking Approaches for OCL, A Critical Comparison (S)
Carmen Avila, Amritam Sarcar, Yoonsik Cheon, Cesar Yeep

Refinement Checking for Interface Automata with Z Notation
Zining Cao

Multi-objective Genetic Algorithms: Construction and Recombination of Passive Testing Properties
César Andrés, Mercedes G. Merayo, Manuel Núñez

Formal verification of UML 2.0 Sequence diagram
Sachoun Park, Taeman Han, Gihwon Kwon
Session Th-ICCPOL-2
(Chair: Tomoko Izumi)

Recognition of Requisite Part and Effectuation Part in Law Sentences
Ngo Bach, Nguyen Minh and Akira Shimazu.

Developing Bengali WordNet Affect for Analyzing Emotion
Dipankar Das and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay.

Opinion-Polarity Identification in Bengali (S)
Amitava Das and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay.

Manipuri –English Semi Automatic Parallel Corpora Extraction from Web (S)
Thoudam Doren Singh, Yengkhom Ranjan Singh, Sivaji Bandyopadhyay

13:00 - 15:00 July 2 Friday

Formal Methods and Modeling
(Chair: Xiaodong Liu)

A Hierarchical Timed Coloured Petri Nets for BPMN-based Process Analysis (S)
Ching Huey Wang, Pei Shu Huang, Feng Jian Wang

Temporal Filter A Temporal Extension to Wireshark Display Filter (S)
Shaochun Wang*

System Modeling from Extended Task Descriptions (S)
Jose Luis de la Vara, Juan Sánchez

Specification patterns can be formal and still easy
Fernando Asteasuain, Víctor Braberman

A Context Conceptual Model for a Distributed Software Development Environment (S)
Ana Paula Chaves, Elisa H. M. Huzita, Vaninha Vieira, Igor Steinmacher
Service-Oriented Architectures and Applications I
(Chair: Ned Chapin)

Service Automation Architecture as adopted by Unified Communication Audit Tool
Shadan Saniepour Esfahani, Talal Siddiqui

Knowledge Based Service Oriented Architecture for M&A (S)
Debasis Chanda, Dwijesh Dutta Majumder, Swapan Bhattacharya

A Model-based Business Process Diagnosis Method in Service-Oriented Architecture (S)
Soo Ho Chang, Soo Dong Kim

Feature Modeling for Service Variability Management in Service-Oriented Architectures
Mohammad Abu-Matar, Hassan Gomaa, Minseong Kim, Ahmed Elkhodary

ISE - Integrated Service Engineering: Applying an Architecture for Model to Model Transformations*
Hao Hu, Gregor Scheithauer, Guido Wirtz
Software Test Automation and Experience
(Chair: Jerry Gao)

TestDrive - A Cost-effective Way to Create and Maintain Test Scripts for Web Applications (S)
Sachin Patel, Priya Gupta, Prafullakumar Surve

Ontology-Based Test Case Generation For Simulating Complex Production Automation Systems (S)
Thomas Moser, Gregor Dürr, Stefan Biffl

PLeTs-Test Automation using Software Product Lines and Model Based Testing (S)
Elder de M. Rodrigues, Leonardo D. Viccari, Avelino F. Zorzo, Itana M. Gimenes

Experience with Maintenance of a Functional GUI Test Suite using IBM Rational Functional Tester (S)
Yuri Shewchuk, Vahid Garousi
Keynote-ICCPOL-II (Salon 2)
(Chair: Ching Y. SUEN)

LU Qin, Automatic Ontology Construction

15:20 - 16:35 July 2 Friday

Agent-Based Systems
(Chair: Lily Chang)

A Multiagent System for Automated Detection and Diagnosis of Active Tuberculosis on Chest Radiograph and CT Thorax (S)
Abdel-Halim Hafez Elamy, Behrouz H. Far, Richard Longs

Impact Analysis Model for Brasília Area Control Center using Multi-Agent System with Reinforcement Learning (S)
Antonio Carlos de Arruda Junior, Alessandro Ferreira Leite, Cícero Roberto Ferreira de Almeida, Alba Cristina Magalhaes Alves de Melo, Li Weigang

Mobile Agents for Active Media
Ichiro Satoh

An End-user Domain-specific Model to Drive Dynamic User Agents Adaptations
Ingrid Nunes, Simone D.J. Barbosa, Carlos J.P. de Lucena
Ontologies and Slow Intelligence Methodology
(Chair: Francesco Colace)

Towards Generation of Domain Ontology from LMF Standardized Dictionaries
Feten Baccar Ben Amar, Bilel Gargouri, Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou

An Ontology-based Configurator for Customized Product Information based upon the Slow Intelligence Systems Approach
Emilio Zegarra, Francesco Colace, Massimo De Santo, Shi-Kuo Chang

The UFOCoRe: Exploring Fuzzy Relations According to Specific Contexts
Mauricio Jacó Cerri, Cristiane A. Yaguinuma, Marcela Xavier Ribeiro, Marilde T. P. Santos
Software Regression Testing II
(Chair: Ziyuan Wang)

Analyzing the Relationship of Process Metrics And Classified Changes - A Pilot Study (S)
Andreas Mauczka, Mario Bernhart, Thomas Grechenig

Cost-Effective Combinatorial Test Case Prioritization for Varying Combination Weights
Ziyuan Wang, Baowen Xu, Lin Chen, Zhenyu Chen
Session Th-ICCPOL-3
(Chair: You-shan Chung)

Identification of Reduplicated MWEs in Manipuri: A Rule Based Approach
Kishorjit Nongmeikapam and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay.

Paraphrasing Japanese Light Verb Constructions: Towards the Normalization of Complex Predicates
Tomoko Izumi, Kenji Imamura, Genichiro Kikui, Atsushi Fujita and Satoshi Sato.

Identification of Event-Time Relation: A CRF based approach (S)
Anup Kolya, Asif Ekbal and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay.

16:40 July 2 Friday

Bus Boarding at 16:45 (Hotel Front Entrance) Bus departs at 17:00

17:00 - 23:00 July 2 Friday

Bus Tour - Downtown San Francisco, Sightseeing at Fisherman's Wharf
Banquet Dinner at Hornblower San Francisco Bay Cruiser


7:30 - 8:00 July 3 Saturday

Registration (Ballroom Foyer)

8:00 - 9:00 July 3 Saturday

Bordeaux Grand Salon Salon 1
Keynote III (Chair: Du Zhang)

The multi-core programming challenge

Daniel E. Cooke
Professor and Chair, Computer Science Department, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, USA
Software Vulnerability
(Chair: Huanjing Wang)

A String Constraint Solver for Detecting Web Application Vulnerability
Xiang Fu, Chung-Chih Li

Towards a Structured Model for Software Vulnerabilities (S)
Ming Huang, Yisha Lu, Qingkai Zeng
Social Networks and Web Mining
(Chair: Francesco Colace)

Dynamic and semantic social networks analysis: a new model based on a multidisciplinary approach. (S)
Christophe Thovex, Francky Trichet

Incremental Construction of Topic Hierarchies using Hierarchical Term Clustering
Ricardo M. Marcacini, Solange O. Rezende

9:20 - 10:35 July 3 Saturday

Knowledge Engineering II
(Chair: Du Zhang)

An Ontology-based Mapping Repository for Meta-querier Customization
Xiao Li, Randy Chow

Knowledge Engineering to Visualize Complexity for Legacy Modernization Planning (S)
Sarah B. Lee, Sajjan G. Shiva, K. S. Braunsdorf

Using QVT for adapting question analysis to restricted domain QA systems (S)
Katia Vila, Jose-Norberto Mazón, Antonio Ferrández
Software Security
(Chair: Xiao Su)

A Framework for Detecting Code Piracy Using Class Structure
Patrice Arruda, Pierre Chamoun, Dwight Deugo

Detection of Malicious Software Engineer Intrusion
Michael E. Shin, Nipul Patel, Snehadeep Sethia

Developing Precise Misuse Cases with Security Robustness Analysis (S)
Mohamed El-Attar
Software Product Lines and Tools
(Chair: Souvik Barat)

Developing configurable extensible code generators for model-driven development approach
Souvik Barat, Vinay Kulkarni

Feature based Structuring and Composing of SDLC Artifacts (S)
Nishigandha Hirve, Tukaram Muske, Ulka Shrotri, R. Venkatesh

Distributed and Adaptive Execution of Condor DAGMan Workflows (S)
Selim Kalayci, Gargi Dasgupta, Liana Fong, Onyeka Ezenwoye, S. Masoud Sadjadi

Towards Automated Synthesis of Executable Eclipse Tutorials
Nuyun ZHANG, Gang HUANG, Ying ZHANG, Ning JIANG, Hong MEI

10:45 - 12:00 July 3 Saturday

Knowledge Engineering Systems
(Chair: Francesco Colace)

Tessa Adderley, Sheryl Duggins, and Frank Tsui

Simon Suigen Guo, Christine W. Chan, Robert Harrison

Modeling and Testing a Knowledge Base for Instructing Users to Choose the Classification Task in Relational Data Mining (S)*
Lidia Martins da Silva, Ana Estela Antunes da Silva

gOntt, a Tool for Scheduling and Executing Ontology Development Projects
Mari Carmen Suárez-Figueroa, Asunción Gómez-Pérez, Oscar Muñoz, Martín Vigo
Software Project Management
(Chair: S. Masoud Sadjadi)

A Project Monitoring Cockpit Based On Integrating Data Sources in Open Source Software Development
Stefan Biffl, Wikan Danar Sunindyo and Thomas Moser

Software Configuration Management as a Crosscutting Concern: An Example on Software Testing
Elisa Yumi Nakagawa, João Vítor Tornisiello Trevisan, José Carlos Maldonado

Decision Support for Staffing of the Next Software Product Release (S)
Emadoddin Livani, Guenther Ruhe

Predicting Project Health Prior to Inception (S)
Rose Williams, Krishna Ratakonda, Jim Graham, Katrina Reffett, Myles Wallace
Software Engineering Tools and Experience Report
(Chair: Michael E. Shin and Vinitha H. Subburaj)

OCL Evaluation on AUTOSAR Model (S)
Sachoun Park, Taeman Han, Hyoungju Lim, Gihwon Kwon

Intertwining Implementation with the RealSpec Executable Real-Time Specification Language (S)
Amir A. Khwaja, Joseph E. Urban

Self-Management of Component Executors for Robot Applications (S)
Michael E. Shin, Hemanth Thimme Gowda, Taeghyun Kang, Sunghoon Kim, Seungwook Jung, Choulsoo Jang, Byoungyoul Song

13:00 - 15:00 July 3 Saturday

Agent-Based Software Engineering and Applications
(Chair: Salah Baïna and Csaba Egyhazy)

A Multi-Agent Model for a Business Continuity Information Network
Lily Chang, Xudong He

Agent-based Architecture for Service Ontology evolution management (S)
Soumaya Slimani, Salah Baïna, Karim Baïna

Intelligent Software Agent Design Issues with Extensions to the Descartes Specification Language (S)
Vinitha H. Subburaj , Joseph E. Urban

Meta Context for Agent Planning (S)
Csaba Egyhazy
Component-Based Software Engineering
(Chair: Ziyuan Wang)

Software Components Search Approaches in the Context of COTS-based Development (S)
Nacim Yanes, Sihem Ben Sassi, Henda Hajjami Ben Ghezala

Architecture-centric development and evolution processes for component-based software
Huaxi (Yulin) Zhang, Christelle Urtado, Sylvain Vauttier

Conflict Analysis in Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Based Development
Hamdy Ibrahim, Tom Wanyama, Armin Eberlein, Behrouz H. Far

Achieve Semantic-based Precise Component Selection via an Ontology Model Interlinking Application Domain and MVICS
Chengpu Li, Xiaodong Liu, Jessie Kennedy
Process and Project Management
(Chair: S. Masoud Sadjadi)

A Top-Down Method for Secure SOA-based B2B Processes
Mostafa Madiesh, Guido Wirtz

Supporting Software Process Improvement in Very Small Entities through a Template-based Guide
Miguel Morales Trujillo, Francisco J. Pino, Mario Piattini

Scrum and Plan-driven Process Integration and its Impact on Effort Estimation
Nelio Alves, William Carvalho, Edgard Lamounier

A Case Study of Software Process Improvement Implementation
Daniela C. C. Peixoto, Vitor A. Bastista, Rodolfo F. Resende, Clarindo Isaías P. S. Pádua

Software Process Reuse by Pattern Weaving (S)
Ya-sha Wang, Xiao-yang He, Jin-gang Guo, Jia-rui Jiang

15:20 - 16:35 July 3 Saturday

Pervasive Computing and Ubiquitous Software
(Chair: Jerry Gao)

A Cross-Layer Design for Adaptive Multimodal Interfaces in Pervasive Computing
Jun Kong, Weiyi Zhang, Juan Li, Arjun G. Roy

Characteristics of Ubiquitous Software Projects: Pertinence, Relevance, and Use
Rodrigo Oliveira Spínola, Guilherme Horta Travassos

Software Engineering in the Embedded Software and Mobile Robot Software Development: A Systematic Mapping (S)
Daniel Feitosa, Katia R. Felizardo, Lucas Bueno R. de Oliveira, Denis Wolf, Elisa Y. Nakagawa
Software Engineering Tools and Applications
(Chair: Lily Chang)

A Visual Bug Report Analysis and Search Tool
Carlos Eduardo Albuquerque da Cunha, Yguaratã Cerqueira Cavalcanti, Paulo Anselmo M. Silveira Neto, Eduardo Santana de Almeida, Silvio Romero L. Meira

CFM: A File Manager with Multiple Categorization Support (S)
Ali Sajedi Badashian, Hamidreza Afzali, Iman Khalkhali, Morteza Ashurzad Delcheh, Mohammad Shoja Shafiei, Mehregan Mahdavi

TSRR: A Software Resource Repository for Trustworthiness Resource Management and Reuse
Junfeng Zhao, Bing Xie, Yasha Wang, Yongjun XU
Software Dependability and Reliability
(Chair: Shi-Kuo Chang)

A Log-Assisted Approach Enforcing Consistency in the Presence of Exceptions
Nikolas Nehmer

An Automatic Failure Mode and Effect Analysis Technique for Processes Defined in the Little-JIL Process Definition Language
Danhua Wang, Jingui Pan, George S. Avrunin, Lori A. Clarke, Bin Chen

16:45 - 18:30 July 3 Saturday

Network and System Security
(Chair: Xiao Su)

Secure ad-hoc routing protocol
Thouraya Bouabana-Tebibel, Rym Nesrine Guibadj, Sara Mehar

A Pattern Methodology for Modeling Network Forensic Investigations in Converged Tactical Environments (S)
Juan C. Pelaez

P2PSecT: Peer-to-peer Security Testbed - A research platform for peer-to-peer security (S)
Eduardo Segura, Xiao Su
Service-Oriented Architectures and Applications II
(Chair: Daniel E. Cooke)

Ontology-Based Dependency-Guided Service Composition for User-Centric SOA
Wei-Tek Tsai, Peide Zhong, Jay Elston, Yinong Chen, Xiaoying Bai
Software Development and System Design
(Chair: S. Masoud Sadjadi)

Model-Driven Development of Java Enterprise Applications (S)
Andre Pflueger, Wolfgang Golubski, Tobias Haubold

A documentation approach for the self-adaptive system design
Wenhui Zhu, David Lorge Parnas

Designing Aspects with Use Cases: A Case Study
Junhua Ding, Christopher R. Westbrook, M. N. H. Tabrizi

18:30 - 18:40 July 3 Saturday

Closing Ceremony (Grand Salon)
Shi-Kuo Chang, Jerry Gao and Guido Wirtz
Best Papers Award

First Place:
Paper Title: A Novel Software Metric Selection Technique Using the Area Under ROC Curves
Authored by: Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Kehan Gao
Presented by: Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar

Second Place:
Authored by: Mohammad Moshirpour, Abdolmajid Mousavi, Behrouz H. Far
Presented by: Behrouz H. Far

Third Place:
Paper Title: A Comparative Study of Attribute Weighting Techniques for Software Defect Prediction Using Case-based Reasoning
Authored by: Elham Paikari, Michael M. Richter, Guenther Ruhe
Presented by: Elham Paikari

Note: (S) indicates a short paper. Regular paper has twenty five minutes for presentation and short paper has twenty minutes for presentation, followed by a few minutes for Q&A. If a session needs more time for presentation and Q&A, the session chair can extend the session a few more minutes and shorten the ensuing break.