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KSI's main campus is located just north of Chicago, Illinois. The location is ideal for students who want to experience the pace and thrill of one of the USA’s largest growing and most vibrant cities. The KSI campus is located in just north of the City nearby Evanston in Skokie. Our facilities are located a block away from the North Shore Sculpture Park on McCormick Boulevard. Students enjoy the Chicago area cultural events and city offerings.


Student Feedback about KSI student life and academics:


  I can say with confidence that KSI provides a great environment for international students.   

  KSI has a unique combination of positive traits —a personalized approach to student needs, highly qualified professors, as well as very helpful tech support team.   


  I would like to express my greatest appreciation to all of my professors. They gave so much of their time to me so that I could learn as much as I could in these years. Their classes were well prepared in a systematic way.   


  KSI is very flexible and accomodating; the curriculum worked well with my personal needs and work schedule. The online format included one-to-one tutoring and was very helpful.   

  I am really happy that I have chosen to attend the SAS certification program at the KSI. The school has a unique combination of positive traits  


 I am pleased and proud when I look back on my KSI experience. When I first entered the graduate program I literally knew almost nothing about computers and the faculty and staff opened a world of opportunites for me  

 Now that I have completed my work at KSI, I must say that attending online has been a great experience for me. I found the coursework to be relevant and the instructors to be knowledgeable.  





Knowledge Systems Institute is a Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences.
We offer an MS Degree and Career Enhancement programs.
All KSI courses and programs are available online

KSI offers an MS Degree |online| with eight areas of concentration including:
Information Security
  ::   Bioinformatics  ::   Knowledge Management  ::   Software Engineering  ::  
Computer Networks
  ::  Management Information Systems  ::    Digital Art  ::   Computer-Based Education

KSI offers career enhancement programs in:
SAS   ::  Java   ::  C#  ::  RFID  ::  Digital Art

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