Call for Viewpoint Articles on

The Future of VL Research

The success of visual languages especially iconic languages is evident to everyone because most smart phones these days use iconic languages to communicate with the end user. Ironically the success of visual languages in practice has led to doubt and uncertainty about the future of visual languages research. Therefore authors are invited to submit viewpoint articles to explore the future of VL research. A viewpoint article can be one single double-column page to three double-column pages. Authors are invited to discuss the theoretical implications as well as practical implementations of next generation visual languages, explore the relations between visual languages and visualization, the impact of big data research and other related topics. Description of example research projects and the introduction of new research paradigms are especially welcome.

Submission deadline is June 15, 2015. If selected, the author will be invited to participate in a panel on the future of visual languages, and the viewpoint article will be included in the inauguaural issue of Journal of Visual Languages (JVL) to be published as part of the proceedings of DMS/VLC/DET2015. Acceptance notifications will be sent on June 30, 2015.

To submit, go to the submission portal of DMS/VLC/DET and select the track "Future of VL Research".